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    The Island – Chapter 23

    CHAPTER 23:


    Bette wakes with the rising sun. She smiles and stretches, then snuggles her face in Tina’s hair, inhaling her sweet, wonderful scent. She pulls the blanket back over them both as the breeze coming across the water is cool and brisk and smells of salt and rain. She had an amazing night sleep last night, cuddled closely to the blonde, their legs intertwined and breathing each other’s breath. It was the best sleep she’s had since leaving Los Angeles.

    She opens her eyes and sees Tina’s angelic face. Her lips are slightly parted allowing a soft snore to escape. Bette chuckles. She realizes her hand is inside Tina’s shirt and covering her breast. It’s where it’s always been every morning for the six months they were together. It’s where it belongs. She checks Tina for any signs of wakening before gently caressing her nipple. It hardens under her fingers and she teases it playfully. She grins but is suddenly filled with loss and sadness. She gave herself completely and was absolutely destroyed. She cannot put herself through that again. She slowly removes her hand and is startled when Tina grabs her to keep it place.

    “Don’t…Not yet.” Tina’s voice is almost a whisper yet heavy with desire. Her eyes are still closed against the morning sun.

    “T. I’m sorry.” Bette whispers in her ear, tears beginning to stream down her face. She really is sorry for letting it happen and even more sorry for not wanting to stop. She removes her hand and sits up, grabbing her hat and tilting it low over her eyes.

    “I’ll make coffee. We shouldn’t linger. It feels like rain.” Bette wipes her tears and moves away to restart the fire.

    “Are you expecting a storm?” Tina lets her own tears slide down her face before wiping them on her sleeve.

    “Yes, hurricane Kennard.” Bette chuckles. She feels better when she sees Tina blushing and looking so sweet and innocent.

    Tina smiles at Bette with love in her eyes. She will never give up, not now, not ever. She can only imagine what Bette has suffered. The months of rejection and neglect, words of anger and accusation must have been a living hell. It’s a wonder Bette lasted as long as she did. She studies her lover’s face, still so utterly breathtaking yet filled with heartbreaking pain. She is beaten. Her walls of protection built high and mighty. But like Bette, she will be patient and understanding. She will knock down the walls and fill her heart with love again.

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    1. Jane says

      Thank you for this story. I enjoyed this story very much. I know that this is the finale but perhaps you may return to it when the gang decides to return in the future. Thanks again and great work.

    2. Zhenya says

      Hi, thanks for the great finale!

      Good to see theat B&T talked with each other and solved all problem between them.

      And of course your humore just best:
      “I’ve been seeing someone.” She takes a sip of her coffee, her eyes on Bette.

      “Who Helena?”

      “What? No! God no! I haven’t seen her or spoken to her since the restaurant. I’ve been seeing a professional.”

      “A hooker?”

      “A psychiatrist.” Tina barks back”

      So, thank again for the ending the story and maybe epiloge?

    3. SassyGran says

      Thank you for finishing this great story by bringing our girls together.
      Can I please ask for an Epilogue and then a Sequel. I know not satisfied with just one thing!
      Loved it, thanks

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