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    The calm before the storm

    The King stood with his arms outstretched on either side of his small, frail body, palms facing the ceiling as his seamstress finished pinning the hem of his pants. His cough was gone, his energy returned, and he had grown two inches overnight it seemed. When the doors to his chambers opened, he grinned at the sight of his naval Captain holding the door so his personal Healer… the gifted and lovely Lady Kennard… could enter before her. Christopher was delighted to see the duo.

    “Ahhh! Welcome! What do you think of this outfit, Captain Porter?” He turned first one way then the other, clearly delighted with his own appearance. “How do I look? I am having a whole new wardrobe made for our voyage north.”

    “Our voyage?”

    “Yes! Our voyage! I intend to come with you! I told you this already. Did you forget? I wouldn’t miss it for the world…” stepping down from the stepstool, Christopher approached the couple, Bette trying unsuccessfully to hide the look of utter horror at the very idea of the King traveling with them.

    “On your own ship… right? Your Majesty? I mean you wanted the King’s Maiden to be your vessel… it’s been outfitted for the trip and Lord Ivan will be your Captain…”

    He waved a hand at the brunette to be quiet, jewels on four of his five fingers.

    “Details, details, Captain. Boring. That is your job…” Twirling, Christopher beamed at the couple.

    Bette took a step towards the door, wanting to escape, even as Tina curtsied, extending one hand for the King to kiss, her other finding Bette’s, keeping the brunette close, their fingers linking. No way was Bette leaving without her.

    She knew Bette was impatient, ready to leave the King and his soggy kingdom behind. It had been many weeks of nonsense from the King. Changes in battle plans, meaningless dinners and celebrations, long, dreary meetings with the King’s Council that led nowhere and drove the brunette to the very edge of her dwindling tolerance.

    “Your Majesty…” the blonde purred, hoping to keep the tiny King’s attention on her instead of Bette…. “… you look well, I am pleased. Your new outfit becomes you.”

    “I feel grand, my Lady. Just grand, thanks to you. I’ve ordered some fabulous decorative garlands for the launch of our fleet. Bright, new paint for the Maiden and flags as well. The ships can sail off into the seas with all the beauty that only a King’s navy commands…”

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    1. Definitely still reading your story. I turned my IPad back on, when I got the email alert that you posted another chapter. Great way to end a Saturday night. Look forward to reading all the recap comments this weekend.

    2. Hey BK,

      I am still reading and will not stop reading till you decide to stop writing and i really hope you will never stop writing!!!!

      What a fantastic chapter, with so much humor and also sexy moments between Bette and her lady Tina Kennard.

      My God, what a horrible childish and spoiled little man King Who Can is. It’s really thanks to Tina that Bette hasn’t attacked him yet, how dare he command Tina like she owns her and then provoke Bette by clicking his fingers in Bette’s face. I had kicked him between the legs on the spot. asshole!!! King Who Can, let him dream, I don’t know what Bette’s plan is but he will never be seen like this.

      A mentally and physically tired Bette who is coddled, soothed and by her sweet and strong Lady, who showers her with all the love she feels for her Captain. And then the tender moment between Bette and Peter, Peter who completely trusts Bette and feels so safe with her, sleeping together on the couch where Tina finds them.

      They are a beautiful family together with their children!

      And finally, they are married!!! Poor Bette, equally unsure if she can give Tina what she needs and Tina indicating so clearly that Bette is her home.

      I fear what is to come, a bloody battle. I know you let our ladies and their children end up living the life they deserve, but unfortunately it’s not there yet.

      And Alice who had only one job and that was to get the friar to the boat. A friar who taunted her to the extreme and the donkey, stubborn to the end, but who went walking faster due to the friar’s help bynholding a simple and tasty snack in front of his nose.

      I love this story BK!!!!

      I hope you are doing well and enjoy your vacation this month!

      • BiBi my friend always nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. You are right the King is a selfish, childish little human and Bette has a master plan on how to handle him, assuming everything plays out the way she expects. Of course there has to be some drama right?
        I think they all showed their strengths and what they bring to the crew this chapter. Sometimes I forget to add the other characters in lol, so I gave the one job of getting the friar in place to Alice.
        No real plans for a vacation. A beach trip next week to celebrate my oldest starting med school but that’s about it. May give me some time to write and get the next chapter out quicker!
        Thanks for always commenting and for your lovely words!

        • Congratulations to your oldest daughter, med school, impressive! Enjoy the beach trip!

          Write what you can but don’t post till i am back from my trip to London, going to be a few busy days with meeting a lot of people who i know from SM and visiting the exhibition from Laurel, she is going to be there for one hour, i am so excited! I think that if i see her i will go terrible shy.

