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    Remember Who You Are 36

    Two weeks passed quickly.

    Tina still preferred to self-isolate at home.

    (Author’s note – just writing that sentence made me chuckle given the current situation….ok, sorry… carry on)

    Earlier this week, she realized she wasn’t as tired as she was before and started running again, a little frustrated that she was not able to run the distance she could before. As always, running offered her a peaceful escape, a way to think and process the intensive therapy she was undergoing.

    With time off of work she asked Eloise if she could increase her sessions to twice a week and so every Tuesday and Thursday, she ventured out to sit and cut open her soul for examination. Or at least that was the way it felt. The focus was on her past, what it was like growing up in the Kennard household and how that shaped the adult she is now.

    Eloise felt strongly that any problems Tina was having now were rooted in her family history and the interpersonal dynamics she learned growing up.

    Uncover the childhood lessons you learned about relationships, about how to treat people and discover why you do what you do now, Eloise would say.

    It was hard work, Tina cried often and hard. She frequently felt wrung out after her sessions, her nerves exposed. It was like lancing an infection, the more she talked about her past, the more toxins were released from her energy. Which was good. But, fuck it hurt.

    Eloise told her to practice self-care when at home, sleep when she was tired and to try and get outside at least once a day. Take baths, cook if she felt like it, garden.

    It was difficult on Bette as well. Tina was jumpy, sensitive, quiet. She slept a lot or would lay down with her eyes closed… not sleeping… just disconnected. Bette worried and did her best to manage the household and provide a safe place for Tina to land. She tried to be present, available when needed.

    Bette resumed her own daily yoga and meditation routines. More and more Tina would come and sit near her, especially when she went through her yoga poses. It was calming, she told Bette, there was a peace about the movements Bette did that flowed to Tina as well. She would read or stretch while Bette went on.

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    1. I have really enjoyed this story. Eric got off too easily. I sure hope Tina can deal with seeing and getting involved with her mother, the dragon lady. And that she remembers that the bathroom is the unsafe room!!! Stay away from the bathroom, Tina!!!!!!! Channel Bette and get this over with so you can finally get on with your lives. It worries me that Tina has kind of closed herself off a little from Bette. It’s good that she is getting therapy and that Bette is there for her. This story has been an emotional roller coaster. Really enjoying it. Just want Tina to be happy and whole and able to give herself completely to Bette.

    2. Eloise is really good….. Tina’s “I’m protecting myself” is so revealing. What is she protecting herself from? This needs a little more in depth analysis by Eloise. and Tina.

      So Tina is going to investigate what happened in the Donna Kennard- gate. So Eric is dead, and Tom is dying. Lucy is hanging around the edges. And Bette and Tina are trying to get their lives back in order. And its off to North Carolina to visit with Cocoa Puffs Donna. Wow…. this should be interesting.

      This is really a good story. I like that Tina is wanting to know what happened and maybe she can help the FBI as well.

      I also hope that Bette and Tina get back to the intimacy of love making rather than just an emotional and physical release of fucking. Both have their place in a relationship but these two deserve the intimate connection of their souls, minds and hearts – not just their bodies. Tina has been on a journey for the past few days (weeks) of rediscovery of herself. She still needs to see what part Bette will play in her recovery. This is a start – a good start. Eloise is right. Tina must allow Bette into her soul and allow her to experience it all – the good, the bad and the ugly.

      Thank you for this story….Hanging with it for the long haul…

    3. This story continues to be very intriguing even as some threats are being eliminated!! Eric bumped off, but still have to deal with Dragon Breath Don.

      Really like that Tina continues to speak honestly in her sessions with Eloise. She admits that she has been running from full emotional submission to Bette because she’s trying to protect herself. . . From falling into the abyss. Looking forward to her being able to eventually tell why she feels threatened.

      Like Bette, love the assertive, no-nonsense Tina! Chuckled when she told the Agents that they were paying for the lil trip to NC and that they were going to stay in a very nice hotel with spa!! Think Bette may get her bones jumped again 😛😋.

      But seriously, Tina’s true test of the emotional strength gained, will be when it’s just her and Mom, face to face, in the home where she grew up. Lot’s of ghosts & demons swirling around in that joint!!😱🤮

      GO Tina!!!

    4. Wonderful chapter!

      I don’t think I come up with any new insights from what the others already said.

      A great story!

      One tip, warning: Tina avoid the bathroom at all times. Learn from your mistakes and avoid unnecessary danger !!!!

    5. Hi! I’m sorry, I may not be writing clearly because I don’t know English very well. But I really want to tell you that you write very well! I love your stories so much, I love the characters, and I look forward to every Chapter. It’s like reading a beautiful book with the hope that it will never end! Thank you for your creativity!

    6. BK

      I love how you write their relationship. How they easily switch roles as the strong one to support the other.

      My oh my, what is Tina going to do about the making love issue. Bette is a sensual woman and sex is an important part of how she show her love to Tina. At some point this will become an issue. A good fuck is great but only a bandaid. Very interesting issue to explore give the emotional trauma Tina has endured.


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