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    The Answer is Love

    “Hey, Al!”

    “Don’t you ‘hey, Al’ me,” Alice said in a huff.

    “Um, okay. Hello, Alice,” Tina laughed.

    “What the fuck, Tee?” Alice said a little more serious.

    Tina sat up. She didn’t like her tone.

    “What’s going on? Is Bette okay?”

    Alice scoffed. Tina could tell she was rolling her eyes.

    “Yes, Bette is okay,” Alice mocked.

    “Then why are you being weirder than normal?”

    “I’m not weird. I’m eccentric. And that’s not the point. Why didn’t you tell me you called that artist guy…Mark?”

    Tina sat up a little straighter. She hoped Bette didn’t take her interfering the wrong way.

    Shit, what if she was the reason Mark didn’t sign with Bette. Bette would be devastated, Tina thought.

    “How do you know I called him?”

    Tina could feel Alice rolling her eyes again. She didn’t care. She needed answers and she needed to make sure everything was okay with Bette.

    “Bette told Shane and Shane told me. But I’m still wondering why YOU didn’t tell me.”

    “Because you have a big fucking mouth and I didn’t want anyone to know just in case he decided to cancel his meeting with Bette anyway. So, I’m assuming since Bette told Shane that must mean Mark told Bette.”

    “Way to go, Sherlock.”

    Tina laughed. Alice was annoying at times but she was a good friend and she was hilarious. Alice laughed too.

    “Well, what happened? How did the meeting go?”

    “Bette, Bette Portered him and he signed with her this morning.”

    Bette was pretty fucking irresistible when she was in Bette Fucking Porter mode. Tina flashed back to the first time she met Bette. She got Bette Fucking Portered that night. Wearing all black. Oozing sensuality. Tina had never wanted to be touched by another person as badly as she did the night she met Bette Porter. Bette made her tingle with just a look. She licked her lips and immediately imagined what it would feel like to be touched by her. If she was honest with herself, she fell in love the moment Bette shook her hand and looked into her eyes.

    Tina shrieked.

    “Gah, Tee. A little warning next time. You might have ruptured my eardrum.”

    Tina laughed.

    “I am so happy for Bette. She really wanted to showcase his work at her gallery.”

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    1. This is a great chapter… leading up to the great reveal of the painting by Kiki Smith… Don’t you just love Alice… she has such a good heart… she has always been Tina’s wingman and did whatever she could to make things happen.
      Well, now our girls are face to face and ready to make their desires known as to the path they will proceed on. I think Bette is ready for forgive Tina. I think Tina is ready to commit to Bette heart and soul. Time for some courage Bette… take the risk. The rewards will be so worth it. But if you don’t take the risk now, you may destroy your real chance toward happiness….

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. Oh my… I was waiting anxiously for the next chapter and now I’m still anxious because you left us in a cliffhanger. Not fair!! *pouts*
      I love your story, how you write present and past intertwined and everything in between, thank you!

    3. I’ve read all your chapters, and what I’m getting is that you’re a massive, MASSIVE Bette fan and not necessarily a Tina fan. But T is the love of Bs life, so you tolerate her. What T is did was not so bad that B is taking however long to forgive her or not forgive her. B is being made the victim here, yet she is literally punishing T for something I don’t even know. Is it that T didn’t believe that B was cheating after she saw with her own eyes another woman’s lips on B? Or that she just left after discovering said lips on lips?
      B has not wanted to “forgive” T for a while, and any adult person in this situation will not entertain dysfunction because that’s what this is. It’s been 28 chapters and what’s here could have been in the 5th chapter.

      As someone who is in a long term relationship, your partner DECIDES to forgive you or they don’t. They absolutely do not stew on something, especially like this for 6months where they are stringing along the other person. And there is nothing the transgressor can do outside of apologise and state their feelings. Anything else like I said is toxic and manipulative. On both ends.

      Your reminiscing stories are 10/10 great! ❤️

      • Hmmm. I can see how it might come off as I’m a “massive, MASSIVE Bette fan” from this story because of the journey I’ve taken them on. I’m more team Tina. But I truly believe the TiBette storyline was mishandled in the original series and definitely in GenQ. I don’t think Bette would have ever cheated on Tina. That’s why When Souls Collide has take the stance it’s taking. And I think you missed the part of this story that Bette did not cheat on Tina. It was just what Tina perceived because she was in the thick of her grief and it was easier to blame Bette for everything instead of feeling all the levels of grief.

        Also, Bette has abandonment issues. So to just forgive right away, would not work for the story. The point is for them both to take their own separate journeys of healing in order for them to possibly even have a chance of getting back together. And Tina leaving wasn’t just a transgression, it was the unthinkable in Bette’s eyes especially after they’d had many conversations about it before. You said, ” What T is did was not so bad that B is taking however long to forgive her or not forgive her.” But it really was the absolute betrayal for Bette. The absolute betrayal.

        I don’t think Bette is “stewing” per se. I think she needs to figure out how to deal with the core of her abandonment issues. Neither one of them had done the work on themselves individually. That’s why it’s such a mess now.

        I appreciate what you’re saying. Thanks so much for reading. Maybe when the story is all wrapped up, it might feel a little different for you. Or maybe not. LOL! That’s the beautiful thing about writing and art. You can have one intention but the reader doesn’t really have to take it like you intended it.

    4. Oh how I hate cliffhangers but oh how I loved this post!
      41 pages of joy, thank you.
      So looking forward to the Unveiling and the continuing of the story.

      Thank you for sharing your talent with us

    5. Omggggggggggg I love love loved this post!!!!! I love that AJ ran up to her and has had to see if she was crazy or not. I knew you were going to leave me on this cliff I wish I could pay now for the rest of this story (cash app or Venmo ) Lmbo I love it so much. I’m so excited to know what Tina will say and what KiKi made. And I hope Bette can get it together and forgive her already. Tina is jumping through hurdles and winning everytime. Give her some credit. Dang. Lol

    6. Loved loved loved … and you have Alice spot on, if not even funnier than real life :)
      She cracks me up…

      “Bette mumbled something and tried to open the door for a third time. Still locked.

      “Try again. I bet it opens this time,” Alice said.”

      Again great writing thank you I’m almost caught up

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