        • Ohhh what joy your daughter and family are living!!! Good for you!!!

          My brother calls his adorable daughter “DrBabyGirL”. Aftermuch steadfastness, tears, and many prayers that she would be matched at the right location for a residency in orthapedic surgery, we got her relocated to a beautiful apt in Sacramento @ UC Davis.

          Her Dad & Bro came thru here just last week on a 1600 mile trip to drop off her car for her. The child (31 on her next bday) is just too excited!!!!

          • That is amazing! You all must be so proud. DrBabyGirl I love it! Sounds like she is well on her way to a successful career. Mine is interested in plastic surgery and can live at home for her time at med school then who knows where she end up! Exciting

            • Bro says that we can call him “DrDad” since he’s contributed so much moolah and says he is as much a Doc as she! HeHeHe!!!

              Has helped relocate her 4 times since she graduated from Univ of Tenn. Heck she even ended up working at one of inner city hospitals in NYC during Covid.

              Her biggest asset is that she knows & trusts her parents and their counsel 100 percent and onders their viewpoint b4 making decisions.

              They pray at a drop of a hat over and with and she’s believes that God is on her side. We all believe.

    3. Sweet BK.
      Fear NOT, all of us have your name and stories “flagged”, and we patiently await each chapter. There’s still a lot going on in the world that requires and demands time.

      Bette has gotten so much better at communicating verbally with Tina, tho she rarely sees when all the shytt is ganging up in her mind to make her anxious. Tina is able to sense the turmoil and adjusts on the fly at relieving the anguish so that she can ASK Bette specifics.

      I chuckled at when Tina told Bette that Emma had rolled over on her own, that Bette immediately started in on how the infant was probably “the best” roller ever! Bette’s mindset seems to go to “well if U’re gonna roll, may as well be THE BEST”!!! Tina told Bette of the feat, to make her aware that they would have to watch Em more carefully so that she wouldn’t roll off the bed/couch.

      My gosh, what is Bette gonna do when the baby starts walking??!!! HeHeHe

      Off the subject a bit . . . So R U on vacay for the month of July? Going to Laurel’s Deep Dive exhibit?

      • DT – Communication is KEY. Why can’t they have a real conversation on the show? It seems out of the grasp of the writers. I am very worried about the direction of the show but that is probably a whole other topic and at this point pure speculation.
        I loved Bette wanted baby Ella to be the best at rolling too, and Tina knows their little baby is about to become very active. Not sure pirate ships are the best place for a little crawler or new walker!

        I am only taking a week next to go to the beach. My oldest starts med school late July and I want to celebrate her. She wanted to go to Hawaii. HA! She will be happy with the free condo instead. I will work part of the week – just started my own little consulting agency on the side. Med school ain’t cheap. I say all this to say I will not be traveling for the Deep Dive exhibit despite my desire to see LH’s work in person. Doesn’t look like she will be there much and there seems to be a mess with traveling by plane right now as well as transportation issues in London?

        Are you going? Anyone else on this site going? I would love to hear how it looked!

        • Not going to Deep Dive. It just isnt in the cards this year. Ure right that med school and beyond is (very) expensive and this was the time to help with airline tickets, apt dwn payment & rent, fuel, hotel & food to get her vehi to her, U name it. But we share the joy in helping our sweet, compassionate, anointed, brilliant, Doc fulfill her calling.

          Did I mention that her wonderful fiance is likewise heading toward his residency as an anesthesiologist (like his Dad). His parents are bldg their dream house there in Cali alongside of the fam vinyard. Wow!!! Just WOW

          • The cost of airline tickets, hotels and then apartment costs are through the roof! We are hoping to cut the loans needed by having her live at home for now. So far we are co-existing very well. A family vineyard in Cali sounds like heaven on earth right about now.
            Congrats – it takes a family village to launch these brilliant minds

    4. Definitely still here and reading. Love this story!! The king that can is too much. A little spoiled brat for sure. Thank goodness Carmen handled the situation and Alice with the friar was sooo funny. The wedding was perfect!!! So glad Kit was there. Can’t wait for your next update.

      • Thank you Ladyhawke (cool name btw)
        Hopefully the next update will be sooner, I want to get these chapters out quicker. I guess I could make them shorter but my inclination is to write until there is a natural break… hmmm
        Thanks for taking time to comment!

