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    The Most Distant Course


    A few seconds later, feeling inside her the work of Tina’s fingers, Bette reaches the point of insanity, her legs start to shake violently, her back arches, her mouth wide open, she yells out loud Tina’s name while Tina continues inside her to last the climax as long as possible. Bette’s body tensed, and she reaches her orgasm.

    Tina crawls back to Bette, putting her fingers in front of the brunette’s lips, Bette licks them sexily, she can taste herself on those delicate fingers.

    “That… was amazing.” Bette’s eyes remain closed; her mind is still enjoying the satisfaction.

    Tina chuckles, Bette believes that she won’t get tired of listening to this sound all day.

    “I’m so lucky to have you.”

    Two women kissing, their kisses are so natural and full of love, like a real couple, like they were born to be together.

    Bette is the one first broke the kiss, she is still panting.

    The detective put a strain of Tina’s blonde hair behind her ear. Seeing the happiness and adoration in her lover’s beautiful brown eyes to stare at her, Tina bites her lower lip shyly.

    “I missed you,” Bette says while her hand never leaves the blonde’s face.

    “I missed you too, every day when I was sleeping, eating, working…I’ve always thought about you.” Tina takes out the ring necklace Bette gave to her and puts it right on top of her heart. “It’s you, it’s all for you.”

    Bette’s eyes burst into tears; it’s the most romantic words she’s heard from anyone.

    “Wow…” Bette quickly wipes away the tears, though those are the tears of happiness, she doesn’t want to cry anymore.

    It’s supposed to be a happy reunion; they have finally come back to each other. The road to the present was hard, but they’ve made through it, they found each other.

    Knowing that they’ve talked enough, Tina’s smile grows bigger. She sits right between Bette’s thighs, slowly and sexily, she unbuttons her shirt. Bette swallows hard when she sees this beautiful woman isn’t wearing anything underneath her clothes, her subtle pink nipples become hard, the detective can sense that her core is once again soaking up the warm liquid.

    “Jesus…” Bette mutters. “T, you are killing me…”

    Like a lion craving for its food, Bette grabs Tina’s waist and flips her back on the soft material in just one second. Tina yaps by the brunette’s sudden move, her lover’s powerful strength leaves her no choice but being controlled without the ability to fight back.


    “You are so beautiful, T…”


    Two happy women enjoying in their own world, they made love, again and again, the only two pauses were Tina got up and fixed Noah something to eat and sent him to the nanny. After that, these two women never left the other. Until the night silently arrived and their body are both howling for water, then they finally get off the bed.

    They missed each other so much, when their body finally connected, Bette felt like she’s coming home…and Tina, the smile never disappeared on her face, she was smiling, couldn’t be happier.

    Maybe they’ve been through hell a lot, maybe their destiny was meant to be tough, but even if there’s a most distant course waiting for them to reach their peace, they will tolerate it, and face it bravely, because they are together. They might not know what will happen or what kind of danger they need to face, there’s one thing they are very sure about…is that after all their crazy past, they truly belonged to each other.





    1. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      That was a amazing chapter and you used a lot familiar scenes!

      They truly belong together!

      I fear for what Candace will do to them as revenge, but i have fate in you and them to overcome that as well and come out stronger.

      I will be glad when you get rid of Candace, i don’t trust her, she is creepy and makes my skin tighten and my body shutter and not in a good way.

      If Bette & Tina will work and fight as a couple together against the bad guys i have faith that in the end they are finally able to life in peace and harmony together with Noah.

      Waiting patiently for the next chapter!!!

    2. Zhenya says

      But most part i don’t like Bette in this story at all – she always too weak, too dumb, she always beta in all her relationship. I’m sorry but this Bette just can’t be a good cop, she can’t even protect herself.

    3. JBLH says

      Great chapter and I totally agree with everything Bibi28 said!

      I personally think that Bette has always been in a tricky situation in this story especially now. If you think about it Bette has never really been able to be upfront and honest about her relationship with Tina and will always have to keep the biggest parts of her life hidden. That’s never easy to deal with. I’m curious to see how they’ll be able to have a real relationship without any burdens after all that they’ve been through and with Tina in hiding!

      Anyways can’t wait to see what trouble Candace tries to bring because we know her time is almost up anyways ;)


    4. proteonomics says

      Hi, CJ

      Great story as always, as some of the others, I think that is very good TIBETTE are again together.

      I think that Candace is a little bit of a problem and Bette has to break with her, she can’t be as in the show (TLW) were she almost couldn’t manage her situation with Jodi (in the show) and it was hard to break with her, here I think is up to you make her stronger and better.

      But what really scared me is Fey Buckley, she is a senator and she is powerful and that is a person that Bette and Tina should be afraid of.

      Thanks again for the chapter and please post soon.


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