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    After the First Kiss (Tina POV)

    What just happened? Tina thought, moments after being kissed very tenderly on the lips by the amazingly warm and inviting Bette Porter.  Why did I enjoy that so much?


    Tina just stared into the deep and oh so soft chocolate brown eyes of the woman standing in front of her, completely dazzled.  After a moment she came to her senses and let out a half laugh/sigh.  “I, um, better be getting back…”  Tina was smiling.  So was Bette, and their hands were still touching.


    “If you must,” Bette replied sweetly.


    Oh my god, those eyes!  Why does she have to say it like that?  It makes me want to stay.  Slowly Tina began inching away and moving to the side, headed toward the door.  They had yet to break eye contact; it was like some kind of unseen power held them in that position.  Tina felt all warm and tingly inside, a little confused and yet if she was honest with herself, delighted by what had just transpired.


    Bette followed Tina with her eyes almost all the way to the door, let out a slight chuckle and moved back around behind her desk, busying herself with the papers there.  If she had looked for just a moment longer she would have seen Tina pause as she grabbed the door handle, turn slightly and glance back at her with a sheepish smile.


    Ok, so that just happened.  For real.  What did it mean?  And why didn’t I pull away or react more strongly?  I mean I am with Eric – oh shit, Eric!  Jesus, he cannot find out about this.  For fuck’s sake, Tina, you need to pull yourself together.  Tina looked down at her hand to see the earring still there and felt the sensation of her fingers and lips tingling at the remembrance of the encounter just moments ago.  She closed her hand around the earring and walked briskly to her car.  It was a nice night, so she decided to go for a drive.


    Thirty minutes later she found herself sitting at an outlook with a nice view of the Valley, hands gripping the steering wheel and deep in thought.  What does this mean?  I mean really what does this mean?  It was nice.  It was really, really nice.  I enjoyed that kiss way more than I am willing to admit right now – and it was nothing like before.  What happened so many years ago with my sister, well that was just incestuous and weird.  Ugh, what a mess.  But this… this was sweet, innocent even. Like an unspoken invitation.  Nice.  And she is so beautiful.  God, that woman could have anyone she wants she is so smart and sexy.  And she kissed me… me!  Was I giving off some signals that I was interested or something?  I mean if I was it was totally not intentional – or was it?  Oh, crap was I flirting?  And with Eric right there, Jesus!  Let me think… I was looking at a particularly intriguing piece when Bette asked me if I was coming to sit down and then the earring thing happened.  When she got it from my hair I remember catching the scent of her perfume, and she put the earring in my hand and… I did feel something when we touched, but what was it?  Did I blush?  Smile?  God I can’t remember.

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    1. My, my, Christina, you just let me begging for more, right now, wishing so much to read about this first dinner with Bette. the so irresitible charmer ! Sure I’m not the only one to want more : what do you think, ladies ? ;-)

    2. Hahaha….Tina was so ready to answer that dinner invite….YES!!!!
      Love the filler too. Going after a straight girl/woman can be tricky…lots of downfalls, but Bette has the charm and Swag to pull it off! :)

      Thanks for TINA’s POV…

      Looking forward to the next!

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