    5. BK! you’re back with BB!

      ive been waiting for the latest chapter and you never disappoint. I have read and re-read this story until the next chapter drops. I could feel bette’s impatience with this king. but at the heart of this story is bette & tina and what they mean to each other and their family that they have fought for. their love for each other and their family keeps them centered. I love that. they find comfort in each other. it’s not just bette & tina…it’s their relationship with each of the kids and how they are with them. such a beautiful connection. bette and peter not being able to sleep and being a comfort to each other, bette his mom, the safety she provides…and bette just giving him comfort, safety and knowing that just because he’s the oldest doesnt mean he has to be strong all the time, that he can be feel safe with her. safety and comfort…he is able to sleep then and so is she.

      and I didn’t think the wedding would be in this chapter but thank goodness you’re nothing like Gen Q and can actually give us bette and tina happiness something in full without a cliff hanger lol. I love their passion, their comfort, their need for each other. it’s sexy as hell but just…beautiful as well. to have someone mean the world to you and to also be the center of someone’s world. they are stronger for it.

      I love this story so much. thank you for these chapters. I know it has to end eventually and im ready for it but….im gonna miss this version of bette and tina.


      • Amen BnTHOSF! We need all the positivity we can muster right now with the world going crazy and rumors from the throwing us all on a roller coaster of emotions! I love that this couple finds comfort in each other too.
        How badly do we all need a GQ wedding for our couple???! I think there would be a collective meltdown from the fans, that would give us a fourth season if they could get back on track.
        It will have to end at some point – but we have a battle coming and the story of Bette and her mom so lots to come. Stay tuned!

    6. Of course we’re still here reading you, What would we do without your stories, I can’t imagine it !

      That little prick of a king, what a failure he is, I admire Tina’s patience, not sure I wouldn’t have strangled him (“go fetched her” ughh !). I expected him to find out the secret and arrive in style at the wedding.
      I think that we are not at the end of our surprises and that he still has demands to our favorite couple, we’ll see about that.
      Can’t wait to see what Bette has in store for him !

      Fantastic chapter and I like its length, YOU CAN write, no doubt ;-)

      • Thank you Izzie! To be honest, I debated having him learn of the secret wedding and hijacking it but there will be more opportunities for him to show what a mess he is lol. And they needed some happiness after putting up with him for all that time. PLUS I am dreaming and hoping and wishing for a wedding to appear on the show, so I write it instead.
        Lots to come – we need to meet Gigi and hear about Bette’s mom and get some closure there. I appreciate your comments, you always take time to let me know you are out there following along!

    7. Hey BK,

      I know it’s been a while since I’ve commented here & I have been amiss in that. But of course, I had to check in on this chapter as I try my best to never miss a Tibette wedding – no matter what century it occurs in!!

      So good to see them finally tie that knot & for Bette to feel the depth of her love for Tina is now cemented in her mind, heart & soul through their marriage.

      Great chapter as always.

      Looking forward to more adventures on the high seas!

      • Hey Collins
        Agree on never missing a Tibette wedding. The show might shut down social media if they would add that to the GQ. Can you even imagine?
        More adventures to come… thanks

    8. Welcome back, still here still reading and rereading all your stuff while I wait for the next new chapter. I don’t really have any comments for the new chapter, but I am all in. Loved every minute of it and can’t wait for the next amazing chapter.

      • Thank you One Storm. I have been rereading a lot of the FF stories too. Something good to do when I can’t sleep and need to not think about work stuff! Thanks –

    9. On the 30th June I had Eye Surgery for Cataracts on both eyes.
      Yours is the first story I have read and well worth the wait.
      I am not able to further comment now but thank you for continuing to share your considerable writing talent.

      • SG!!
        I have been thinking about you! I noticed you had been missing from commenting, please know you have been missed. Rest your eyes. I am deeply touched that you took time to comment after the surgery.. I was wondering if you were going to try and make the art show in London? Be well my friend

    10. Hi BK…! Thanks for another instalment! My apology for not commenting but just greedily read the story first.
      And reread it because I don’t want to missed the details (duh!)
      Then I just realised you were asking about who is still reading…!?
      #Gasp! What kinda question!?
      I still!
      I believe also the rest of us here..! Probably reread the story also while waiting for new update from you.

      At the moment I have no imagination to comment on the king who can’t, uhm, well hope he can’t swim and there’s a big hole in his ship though. Let’s see how he will ask someone to fetch someone else when that happen.

      Was a bit distracted about the donkey and the friar, wondering if the friar will become their crew or just an extra in this episode, Carmen and Alice are so right to be the planner, if they are in different post it will be disaster though … haha.. nice touch on the superstition before the wedding etc.. and OMG… I just dreamily live at the wedding moment there! and there… and there….! You know… ;-) yeah.. keep the dress!

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