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    Stir-fry (Bette POV)

    Angie will really love this, Bette thought to herself with a smile.  She always loves trying new foods with eclectic spices, and this chicken stir-fry will be full of fun flavors for her.  I already know how she enjoys noodles.  The only thing that would make it better is if Tina could be here, too.


    Bette suddenly tensed when she realized her thoughts had found their way back to Tina.  Lately, it seemed that no matter what she was thinking about or doing, she found herself wondering about her.  How she would feel, what it would be like to share certain moments with her – again – just like they used to.  It was becoming more frequent, and Bette had to admit it was starting to become a problem, especially since Tina had left Henry and started dating women again.  Oh and then there was that amazing kiss at SheBar a few days back…


    I need to get a handle on this, Bette chided herself, I am with Jodi.  We are happy, right?  Bette grabbed a handful of vegetables to bring to the chopping block on the other counter.  Then she heard a light knock on the fridge as she was about to turn around.


    Tina.  Ohmigod what is she doing here?


    “Kit and Angie won’t be back from Anaheim for a couple hours,” Bette blurted out, thinking maybe Tina just wanted some extra time with their little one.


    “I came early… I hope you don’t mind,” said Tina in a very soft voice.  There was something different about her demeanor, something intangible but very real.


    “No, it’s fine.”


    Tina walked to the counter with the chopping block, noticing the meal preparation, and asked while glancing around for others, “Are you having a dinner party or something?”


    Why is she looking around like that?  Oh God, I just realized we are completely alone – did she know that when she came over this early?  This cannot be good.


    “No, it’s just for Angie.  I wanted to feed her before you got here – I told Kit not to let her eat a lot of crap at Disneyland.”


    “Oh, yeah right,” chuckled Tina with a slight sigh.

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    1. ChrisTINA!!
      Can tell just a couple of lines in that I’m gonna love your writing style!! Like how you said that Bettes’ “thoughts found their way to Tina”. What a sweet way to say that.

      • thank you soo so much DumplinT!! more to come… currently working on several more fillers – and a few with Alice as well. the fan fiction with what i call ‘alternate universe’ versions of the original characters are entertaining but i prefer to stay true to the story.

    2. In the show this is one of the most electrifying scenes that I’ve seen on TV or on the big screen!!!

      I mean when Bette gave T permission to enter and she sweetly, confidently sashayed into the kitchen (with skin already flushed revealing her “real” reason for dropping by early) we BIG TIME knew Bette was fixin’ to get her bones jumped!!!

      And once Tina called Bettes’ name, Bette knew she was a goner!! Gawdd the look on her face…. P R I C E L E S S!!!!

    3. Hi! Thank for the story!

      If we can do request about Tina POV – i’d like to read about Tina thoughts why she asked Sam about a date after maroccan dinner. For me it was really strange – she and Bette agreed to talk about them – and then she asked another woman about a date

      • Tina decided to ask Sam to dinner based on Bettes’ INdecisiveness!!

        Remember the scene in Tinas’ trailer where T&B were talking, and with tears welling up in her eyes, Tina cut to the chase and flat out asked Bette what SHE wanted to do about going to the next level of commitment and B gave some ridiculous,cockamamie answer that she didn’t want them to “set a bad example for Angie”, and that they should cool it!! WHAT!!!! Are U kiddin said the expression on Tinas’ face?????

        Bette wouldn’t tell Tina the truth!!!

        And as Tina looked at Bette, she couldn’t understand WHY Bette was having so much trouble making a decision to be with her. Tina was not interested in being Bettes’ “f*^ck buddy!!!!!!

        Tina be like, I’m gon go with someone who will choose me! She & Sam had been flirting with the possibility of becoming more than “just” friends.

        Remember! in the show, we where privy to see that AFTER the SheBar kiss, Bette had shut down and was withdrawing physically AND emotionally from Jodi. But Tina didn’t know that Bette was starting to set herself aside just in case Tina had a change of heart.

        After the shit hit the fan at the charity bicycle ride/camping trip, the conversation at The Planet breakfast table once again threw the interrogation spotlight on Tibette when Jodi suddenly appeared and DEMANDED of Bette private audience, Tina stepped aside not saying word to Bette but only looked at her with “I hope you CHOOSE ME” eyes.

        Cut to Bettes’ house:
        and we see Bette maintaining her resolve not responding affirmatively to Jodis’ attempts using seduction to win her back. In frustration, trying a different approach of manipulation, Jodi jumps up in a “huff” determined on leaving to go “kill herself”. Bette actually thought Jodi was serious.

        FINALLY, at long last, Bette tells the truth by admitting that she was “AFRAID that Jodi would HATE her” for ending the relationship.

        “Fear of being hated” whenever she needed to say “no” was T H E insecurity that had sent Bette spiraling into the abyss time&time again!!

        Seems like once Bette spoke this truth out loud that she was then able to articulate without guilt and shame TO Jodi “WHY” she was ending the relationship.

        Cut to Bettes’ office:
        Jodi is pressing Bette hard on getting professional couples counseling, and doing whatever it would take to salvage the relationship but Bette finally silenced Jodi questions with a truthful answer that “something” was “missing” for her.

        Bottom line is that Bette and Tinas’ spirits and souls were knit 2gether and every time their bodies joined those connections were solidified. Even after years of wandering in the desert the hardships brought the mutual respect and maturity that was needed for them to overcome personal weaknesses. They still wanted to be 2gether.

        I felt like the proof of Tibettes’ unbreakable bond came after Jodi retaliated against Bette in the most vicious manner possible.

        Who takes secret pictures and makes audio recordings of their beloved moans & sexual pleas while in the throws of passion and creates a video to display publicly calling it “art”???

        A N Y W A Y!!!

        The scene eventually cuts to Bettes’ home:
        and we find them in the dimly lit bedroom lying on their bed with Tina lying on her back still dressed in evening attire from a job-related festivities she attended apart from Bette. I think Bette probably got home from her nightmare event b4 Tina and was already in “comfort” clothes lying on her side almost in a fetal position when Tina joined her.

        Bette was confessing from a tormented soul how she couldn’t understand why Jodi “hated” her so much to the level of bringing personal public humiliation. Bette thought that she & Jodi could/were still “friends”.

        While quietly stroking Bettes’ hair, in her wisdom, Tina knew how to “hear” the anguishing cry of Bettes’ heart and skillfully navigate the sorrow to restore Bettes’ confidence. It was then that Bette was able to declare unequivocally WHY Tina was the “something/SOMEONE” necessary for her soul to live.

        In her fragile state of mind, I can’t imagine that Bette wanted to ever show her face publicly again, but the very next night Bette bravely chose to escort Tina to the Lez Girls wrap party.

        As the evening activities proceeded, we see Tina continuing to heal Bettes’ soul when she confidently leads her to the dance floor; and although Bettes’ head was bowed a bit when they first held each other, Tina lovingly strokes, caresses and kisses her beloved lady as they sway slowly to the beat while in their own “lovers world”.

    4. I really love this fillers and very happy that you will post more of them.

      The way you write them, staying close to the true as how it happened at the show, well done!!!

      Looking forward to the next one.

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