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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 35 Unexpectedly


    Five months have passed; things are going smoothly for Bette.

    Her relationship with Tina is perfect, the detective cannot be happier.

    Sometimes, Tina will work late, and instead of asking Katherine, the babysitter to take care of Noah, Bette happily is taking over the responsibility to take care of the toddler when the blonde was busy in her job.

    At first Tina was worried that it might affect her girlfriend’s job, but since the Cooper’s case closed, almost half of the criminality around the area has become unbelievably quiet, no ugly fighting no need for raids, thanks to the blonde ex-criminal and her resources, Bette and the LAPD took most of them down during the last past years, and now, it turns out that the young detective doesn’t have too much work to do.

    The brunette enjoyed having dinner with Noah, the kid is incredibly smart and adorable. The brunette and the kid would cook dinner together, although most of the time they were practically playing in the kitchen and making a huge mess, they don’t stop until the waiting of their stomachs finally gave up, the pizza delivery would come and the kitchen would be restored to what it looked like before Tina returned.

    No need to say, the smart blonde knew too well what her son and her beloved girlfriend were doing to her kitchen, she’s actually surprised that they haven’t burned it yet. And whenever she felt angry after looking at her cooking tools and food ingredient being treated as their entertainment toy, her anger would soon disappear by seeing the puppy dog’s eyes that Bette and Noah showed to her, her face shows angriness but her heart meltdown by the adorable scene, then again, the brunette and the child would escape another punishment.

    Very soon, the detective took the kid to meet the gang.

    They were all surprised that such a young age, Tina has a kid, Bette has explained the reason Tina adopted him and how his birth mother has been through a very hard life and death, well, of course, the brunette skillfully avoid the sensitive part. She told them that Noah’s birth mother was Tina’s very close friend, who was killed in a tragic accident, and due to some bad treatment in the foster care, her girlfriend decided to adopt the five years old kid.

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    1. Hi CJ:

      Wow, what a great chapter, from what I read and what you mentioned, a hard drama is about to start.

      That evil woman Buckley, she is at Shane spelled, no she is worse; unfortunately, the woman is as smart as evil she is, and she already guessed Tina’s plan, and also she has her own plan to destroy Tina.

      Tina is not the powerful girl that she was before, she doesn’t have economic resources, but of course, she is still strong as a person and as an avenger.

      That wicked man of Aaron, he is garbage, abuser and corrupted criminal, poor Shane.

      I hope that Carmen and Christina are going to be safe.

      What will Bette do now?

      Can Tina contact James and do something?

      Well, as you pointed out, it will be drama, so we have to wait for the next chapter.

      Very thrilling, an amazing turning of this story; but great as always.

      Thanks for the chapter CJ. Please post soon.


    2. Hi CJ,

      My heart is beating in angst for Shane, Tina and Bette. I hope Carmen and Christina will be able to go to a safe place.

      That bitch Faye is clearly very smart and a devil first class. But Tina is also very smart and is always a step ahead.

      You surprised us before with how things turned out and i hope you do surprise us in a positive way again . They are in for the Final battle between good and bad.

      Let the good ones win!!!!

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