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    The Date

    Fiona shrugged, “oh-well. I guess you are stuck as a highly powered headmistress of this ‘school’.”

    “Forever,” Tina mumbled, leaning back in the chair.

    “You could always go back to Helena,” Fiona replied, looking around the room at the paintings as well.

    “Mother…” Tina warned.

    The older blonde laughed, “sweetheart, I’m just saying. Why not? You’ll live forever- date whoever you want.”

    Tina bit her lower lip as she thought about Bette, “I like her. Bette.”

    “I know,” Fiona nodded, briefly glancing at her daughter. “So, go out with her.”

    “But she is leaving in 2 weeks,” Tina mumbled under her breath, looking over at her mother. “What happens if I…”

    “What?” Fiona asked with a wicked smile, “fall in love? Don’t you need a soul to do that?”

    Tina furrowed her brows as she looked up at the high arching ceiling, “I don’t know… Do you?”

    “You’re asking the wrong person, dear. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love,” Fiona swallowed the last of her drink. “Besides, you could always test the theory out. You don’t have a soul, either.”

    “Yeah because we sold it for immortality,” Tina mumbled, “But I’m also a witch. Literally. Not from some goofy ass TV show like Charmed or Sabrina.”

    Fiona chuckled darkly, nodding. “We also aren’t the most…law abiding citizens.”

    “No shit,” Tina rolled her eyes at the woman. Sitting in silence, she quietly spoke, “I’m probably only going to see her tomorrow and that’s it.”

    “Don’t worry darling,” Fiona whispered. “We’ll live forever…speaking of, the time is coming soon.”

    “I know,” Tina nodded.

    “We need to find two innocents,” Fiona added, getting up to pour herself another whisky.

    “Make me a Bloody Mary,” Tina said, watching her mother get up. “You have any ideas?”

    Fiona shrugged, grabbing another glass from the cabinet, “if it gets down to the wire, we can always go to the NICU or the maternal ward of the hospital.”

    Tina sighed, reaching over and grabbing another cigarette.

    French Quarter- Saturday Night

    Hearing a buzzing coming from the bedside table, Bette removed her reading glasses and headed over to pick it up.

    From Alice:

    Can I come in or are you busy with that blonde?

    Bette rolled her eyes as she opened the front door of her room, seeing her ex on the other side.


    1. Thank you for the chapter! I have a feeling that maybe it’s not Merrie who broke the deal. My money on Fiona, who just doesn’t want the peace. Hmm, and very interesting how Tina could deal with her nails in bed with Bette). Waiting for the next part!

    2. Finally got to start this new story of yours and yes please continue!!!

      But maybe Bette isn’t so susceptible to Tina’s ‘pull’ because of Tina’s power but rather because she has some powers of her own that she hasn’t realized yet? Looks like real feelings to me :) Such an interesting story!

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