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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 34 The Gang


    “Are you ready? T?”

    Tina stares at the wooden door, her heart beats fast, nervousness cannot hide from the shy blonde.

    Who would have thought that the brilliant young criminal boss who fears nothing is worried about meeting some new friends?

    “I think so, yeah,” Tina says sheepishly, and unsure, the brunette, of course, sees it.

    “How’re you feeling?” Bette caresses Tina’s arm, trying to ease her down.

    “Honestly?” Tina takes a glimpse at the house. “Scared to death.”

    Bette makes an assuring smile. “You will be fine, T, trust me, alright?”

    Seeing the sincerely in Bette’s eye, Tina lightly nods.


    Pressing on the doorbell, the two women hold their breath, waiting for the door to open.

    Hasty paces come from inside the house, running from the room somewhere else toward the door. Tina’s great hearing sense can hear someone’s shouting at others through the wall, probably having some argument.

    When she’s tempted to hear more, the door suddenly opens, a red hair girl shows up. Right after she sees who’s standing at the door, a big smirk shows up on her face.

    “So you’re the famous blondie Bette was talking about all these days.”

    Tina raises her eyebrow, she slowly catches a glimpse of Bette, the detective’s face has already blushed like an apple, turning her head to another site, doesn’t want the blonde to notice her embarrassment.

    “Famous?” Tina can’t help but ask.

    “Bette told us a lot about you,” Lara says while offering her hand, shaking it with the blonde, then she starts to mime Bette. “This blondie here, this blondie there…oh, how amazing this woman is…Anyway, it’s a great pleasure to meet you personally… the girl who can make our great detective so crazy about. By the way, I’m Lara, Lara Perkins.”

    “Tina Kennard.” Tina chuckles at the red hair’s stupid act, not offended at all. “A pleasure to meet you.”

    “Lara?” Bette says annoyingly. “Are you planning to let us stand here all day?”

    “Oops, my bad, come in, please.” The red hair woman says, also leans on to Tina’s ear and whispers. “She has no patience when she’s with us, for once we thought she’s already in menopause.”

    “Hey!” Bette protest.

    “Yeah, yeah…” Lara rolls her eyes. “Come on in.”

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    1. Hey CJ:

      Great chapter, amazing how Bette and Tina are going public, and have their own friends.

      I like the way in which Lara and Dana have welcomed Tina.

      And Tasha, it was very emotional the reunion with her former boss, I think she thought Tina was dead.

      The conversation between Alice and Tina was refreshing, who would guess the journalist has so much regret inside her heart about what happened in high school.

      This chapter has been so good, but Buckley is still over there and that conversation with Adele was nothing innocent, two evil souls are partnering against our girls.

      I hope James could alert Tina about Aaron. The situation is quite exciting, PPS, CJ.

      Thanks for the chapter.


    2. Hi CJ,

      That was a incredible chapter!!!

      Not to much drama in this one but it is lurking around the corner for our girls.

      But the bond is growing between the friends and when it comes to protect Tina and Bette they will stand together to help them to fight the evil people. Especially Alice & Tasha.

      Alice can be very usefull as journalist and Tasha because she loves Tina and have a special connection due to the past, she will protect them with her life if needed.

      Faye Buckley and Adele, two evil souls, at the end they will pay for everything they did, just like Aaron.

      Amazing chapter CJ!!!

      Looking forward to the next one!

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