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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 10 Five years later


    North Carolina, 1993.

    “This is FBI, we will count to three! Open your door and put your hands in the air!”

    Around a big house, up to twenty FBI agent, surrounded by the whole place. They were all wearing all black, holding a machine gun, pointing straight to the door.

    One of the agents knocked on the door, but no one answered.

    “This is FBI, we know you are in there! Just open the door or we will break into it!”

    A few seconds later, no one replied back, the agent who knocked the door nods his head and waved his hand. An agent appeared from the back, he pulled the latch of the aerosol bombs and threw it in.

    With a small Bang and a few seconds, the wooden door was rudely knocked open, right before it broke into pieces, all the agents rushed in.

     “FBI! Put down your weapon!”

    FBI squat team squirmed in the room, the straight green laser on their gun immediately lighten up the house, smoke covered human’s sight, the entire house seemed like having a party in the night club.

    But the sound of a gunshot instantly condensed the entire air, the atmosphere became so intense, the gun holding hand was shaking, sweat was like rain pouring down…A screaming sound appeared from a certain room, suddenly, uncountable bullets flew out of nowhere, with several gunshots and huge explored, three agents fell onto the ground and never moved.


    Now it’s the FBI agents turn, they engaged, pulling the trigger as if their life was in danger. They were standing in the house of the most cunning criminal in that time, just like facing the Vietnamese Army in the Vietnam war, they could be everywhere, you would never know when or where they would come out and attack. The smart enemy in the smoke, although they have night vision goggles and masks, comparing to many times of hard missions, they believe that this was still the worse war they had been through.

    Gunshots finally stop, the survived FBI agents still couldn’t stop, they broke in the room to room, fire before anyone can make a shot.

    One agent kicked down the main bedroom’s door, a strong smell, and the horror scene immediately let him increase the alertness, he checked the entire room, his eyebrows narrowed tighter and tighter.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for the new chapter!

      I definitly not expect it – five years gone. But maybe this time Bette can make things right, good thing she still remember Tina. But where is Tina and what she doing for five years (i thinks with her previous story she can be criminal with Coopers now, didn’t she?)
      And did Bette get rid from Adele in her life?

      Waiting for the next updates to get some answers!

    2. Hi CJ,

      It was very hard to read what happened to Tina, when she was so young. Which ashole beats a innocent child like that.

      And that same asshole now needs Bette, when she will discover what he did to Tina i hope she will make sure he will pay for this crime and the others crimes he did.

      So Bette did go for the job Tina told her she would be good in. I wonder if the dream will play out with Bette as the lawofficer and Tina as the “Bad Guy”.

      Would love to read about what happened the last five years till now.

      Thank you for the update!!!

    3. Hi CJ:

      Excellent chapter, I can understand the sad memories Bette has, and the good she is at her job; I hate that damn and jackass man of Aaron, he es as criminal as the ones he fights, and I like that Bette knows how to face him.

      As what happened in the former chapter affected Bette, I think it also may affect Tina, who knows how she changed after she felt betrayed by the persons she trusted and the girl she loved.

      Anyway, looking forward to finding how Tina changed until this point and how both girls, now women, will find their way to each other, (if they will).

      Thanks for the nice update


    4. Forgot to add – it’s not 5 years Tina fault, that FBI agents was so incompetent and gave opurtunity to main suspect kill six of them and escape. And Aaron – i really don’t understand how can he keeped his job, because it’s obviously was failure operation and he was lead agent, it was his resposible.
      But hey, maybe in future Tina can punch and kicked him so badly, like he beated her in past. I would like to see it.

    5. Hey Crystal.

      I just created this account here so that i can send u a comment.
      I really really love this story and i do hope that you will finish this story till the end.

      And btw, i have a feeling that Justine Cooper IS Tina (Laurel’s character from Angel LOL)

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