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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 41 Well-Matched Game


    California, LA. Dana’s place.

    Bette Porter slams open the door and rush into the room.

    “What happened?” Bette asks with a husky voice. “Where’s Tina?”

    But none of the gang reply, their head all drop down, unwilling to meet the detective’s eyes.

    Seeing that everyone is avoiding her, Kit is crying, Dana’s face is pale while Lara is on her side comforting her. Bette’s anger rushes up.

    “Kit? Where the fuck is Tina?” 

    “The FBI went over to Tina’s house and took her,” Lara says silently. 

    “And Tina just went with them?”

    “It must have been planned earlier by Tina, she didn’t seem to let anyone knows.”

    “How could you simply let her go? Kit? What were you thinking?”

    “It was no one’s fault, alright? We didn’t want this to happen, and nor did we see it coming.” Lara says. “Tina made her decision, she must know what she’s doing.”

    Bette opens her mouth, but very soon she closes it. Lara is telling the truth, if Tina wants to do something, no one can hold her back.

    “Fuck!” Slamming her hand on the wall, Bette wants to cry. 

    What the fuck were you thinking? T?

    “You do know this is my house, right?” Dana says but quickly waves her hand by seeing Bette’s deadly glare. “Sorry, bad timing.”

    “She’s going to be alright, Bette,” Alice says calmly, which was a surprise. “Tina knows what she’s doing, and…”

    “And how do you know about that?”

    Alice turns to Kit, the elder Porter only nods while sniffing her nose.

    “Right after we got your call, we went to Tina’s place, but it was too late, she’s already gone.”

    The blonde then takes out an envelope from her drawer, she hands it to Bette.

    “We found this on the table, it was for you.”

    It is a beautiful white envelope with a special smell on it, on the other side, there’s an elegant ‘To BP’ written on, by the ink and the size it was written with a pen. The sealed part indicates that it was not yet to be opened, her friends are truly loyal, knowing that this is for her, no one tempted to open it once.

    Bette tears the envelope and opens it without wasting any second, she withdraws the paper in the letter, she recognizes Tina’s beautiful handwriting almost in a sudden. Quickly read through the letter, she feels like her tears will fall at any time.

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    1. Hi CJ,

      First, what a great picture!!! Second, this chapter was amazing, how well played Tina with the senator!!! Faye Buckley must know that she is losing this game and everything she has done will be exposed. Can’t wait for that to happen.

      Tina has everything planned and plays her card very careful, like the photo with Shane and Max Sweeny and to let handle Alice this with her going to Joyce, who went to her special friend the Governor Phyllis. Very smart move! The Governor already felt something isn’t right and seems to be a one of the good guys.

      Everything has been taped and if something happens to Tina when she leaves, they will know where to look for the murderer or the person behind it!!!

      You are truly a fantastic writer, this story catch you from the beginning till the end.

      Only one thing, Candace is a she and not a he or she must have undergone a sex change? ????????

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Bibi28

        I have to say that picture was pure coincidence, I was searching for Faye Buckley on line then I found this picture, almost he same pose like Laurels, so I used it, turned out the result was quite good.

        Back to the story, Tina has planned everything, she said that she didn’t just plan to rescue Shane, I think she’s also trying to take down Faye Buckley, but using a smart way.

        Everything seems happened coincidentally but was actually well planned, I like how Faye Buckley can do nothing but only watch that Tina makes her move and slowly wins the game, even she wants to use it against Tina, she cannot do anything because Tina left no evidence at all. Now she can do was torture Tina physically.

        As for Candace, I must missed that’s part, I have to say I wrote this chapter too fast that I made the mistake, sorry about that, I’m trying to post it every week, but I think it’s better to check again while I’ll probably not going to post in this weekend.

        Thanks for your support and replies, really appreciate and did encourage me a lots!


    2. This was an exciting chapter. I just wonder why Candace Jewell, the Chief of Police for Los Angeles is doing in Washington DC at FBI headquarters? Is she just escorting her mother? And she is the ex-girlfriend of Bette and she knows that Tina is her current lover. She followed Bette and say them kissing in Tina’s home before she and Bette broke up. Perhaps she felt Tina deserved to be chocked because she stole Bette from her?

      I’m trying to figure out how Faye Buckley knows Jonathan Dean and Rebecca Kennard. What was their relationship before the Cooper Organization was created? Much needs to be revealed for me to understand why she is so determine to get Tina Kennard a/k/a Justine Cooper a/k/a Randy Dean. And why is Tina out to get Faye Buckley. Buckley is an evil woman, but this pursuit of Tina’s is personal. I understand why she is after Aaron. She was assaulted as a child by Aaron. Perhaps in future chapters, there will be more disclosed.

      This is a very complex story and I am enjoying it very much. I just so much want for Bette and Tina to live together in a somewhat normal peaceful life. It’s hard to see how they get there from where they are now. So I will wait patiently for the author to reveal the path.

      • Martha3128

        I believe Candace followed her mother to Washington, especially when she knew they had arrested Tina Kennard, she must really want to meet this woman who has stolen Bette from her, if I were Candace I would definitely have a talk with her.

