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    The Date

    New Orleans- Garden District- Saturday Night

    Quietly opening the front door of the manor, the blonde slowly slipped inside. Shutting the door behind her, she peered into the large open sitting room to see her mother casually smoking a cigarette.

    “You’re back,” Fiona nodded, taking a small sip of her whisky. “I’m surprised you didn’t end up in-between the legs of that gallery owner.”

    “How did you know she was…” Tina started to say before realizing, “ah-right.”

    “You know darling,” Fiona said, waving her hand to gesture her daughter to come sit next to her, “this was the price.”

    Tina cocked her brow as she sat down next to the older blonde, “what was the price?”

    “To end up alone,” Fiona said, tilting her glass in her daughter’s direction.

    Tina rolled her eyes, grabbing a cigarette from the pack on the table. “It was for the good of the coven. Besides,” the blonde shrugged, “I got you and the girls.”

    “You can have any woman or man that you desire, darling,” Fiona smirked. “It is part of our genes.”

    “It’s our power,” Tina corrected, looking at her. “People are drawn to it.”

    Fiona nodded, “may be so, but you are a beautiful woman, Tina. I should know. I made you.”

    Tina chuckled, shaking her head as a blonde curl dangled in front of her face, “yeah- falling into bed with some millionaire and realizing that you didn’t use protection.”

    Fiona shrugged, “you still came out of me the old fashion way.”

    Tina pursed her lips, “I know I’m an adult, but I still don’t appreciate hearing that.”

    The older blonde let out a laugh as she nodded, pointing her cigarette at Tina, “I digress.”

    Tina hummed, nodding as she stared around the room- admiring the framed paintings of the past matriarchs of the coven. “You think you will ever be up on that wall?”

    Fiona nodded, “sure. You will too.”

    “But usually we hang these paintings after each matriarch has died,” Tina mumbled with the cigarette in her mouth, “we can’t die.”

    “Well, no,” Fiona agreed, “but I am still the matriarch of this coven and you my darling are next in line.”

    “But I’ll never get there because you won’t pass it over,” Tina chuckled, stealing her mother’s drink.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter! I have a feeling that maybe it’s not Merrie who broke the deal. My money on Fiona, who just doesn’t want the peace. Hmm, and very interesting how Tina could deal with her nails in bed with Bette). Waiting for the next part!

    2. Finally got to start this new story of yours and yes please continue!!!

      But maybe Bette isn’t so susceptible to Tina’s ‘pull’ because of Tina’s power but rather because she has some powers of her own that she hasn’t realized yet? Looks like real feelings to me :) Such an interesting story!

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