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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 42 Turn the table around


    California, LA. Dana’s place.

    Bette pulls out different clothes from the drawer and tosses them into the bag.

    “What are you doing? Baby sis?”

    “I’m packing.”

    Kit Porter rolls her eyes. “My eyes can see that you are packing, my beloved sister, I mean where the hell are you going?”

    “To Washington D.C.”

    “For what?”

    “Tina, she’s going to find Tina.” Lara says while walking out of the kitchen.

    Hearing this, Kit puts her hands on her hips.

    “Tell me she’s wrong, Bette.”

    “Unfortunately, she’s right,” Bette says, not stopping what she’s doing. “I’m going to find Tina, she’s at the FBI headquarters, I am going to bring her back.”

    “But she said…”

    “She said not to come for her, I know, so I will only stay outside until the time is up.”

    “What time?” Dana asks.

    “The 48 hours rule,” Bette says as she zips up the bag. “The FBI can only keep the suspect for no more than 48 hours if they found no evidence that can prove the suspect is guilty, now it’s being almost a day, another 24 hours if they still find nothing, Faye fucking Buckley has to let Tina go.”

    “But how do you know they find nothing? What if they just directly accuse Tina od being Justine Cooper? Well, she is, but…” Dana says.

    “If they’ve found anything, I wouldn’t be able to stand here,” Bette says, she grabs the bag. “I’m leaving to LAX, I’ll be there in five hours.”

    “You are seriously going?” Kit asks.

    “Yeah, what do I look like to you?” 

    Dana stands up. “I’ll come with you.”

    Bette and Kit turn their heads at the same time.


    “I’ll come with you.” Dana says as she walks back to her room and starting to pack. 

    Bette follows her to her bedroom. “Dane, you don’t have to…”

    “But I want to,” Dana shrugs. “Furthermore, as an athlete, I have a Certificate of emergency rescue, if anything happened to Tina, I think I can give a helping hand.”


    “She has a point.” Lara smiles.

    Bette turns her head, finding Lara is leaning on the door frame. “Really?”

    “Dana knows what she’s doing, I know too, we want to help Tina. Even if it’s just a little help, going to Washington is the least we can do.”

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    1. Hi CJ:

      Wow, what a chapter, good game played by Tina.

      Thanks God,James and Bete arrived on time.

      Now, we need Tina saved and healthy, and Buckley in jail forever.

      Candace should be punished for attent to murder Tina, and go to make the company to her mom.

      CJ, please, save Tina, don’t let her died.pleaseeee.

      Thanks CJ the story is amazing.


    2. Hi CJ,

      Oh god, what a incredible good chapter!!!

      Tina played the game so well!!! Bye bye Senator Buckley, i hope she rots in hell in jail, along with her daughter and the Commandor Aaron! They all deserve a long time life jail sentence and not death penalty. That would be to kind for them.

      Tina gets finally what she wanted since her family, mother and aunt, were killed brutally by orders from that evil bitch Faye Buckley.

      I feel a little sorry for Candace, never being enough to be loved or cared by the people she had in her life, but doing everything that her mother told her, shame on her, how could she do that after she fought and worked so hard to become a captain. I know, she was so in need of the love or appreciaton from her mother that she was brainwashed. Very sad.

      But the ending has me nervous, you can’t let Tina die 🙏 After all she and Bette went through they deseve to be a happy family with Noah.

      Again, a fantastic story!!!

    3. Good Chapter….so many questions answered. I was hoping that one of the bad guys would have remorse for their previous sins and treat Tina and Bette with some kind of respect and dignity. I was in hopes that Candace would be that person. Until Candace attacks Tina, she could walk away from all these misdeeds unscathed. She may could have kept her position with the LA police department. But once she attacked Tina, her fate was sealed. She is as bad as her mother and Aaron. She needs to obtain justice as well.

      Tina’s condition is really serious – sounds like punctured lungs, gun shot wound, massive loss of blood, heart failure plus her chronic fight from drug addition. Healing will not come quickly. Of course, injuries this serious will involve some introduction to new pain killers during the process of healing. Tina just needs a break and some seriously good health care. And with Bette by her side, her attitude will be good and will enhance her healing. We all hope for the best for Tina and for Bette.

      Oh, Surely Max Sweeney is lying about killing Shane – right? Shane is somewhere getting the proper medical care and being nursed back to health and perhaps with a new identity? Max needs to be saved as well. Maybe he can go to Canada with a new identity also.

      You have me hooked on this saga….love it….look forward to the next one?

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