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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 57

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 57

    When Tina first told her about what Steven Kennard had done, how he had orchestrated the car accident which critically injured both Sidney and Kit, Bette had felt pure rage and anxiety. It was a combustible mixture that had the power to decimate her, her relationship, and everything in her path.

    The knee-jerk reaction to escape, to let cocaine or alcohol soothe her fiery tempest, was awake and alive within her. Her throat was dry, her skin was tight, her heart began to race, and she could feel the heat. The heat was always the worst part of it. It was like having a heater on inside of her skin. A warmth that built and could not be contained or controlled.

    Usually, the thoughts began to whisper as well. Feverish whispers of her failures, her inability to cope, and the promise that everything would be easier as soon as she got high.

    But Bette had made a promise to Tina. She’d promised her that she would stop giving in to that call for escape. She would push through the fire and let her cooler side prevail.

    She had gathered a shaking Tina into her arms and held her until the shaking stopped. She’d let Tina’s tears mix with the salt of her sweat until the love of her life was able to breathe without gasping. When they separated, Tina’s loving hazel eyes studied her, wiping the sweat from Bette’s heated brow with the sleeve of her own shirt.

    Bette’s cheeks were rosy and her voice was firm and soothing when she answered the question in Tina’s gaze. “I can do this, T. I promised you I would be okay. I am okay. I can handle this. Let me do the heavy lifting this time.”

    Tina’s eyes watered and she continued to dab at the moisture on her lover’s face. Bette got Alice’s attention and asked her to sit with Dylan while Tasha joined her and Tina in the cafeteria on the 1st floor. The three of them sat together at a four-top, deep in conference about the plan in Bette’s mind. For the most part, Tina was quiet. She gripped Bette’s left hand tightly, almost afraid to let her go. Afraid that she might just disappear. Her father had unsettled her.

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    1. What a masterful job of filling in the blanks on that devilish psycho Kennard!!!🤬😡 Gosh he is off the deep end.!! Brava!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 to Bette for realizing that her promise to herself & Tina to NOT turn to alc&drugs to sooth her heartbtoken soul. Strength came forward as a result of her life-boosting choice.

      Way to go to record the call with “he-who-shall-remaine-nameless. He admitted to everything and hopefully Tasha was more than correct in that they could record the ph call withOUT full disclosure.

      The video Henry recorded should really strengthen their case.

      Now, we turn 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 to Sidney & Kit. For me, especially Kit bc of her son. We’ll see what you have in store MTS

    2. Thank you fore the chapter!

      Only one chapter left – maybe one chapter and then epilogue at least?

      And Henry at last did something good with this message – i can say that after this i feel sorry for him. And seems they got Darth Kennard – like i said he’s too arrogant for his own good

    3. Steven is such an idiot. Why would he have such a conversation with Tina? Does he think that she would not try to get even with him after the supposed demise of her lover? Does he think that ruining her life would endear him to her? Did he think that she would just let this pass without any revenge or payback? He has killed Henry and probably Sidney and possibly Kit.

      If I were Tina, on the day he gets arrested i would take out a full page add in the LA Times and say the following:

      Announcement: I, Christina Kennard Anderson, daughter of Steven & Tracy Kennard wish to make the following declaration: I am a lesbian and I am in love with the most wonderful woman in the world. I have always been a lesbian and I always will be lesbian despite my parent’s disapproval and actions to change me. My best wishes to my parents. May they reap the reward they so justly deserve for all they have done to make my life and many other’s lives miserable.

      At least this way, if dear Steven happens to get away with his murders, his Christian conservative investors will be on public notice that he has a lesbian for a daughter and they will probably withdraw their investments from his firm. All of his actions will fail to save his business and his way of life..

      I really hate to see this story end. It seems that Bette and Tina have so much more of lie ahead of them. Bette still has to get in contact with her mother in 2019 now 2020. She needs to reconcile and establish a relationship with Melvin. There is Dylan…he is going to need her support and possibly be living in her household. There is the settling of the estate for Henry and his son. There will be the grief for Henry and possibly Sidney, the trial for Steven and a possible final meeting with Tracy Kennard and Tina’s sister to either part ways or come to a truce in their relationship.

      I do appreciate this story and I hope that you will continue to write. I look forward to the final chapter.

    4. Wow I had to stop and come back to this one. Some of your writing reminds me of Kylie’s.. I have to take hers in small doses because hers are more on the Daddy warbucks side.. so deep and dark. I told I would eventually make it through hers lol.. but back to your hes one twisted pretzel…lol.. you think you know someone…lol.. just wondering where mother dearest fits into all this . Does she know or turn blinds eye or just choose to believe her husband would never do such things.. money money money.. either way thank you for the great chapter

    5. Yes! After losing a fight Jedi-master Tina Kenobi regained the Force, won the battle and prevailed over Darth Kennard. That should be enough to bring him to justice.

      Wonderful chapter, MTS. It’s great to see how much strenght Bette and Tina draw from each other.
      “And where she was weak, Bette was strong.” Exactly. For me, that’s the essence of those two,

      I love how Bette reassures Tina that she isn’t to blame for the accident. But still… what a mess! During a few weeks T + B had to deal with so much what fate had dealt them. That’s enough for two lifetimes. Time for Dad K to be arrested and sentenced for Tina to put everything behind herself. And live happily ever after with Bette.
      I wonder if her mother will have an epiphany and come to her senses.
      And Henry? Wow to his video message. He won some sympathy points with his farewell gift.

      I’m sure I will re-read “FF to 2019” again once you’ve finished. But please, no hurry, another long chapter maybe? And an epilogue? Yes, I’m greedy but I still have to sooth my nerves after your rollercoaster ride. ;-)


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