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    Tibette – Season 5 (Filler Between Episode 11 and 12)

    “Are you staying with us, Mama T?” Angelica asked hopefully as her two moms tucked her into bed together, something that had not happened in a long time.


    “If it’s ok with your Mama B, angel,” Tina whispered, looking up at Bette with those soft, hazel eyes.


    The longing in Tina’s eyes was not lost on Bette.  “Would you like that, pumpkin?” Bette asked Angelica with a tender smile.


    She nodded her head, eyes twinkling with joy.  Even with only the understanding of a four-year old mind, Angie could sense something was different about tonight.  She felt safe, at home, and both of her mommies seemed so happy.  With that, she closed her eyes and went right to sleep.


    Bette and Tina both looked adoringly on their sweet daughter for several moments, each giving her a soft kiss on the forehead before standing up to quietly leave the room.  Tina left first, followed by Bette, who turned off the light and closed the door behind her.


    Standing in the hallway, Bette reached for Tina’s hands and held them in hers for a moment before speaking.  She looked deeply into her hazel eyes and said, “Angie is so happy that you are here – and so am I.”  She hesitated a moment before speaking next.  Tina just smiled and Bette continued,” Do you want to go to bed?”


    “After the day I’ve had, absolutely.  I can think of no better way to end the day, Bette.”  She smiled and Bette led her by the hand back to the bedroom, their bedroom, she thought reflectively.  “I will need to borrow some pajamas…”


    “Of course, Tee,” Bette said.  “You know where I keep them.”


    Neither one said anything, but they were both thinking it – would they be making love tonight?  Since Jodi was no longer an issue and there was nothing keeping them apart, it would make sense.  Tina walked over to the dresser and opened the drawer where Bette kept her various assortment of sleeping clothes – and lingerie.  Her eyes rested for a moment on a pair of black lace panties she had bought for Bette several years ago on Valentine’s Day.  She smiled at the memory and then was jolted out of the reverie by the feeling of arms slowly wrapping around her waist, and the familiar feel of breath on her neck.  She exhaled with pleasure and closed her eyes.  “Bette,” was all she could manage to whisper.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for story!

      I don’t know about Bette was willing to talk with Jenny at night – it’s seems strange. First – because she at high, and second – she never liked her.

        • Also for once Bette seemed to understand that she never gave Tina the chance to be the assertive one in bed. Tina rarely got to hold Bette because Bette didn’t allow it. It was Bettes’ MO to always controlling the whole moment. To get the last word you might say.

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