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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 37 Conflict 



    “The end of the year is near, for now, Shane is in Faye Buckley’s hand, she has the advantage, so she will not act rashly. But you have to remember, no matter how Candace provokes you, you must stay calm. As long as we get through these few days and wait for a person to return, after that, things will be better.”

    “Wait for a person? Who?”

    “Max.” Tina says calmly. “Max Sweeney.”


    San Diego Police Department jail.

    Shane McCutcheon sits quietly, the place she was being imprisonment is in a jail box with all four sides uncovered, located in the middle of the entire prison, where everyone can see her directly without any obstruction. 

    Wounds and blood cover her face, her dark hair is messy, also dripping water, the hints of being tortured were nowhere to be hidden. Those people from the FBI showed no mercy to the suspect, they beat her hard, tempting to crush her will. If it were not for Senator Faye Buckley’s order, she could be unconscious.

    However, those people underestimated the brunette strength, being just like Tina, Shane McCutcheon has the unusual persistence and determination, even if she’s beaten up badly, her eyes would shine brightly. 

    Her eyes won’t lose their lucidity until the day she’s no longer opening them.

    “She’s still hanging.” A prison guard whispers to his partner.

    “Yeah, creepy, huh?”

    “How could she not fall after all these tortures?”

    “Who knows? Maybe people who came out from the Cooper organization has become a vampire?”

    Two prison guards both look at the brunette at the same time, secretly astonished by the stubborn woman. 

    They’ve seen multiple interrogations, there were people who couldn’t endure the unethical way of torment, most of the people confess their crime as soon as they knew what was coming for them, and of course, there were people who unwilling to say anything, eventually died under the cruel beaten…But this woman’s case? It was the very first time they’ve seen someone taking all the interrogation without falling down.  

    Shane McCutcheon is not a normal person.

    “What are you doing?”
    A very stern voice comes out behind the other side of the wall, two guards instantly stand straight.

    “Sir.” One of the guards says sheepishly.

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      • Escorpion2494

        We will find out very soon about that, they were both very smart women, but do have faith in Tina, every of her decisions were made for reasons, therefore, please be patient for what will happen next. Thanks for your reply and hope to see you next week.


    1. Hi CJ:

      Wow, what a chapter, as Tina, I’m also mad with Bette for her immature behavior. I believe that she doesn’t want to make peace with Bette because in Tina’s plans she wants to keep Bette safe and not tell her, her plans.

      I think Tina went to talk to Peggy and Helena to set a trap for her enemies.

      I have the feeling that Tina is going to offer herself as bait to catch Aaron, Buckley, Candace, and Phillips; and I believe that Max and the assistant are going to help to set Shane free, and to help Tina inside the prison.

      Very good chapter, but please, keep Tina safe and pps.



      • My friend

        You are guessing right, from now on, two sides we’re slowly formed and it’s clear who’s on which side. Stay tune, the war will come soon.

        Tina will be safe for now, as for the rest of the chapter…we will need to see how her plan goes, she’s as sly as Faye Buckley, I’m sure she will find a way to get herself out.

        Thank you for liking the story and the comments, means a lots to me, hope to see you next week my friend.


    2. Hi CJ,

      I feel sad that Bette & Tina are fighting and are so stubborn, but i have a feeling that this is a roleplay just like at the Cooper mansion when we thought they were fighting and afterwards Bette knew al the steps that Tina set up. I keep my hope on that being the case.

      It worries me that Faye Buckley saw Max with Shane, if he is busted how will he be able to help Shane and Tina.

      Tina can not offer herself up, with her weak body she will not survive and you promised me a happy ending for Tibette.

      Tina asked for the help of Peggy Peabody and Helena, that is a good thing.

      CJ, this story has captured and sucked me in, my imagination is running wild sometimes and even disturbed my sleep with all my thoughts running in my head! You do a excellent job!!!

      • Bibi28

        Well, there’s a lots of information in these and the coming up chapters, that’s for sure, but you have to have faith in both of them. I promise to give them a happy ending, and I will keep it.

        Maybe Faye Buckley had seen Max, maybe Tina was weak during this time. But I li can guarantee that you won’t expect the coming up story…please, be patient to wait and see how Tina wipe Faye’s ass.

        Peggy Peabody was a very important character in next part, like Tina said, she held something that was more valuable than money, well…you will know it in next chapter.

        Thank you for your comments every week, Bibi, I can always ease my mind that you will soon post after the new chapter. Appreciate so much for your support, hope to see you next week.


    3. Bette is frustrating me with the way she is behaving, wanting to know Tina’s plans. All the hurtful words she said to Tina and distrusting Tina are distracting Tina from her mission. It is Tina who used to the mob boss, not Bette. Please help Bette not be a hindrance, they need to be strong and united to take down Faith and Aaron.

      • Jordan Springs

        I rather think Bette is panicked, she’s acting the normal way that mainly all of us would react. Think about your best friend being arrested, we would be very nervous about it. Even though, do have faith in Tina. She’s very smart and strong, she will definitely find a way to deal with this situation.

        Thank you for the comments, hope to see you next week.


    4. Hi CJ
      Sorry for becoming a silent reader for the past few months, but i could assure you that i still reading every chapter you’ve posted here.
      Keep your good job. It’s really fun reading your story. And cant wait for a new one every week :)

      • Silentreader:

        It’s a pleasure to see you here. Hope to see you more often though I just trying to make a reply so far. It’s been a long way and thanks for you guys to help me keep going. I will continue the story no matter what. Thanks for liking the story.


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