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    The Lists

    Tina confirmed her appointment with Julia for later that night. She walked onto the set with a mission.

    “How was last night,” Liz asked.

    “Good. And terrible. But none of that matters. We have to wrap in 12 days, Liz. Not a day later. Okay?”

    “Okay,” Liz said.


    On the plane, Bette created a pro/con list about getting back together with Tina.

    PRO: Love of my life. My best friend. 7 years of mostly good times. Soul mate. My air. Hilarious. My life is better with her. She makes everything beautiful. My life doesn’t work without her. The way she takes care of me. Her kisses. Her touches. She challenges me. She makes me better. She calls me on my shit. She loves me. She believes in me. She’s brilliant. Her eyes. The she can’t blink. She makes me laugh. She is in my DNA.

    CON: She. Left. Me.

    And therein lies the problem. Bette wondered if she could ever forgive Tina for leaving her. Tina asked her to go to therapy. Maybe that’s what they needed to get through this. Bette wondered if she even had the capacity to try.

    She sighed and sent the group a text canceling Family Sunday. Her phone notification dinged almost instantly.

    Alice: We’re here already.

    Bette rolled her eyes. But she was also excited to see everyone.

    Bette: Fine

    Alice: (tongue sticking out emoji)

    She needed to be around her family right now. She needed not to be consumed by Tina right now. If that was even possible. Bette’s thoughts instantly turned to the way Tina felt in her arms last night as they danced. She licked her lips and remnants of Tina lingered there. She could still taste and feel her and smell her.

    “What the fuck is wrong with you,” Bette whispered.

    “Excuse me,” the man next to her said.

    “Oh not you.”

    The man rolled his eyes. Bette rolled hers too. She really needed to stop talking to herself. Bette sent Tina text letting her know she made it as she promised she would. A few seconds later, Bette’s phone dinged. She looked at her message and Tina had only liked her text. That was it.

    “What the fuck,” Bette said louder this time.

    “Look, Lady.”

    “I said I wasn’t fucking talking to you,” Bette snapped.

    She didn’t even heart the message, Bette thought. Just a fucking like.

    Bette was pissed.


    1. Such a emotional rollercoaster for both of them!

      How is Tina going to show Bette in all forms that she loves her. The memory was so sweet and loving, Tina did take Bette for granted, how can she prove to Bette that she will love and cherish her forever and get her to trust her again? Because it isn’t about their love for each other, it’s the trust Bette lost in Tina when she walked away 6 months ago, walked away when Bette begged her on her knees to stay.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      • That’s exactly it. The love is there. Bette knows that. She’s warring with herself internally because of the broken trust. It really is going to come down to if Bette can ever trust Tina again. Tina has got to make some major moves to show Bette and not just tell her. And that is going to be an interesting journey.

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