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    The alarm startled Tina awake at 4:30. She groaned. She was utterly exhausted. She barely got an hour’s sleep because she wanted to make sure she saw Bette before she left. There were still things that needed to be said. She inhaled again. Bette’s scent encircled her heart. Tina made a decision and sat up abruptly.

    Tina: Hey Al! U up?

    Alice: WTF!

    Tina: Don’t act like you were sleeping. You’re probably just getting in from MILK.

    Alice: Not the point. Evrythin ok? U never text this early.

    Tina: It will be ok. Is Family Sunday on for today?

    Alice: Not sure. Bette doesn’t get back until some time this morning

    Tina: I know. She’s on her way to the airport. Actually, she should already be there. Make sure everyone shows up today. Bette is gonna need some extra love & support

    Alice: What the fuck did u do?

    Tina: I charged

    Alice: What?

    Tina: Never mind. Just make sure EVERYONE is there. And I’m gong to send you a list of things to get. Ok?

    Alice: Tee, what’s goin on?

    Tina: I’ll tell you later. I’ve got a lot to do. Can you make that happen, please?

    Alice: Yeah. Sure.

    Tina: Thanks, Al!

    Alice: Tee, u ok?

    Tina: I will be. Thanks.

    Alice: Is Bette ok?

    Tina paused for a second. Remembering the look on Bette’s face during their talk. The beautiful brunette was devastated. And Tina was devastated about being the cause of Bette’s devastation.

    Tina: No, Al. She’s not.

    Alice: Tell me what to do.

    Tina: Thanks, Al. I’ll text you

    “What the fuck did you do, Tee?” Alice exhaled and sent the group a text about Family Sunday.

    “Shit. What the fuck did we all do?” Alice shook her head.

    Tina made a list of everything she needed to get done. Then she got ready to go for a long, hard run before going to the set. Tina saw the bag on the back of the couch with the fruit and pastries she’d prepared for Bette. Tina sighed. Before she allowed herself to spiral into a self-absorbed rabbit hole, she grabbed the bag and was even more determined to show Bette she was going to keep showing up.

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    1. Such a emotional rollercoaster for both of them!

      How is Tina going to show Bette in all forms that she loves her. The memory was so sweet and loving, Tina did take Bette for granted, how can she prove to Bette that she will love and cherish her forever and get her to trust her again? Because it isn’t about their love for each other, it’s the trust Bette lost in Tina when she walked away 6 months ago, walked away when Bette begged her on her knees to stay.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      • That’s exactly it. The love is there. Bette knows that. She’s warring with herself internally because of the broken trust. It really is going to come down to if Bette can ever trust Tina again. Tina has got to make some major moves to show Bette and not just tell her. And that is going to be an interesting journey.

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