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    Melvin knew by now that Bette had very influential clients and supporters, but Peggy Peabody was in a league of her own. When she learned that Melvin was contemplating treatment options for Prostate cancer, she immediately picked up the phone and called the best Oncologist in Los Angeles who happened to be a friend. Although he had a waiting list a mile-long Dr. Millikan agreed to see Melvin the next day.

    However what impressed Melvin most about this sophisticated eccentric woman was the reason she was at the Planet that day.

    “Melvin, you can’t know how heartbroken I was to hear of my daughter’s outrageous behavior this past year. I know she’s been prone to using bad judgement and she can be heartless, but I never suspected that she’d stoop so low and if what I’ve heard is true then some of her activities are criminal in nature.

    “I don’t know what she’s involved in, but my concern is her influence on the CAC board, this campaign she has to get my daughter fired and threatening her standing in the art world.”

    “You need not worry about any of that Melvin. I’ve already spoken to the board. Franklin is cleaning out his desk as we speak. If Elizabeth chooses to leave her position as Director of the CAC on her own volition, she will be fully compensated for the two years left on her contract plus bonuses.

    She has an impeccable reputation. She’s got backers of the highest caliber that want her to succeed. The Bette Porter Gallery is months away from its grand opening and already there is a buzz. Getting Allyn Barnes to agree to a permanent exhibition is a real coup that only your daughter could have pulled off. I understand she is also planning a retrospective of her mother’s work.”

    “Yes, she has all of Maxine’s watercolors in a collection.”

    “You should be very proud… of both of them.”

    “I am. Indeed I am. Thank you for taking care of our little girl. It was a promise that I made to Maxine, but I failed them both in so many ways. I never even considered the impact of losing her mother at such a young age. I’m happy to know she has someone like you looking out for her. From what Katie and Christina have told me, you’ve been a godsend to her.”


    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      But i can say even a bitch Helena always will be Peggy’s daughter. She loves her. And Bette for Peggy – only acquaintance with common love for art, who she first met only year or two ago. Yeah, Peggy saves once Bette’s job in CAC previously, but why she would do it again and humiliate her daughter with it?

      • Zhenya. I agree Peggy loves her daughter, but Helena is not just a bitch. She’s malevolent and she’s purposely attacking Bette and Winnie out of vengeance. I don’t think any mother would tolerate that behavior if they can do something to curtail it. Peggy is just giving Helena a taste of her own medicine. She has no morals, and it’s her sick jealousy that put Bette in the position where her job is threatened, so if Peggy has the influence to fix it, she’s doing the right thing. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your insight.

        • In case Winnie i agree – Peggy needs to interfere because her granchilds involved.
          But about Bette – why she needs to save the job for not very familiar woman again? She already saved her job year ago. If i was on the Peggy place i might think that maybe Bette just not very fit for this job, if she needs constant help.

          • Zhenya. In my story Bette and Peggy have a very close relationship that goes beyond the job. They have known each other for many years and have bonded where Peggy has filled a maternal role for Bette. Also in my story Peggy has never saved Bette’s job before and the only reason she is involved now is because Helena and Franklin are sabotaging Bette. In the show Peggy only interfered once to support Bette so that the museum would exhibit Provocations. If you recall Franklin fired Bette at her father’s funeral and Helena was behind it. Peggy wasn’t even in the country and didn’t know what was going on. I agree if Bette was not good at her job then Peggy shouldn’t use her influence but that is not the case in my story. I particular like Bette and Peggy being very close in my stories and she is almost always a mother figure for Bette. That is just the way I see her. Helena is not one of my favorite characters and I don’t favor her in my stories. Hope that helps to explain why I have Peggy taking Bette’s side in this. Thanks again. I appreciate the comments, and the different perspectives.

    2. Hello Bat, loved the two chapters. Just caught up. So happy to read that Peggy has intervened for Melvin and Bette, especially for Melvin’s health. And Helena is a super bitch and is getting exactly what she deserves, as Peggy said, payback is a bitch. And no one can dish it quite like Peggy P. Now that Helena has been taken care of, please send her back to London or New York to get her out of everybody’s hair and lives, especially Bette and Tina. Wonderful chapters, hopefully there will be more to drag Helena thru before Peggy is finished with her? Thanks for posting.

      • Thank you Dainty. Glad you liked the chapters and Helena’s payback. I’m pretty much done with her in this story as I don’t want to make her a central character. I just wanted to get her out and create a friendship between Winnie and Bette that will be further bonded by their relationship with Peggy as a grandmother to their children. I did consider sending Helena back to London, but I think the criminal element that she’s involved with will be punishment enough.

    3. Great couple of chapters, Glad to see this fic moving along, now Helena is getting some of her own medicine. She may have to go on the run before her gambling debts catch up with her.Can’t wait for part 3.

      • OneStorm1 thank you for reading and commenting. I know it took me a long time to get back to this story and to start posting again so appreciate you sticking with me. I do plan to finish this one, as we are getting close to the end. I’m very tempted to make Helena suffer but I’ve decided not to spend any more time on her in this story.

    4. Hi Bat,

      Playback is a bitch, i love Peggy Peabody!!! Don’t ever mess with her, she knows everything, so yes the Hell bitch is screwed!

      I am so glad that Peggy is such a fan and maternal figure in Bette’s life, not only because she helps and protect her, she really sees Bette as a daughter.

      Lovely woman with a good heart who helps the people she cares about, like helping Melvin to get the best doctor.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Bibi28 – thank you so much for reading and commenting. You’ve expressed exactly how I see Bette and Peggy’s relationship and Peggy’s heart for people. I just like writing their relationship as mother/daughter otherwise Helena’s jealousy wouldn’t have manifested in the way it has. I’m working on the final part of this chapter. Will post when I’m happy with it.

    5. Hi BAT,

      Life a little hectic just now but still reading and enjoying!

      Again, thanks for coming back to this Story, I’m always interested in your take on the L Word characters.

      I must also admit to finding the Comments and your replies compulsive reading!

      Thanks again look forward to more.


    6. Hello SG. Thank you for taking the time to read even when life gets a little hectic. I appreciate your comments. I do try to bring out slightly different characteristics than we saw in the show because I always felt that some of the situations the actors were put in were not true to their characters and more for drama or to please a certain audience. I too love comments, and read them as part of the stories. Even after I finish a story I go back and read comments. As a reader and a writer it’s helpful to understand different points of view. Sometimes I do get too involved and I have strong opinions but that goes to the credit of the authors that keep us so engaged. I’m working on part 3 of this chapter. Hope to post this week.

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