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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 11 Black and White

    Bette looks at her map again, and then turns her vision to the big, luxury manor.

    This enormous structure is located in a very isolated place in California, very close to the border with Mexico. When she said the address, she was certain that the taxi driver had raised his eyebrow and wondering why the hell was this beautiful lady doing in that kind of wilderness place.


    A few months ago, Bette agreed to take this mission.

    Until today, she still had no idea why she thought that being an undercover can make up the guilt lies in her heart for years, when she looking through the document, all she felt was scared instead of exhilarated. She didn’t know how to describe her emotions, she had a feeling that she will die in this spying mission.

    Bette was truly talented, Aaron was so satisfied with Bette’s ability. After daily training, Bette no doubt showed how good an undercover she could be, with no more than five weeks, she’d already learned all the spying knowledge and everything she needed to know. She was the best choice for FBI undercover indeed.

    However, no matter how good Bette was, she continued having nightmares of getting shot by a woman or her identity exposed, she would wake up in the midnight and found herself sweating her whole body. Bette couldn’t remember when’s the last time she sleeps well, the tiredness and lack of sleep made her more solitude and strange, more and more dislike to contact with people.

    Seldom did she hang out with her colleagues, she didn’t have many friends, the only person she would go out for a meal was Alice. Turned out that awful day not only impacted Tina, also the two members of the Golden Circle. It’s become awkward between Bette and Alice after that humiliated day happened, they didn’t chat and tease like old times, their laugh was gone, nor did they gather around like old days. As if the incident took away the bond they have shared for many years, the common topic they would discuss is nowhere to be the same.


    After the big set up, Bette instantly quit “The Golden Circle”.

    Less than a few weeks, Adele has her new follower, another new member replaced Bette’s position, Bette didn’t bother to know who he or she was, she just wanted to be alone and isolated herself, she didn’t want to be with or talk to anyone but the specific blonde.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for the new chapter!

      It’s seems that Tina didn’t recognize Bette, but why?

      And second, if Tina in charge and she responsible for the killing, kindnaping, drugs and etc – i don’t know, but she don’t deserve for happy finale. She made her choise – and needs to pay for it, and her childhood can’t be excuse for crimanal life now

    2. Hi, CJ

      Excellent chapter, so, Tina is still very wounded about what happened in high school, I guess those events mark deeply people’s life, it shows in her cold and bitter behavior.

      I think she probably recognized Bette, but she has powerful reasons for faking she doesn’t know her. Thanks for the chapter, I’ll be waiting for the next one.


      • Wondering if Tina actually remember Bette and pretend that she doesn’t know her..or in 5 years something happened and Tina forgot her past including Bette?
        And I think Cooper boss is Dean (Tina’s missing father) .. just curious how he could find Tina again? And how was Tina’s aunt? Five years ago, She had heart attack…did she survive from it or she passed away?

        Hope I could get the answer soon..☺️

    3. Hi CJ,

      Just what i thought, that Tina is Justine Cooper, but i really hoped that she wouldn’t end up as a cool blooded criminal.

      I believe she recognised Bette, but has her reasons not to show it in the room, looking forward to their meeting in Bette’s room.

      I saw you have all my least favourite characters from the L Word as bad guys and girls.

      Can not wait for the next chapter!!!

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