        What you are asking about the relationship with Tina’s family will be revealed in next chapter, though not in a formal way but enough to explain, I don’t want to waste more time on her but what happened between Bette and Tina, they have been separated long enough.

        Just like you say, I think the game between Tina and Faye Buckley will end in next chapter, there’re not much chapters left so I think I’ll speed up a little and quickly bring peace for them.

        Thank you for your comments, Martha, I really hope to see you next time.


    3. Hi CJ:

      Amazing chapter, like a chess game, which Tina is wining so far.

      Yes, as it was coming in the last ten chapters, Buckley has a past and nothing good for being a Senator. As you let slide in one of the former chapters, Buckley knew Tina’s father and apparently had some business with him; but you weren’t very clear; I think the time for the truth has come, we need to know the criminal past of Buckley as well as her lesbian past.

      I think, for what I’m reading, that Tina also knows everything about the senator, but I’m not sure that Candace knows her mother’s history.

      Now, I’m not very sure about Max; is he in contact with Tina, I thought he was when the blonde said she was waiting for him to come to California and see Shane imprisoned; but now apparently he will be accused as part of Tina’s plan because of the picture where he is with Shane.

      Another thing, the senator is in Washington DC in the FBI headquarters and the governor Phyllis Kroll is in California, Phyllis has no jurisdiction in Washington DC, I understand that Tina was taken to Washington because the FBI was looking for her, but I think is abusive to take her to another state for interrogation if the crime she was accused of was done in California, she should be taken to the FBI headquarters in California, well Buckley is an evil person.

      Well, apparently Tina is about to make checkmate to Buckley, I want to see how this malevolous woman ends.

      Thanks, CJ, excellent chapter my friend, pps.


      • proteomics

        Just like I tell Martha, I’ll explain the relationship between Faye Buckley and Tina’s family in next chapter, but I won’t waste more words to describe the details and the flashbacks stories cause i have had enough with this woman. What I really want is bring our Tibette back to peace.

        As for Candace, she craves for her mother’s approval so that she’s too blind to see what her mother has done, I don’t blame her, there are too many people who are always searching for the approval from their parents.

        About Max, I think he had made his choice, Tina must have explained everything to her, surely he knew there consequences, but he love Carmen just like Sam loved Tina, they will do anything to protect their lover.

        As for sly Faye Buckley, she would ask Aaron to arrest Tina for her, remember Aaron was practically working for Faye, he would almost listen to everything just in order to get rid of the punishment.

        Thank you so much my friend, it’s been a long way, and I hope those readers will keep supporting lesfan even if the new show is coming out.


    4. Thank you CJ! Can’t believe that the story is almost end.
      Thank you for the interesting and intriguing story! :)
      Frankly… There were time somewhere in the story where I wish I can pinch Bette to wake her up and stopper her for being such an idiot.. kinda unbelievable that she can be the great Detective with that attitude. Luckily Tina in your story is the Super brain! So smart and tactical in every move.
      Well., looking forward to more update from you :) bring on more Tibette please! The Tibette ;-) that is close to our heart.

      • Merlion

        It’s so good to see you in the comment! Thank you for the feedback which helps a lot! Especially for the amateur writers like me!
        Yes, it’s sad to say the story is almost coming to an end, I was so afraid that the new show might cause some reader not supporting Tibette again, just hope that the Tibette faith is strong enough to fight for what the new show is bringing.
        I didn’t purposely make Bette such a rash woman but she was stupid sometimes, and which make a great comparison with Tina, I think this could make them the best couple, even they are different, they are born to be together.
        I’m thinking about bringing on a new story after this, but still, I’ll have to wait and see how the readers think about it, it’s hard to balance writing and day life sometimes, but I’ll try to keep going.
        Thanks again, Merlion, I hope I can see you next time.


        • Nah! You’’ve been great so far! Thanks for sharing the story and happy that I read yours! :)
          Yes, understand that we all have life to attend also besides this fanfic, that’s why I do appreciate your generosity to spare your time in sharing your writing with us! Thank you :-) please take care and hey.. who knows our path crossed in real life too ????

          Huh? What?? The “new Tibette” is never happened ????

          Seriously don’t know what went into their brain by keep push and pulling their luck and playing yo-yo with these characters. Bad decision to play with the story this way. The rating is not so good and they took risk to demolish it?! ???? ugh. I declare that am not into the new series.
          If season 3 is hell, the new series is its neighbour.

          Sorry for the rambling ????

    5. Fantastic chapter! There was so much going on that I had to re-read it several times to take it all in. Are you sure you are not Tina Kennard aka Justine Cooper, the mastermind?

      Tina has outsmarted Faye Buckley at every turn and I am hoping for a checkmate soon. She hit and strangled our Tina! How dare she! Hoping that Bette will stay cool and not ruin Tina’s plans.

      • Jordan Springs

        I’m glad that you like the story even it’s complicated, I’m happy to answer any question if there’s anything confusing you. And I’m pretty sure Tina has a way smarter brain than mine haha.

        Next chapter will almost be the ending, what is coming next will be more brutal and harsh ( maybe I said too much. I’m sure Bette would gone crazy for it.

        Thanks for your comments, it’s good to see some feed backs and replies.


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