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    The Balloon Festival

    It was a little before 5am when Liz bounced into the room Tina was sleeping in with a cup of coffee and a smile plastered on her face.

    “Good morning, Tina,” Liz said a little too cheerily as she turned on the light.

    Tina opened one eye and peered at the redhead as she sat the coffee on the table next to the bed.

    “Time to get up! The house manager will be here in about an hour. I picked you out a couple of outfits from wardrobe for your big outing today.”

    Liz clapped as her eyes twinkled at the possibility of a Tina and Bette reconciliation. She sat on the bed and continued talking. Tina did not move.

    “Nothing too sexy. Nothing too bleh. Just the right amount of flirtiness.”

    Liz shimmied her shoulders and winked at Tina.

    “We want Bette interested. I mean she’s interested already. Ob-vi-ous-ly. BUT we want her intrigued and dare I say…a little aroused.”

    Liz raised and lowered her eyebrows several times with this funny little smirk.

    “We want her to remember why you are her person. And that starts with the look. So get up and let’s get you ready.”

    Tina kept looking at Liz out of one eye; trying to make sense of all the words she’d just pelted her with.

    “I put a robe in the bathroom. Shower!” Liz commanded.

    “I’ll be back in 20 minutes.”

    Liz hopped off the bed and repeated ‘20 minutes’ before she disappeared. Tina blinked both eyes open. She looked around the room and remembered where she was which was not under the same roof as Bette. She rolled onto her back, rolled her eyes and stared at the ceiling.

    She knew the redhead was probably waiting outside the door with a timer. Tina shook her head, sneered and grabbed her phone. No new notifications. She sighed and read Bette’s messages again. One really stuck out.

    Bette: Is it safe?

    Tina smiled. She could feel Bette’s concern. It was really nice. It was always nice. Bette did the little things to make sure Tina felt special. The things someone may not have noticed if they weren’t paying attention. Bette was great at the over-the-top grandiose gestures, but her specialty was the little things. Tina stopped noticing. She didn’t know when or how she stopped noticing the way Bette cared for her and loved her and protected her and how she was just always there for her. How did she stop noticing the little things? The effort?

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    1. Wow wow wow!!!! What a chapter!!!!

      It started out so positive and gave me hope, hope that thanks to this day they were one step closer to rebuilding their relationship but by the end of the chapter I was in tears and I could literally feel the pain of Bette in particular. She was harsh in her words but it was really what Tina needed to hear, the hard cold truth what her behavior and leaving Bette did. Bette’s words that Tina loves her but doesn’t feel that, ouch!!!
      Tina seemed to understand what her leaving Bette had done before this talk but she didn’t seem to feel the real impact, what it did to Bette emotionally.

      How can you tell someone that you are leaving her because they loved you too much. I sincerely hope that Tina finally understands that saying sorry and I love you is not enough but that she needs to show it in action.

      And I fell in love with AJ, what an incredibly cute and sweet kid, love at first sight between him and Bette. Tina is only now realizing how good a mother Bette can be, although she already knew that from the flashback she had earlier. But that she didn’t see herself that Bette also had a lot of grief and pain after the miscarriage and only realized that after Kit and Alice told her, I can somewhat understand because she had the miscarriage but it was also Bette’s baby, it feels a bit double, I think Tina, as she says herself, is a spoiled brat that took Bette for granted, at a certain point she didn’t even see the small things that Bette did for her and their relationship.

      I notice that I find it difficult to like this Tina. She’s trying really hard and I hope she really knows how to win Bette back, but you can try too hard. She has to give Bette time and space and stay in therapy because she really has to learn that not everything goes the way she wants.

      I am a Tibetter at heart, so I fervently hope that they will find their way back to each other.

      I am a big fan of this story, hope to read another chapter soon!!!

      • Thank you so much. I’m glad you’re a big fan. It’s been fun to write and to really explore both of their points of view. Don’t give up on Tina just yet. I think she may surprise you in the coming chapters.

        Yes, it did start out positive. But relationships are messy. Especially when you have a love like Bette and Tina. It gets a little messy. And they are in the crux of the mess.

        Isn’t AJ the best. So sweet. I love the relationship between Bette and AJ. So important to see Bette so gentle and loving.

        They are going to have to talk about Bette’s grief before they can move forward. And that’s gonna be a doozy!

        Thanks for reading!

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