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    The Most Distant Course

    Without demur, Bette smashes the syringe to the floor and steps the needle into half. The syringe shatters around the floor, brown fluid flowing on the carpet, disappear in the cotton material.

    “Tina, what happened?”

    Bette picks up a larger piece of the broken needle, and use her tongue tastes a small bit of leftover liquid on it.

    When the strange sour taste touches her tongue, she immediately spits it out.

    “T…” Bette’s tears start to fall.

    Tina seems oblivious to Bette’s tears, she looks dumbly at Bette, without saying anything. Although her body is still shaking, she starts to slowly adapt the severe pain, all her energies are using as fighting the ache all over, now she’s fatigue. Tina feels giddy oscillations, she can faint in any second.


    “Yes, T?” Bette is still crying.


    “Of course, honey, come on, let me take you to bed.”

    Bette carries Tina to her bed and lay her down. The blonde snuggled down in bed, curls herself into a ball, Bette tucks the warm blanket on her, and watch the petit figure slowly dozes off.

    “Just sleep, honey, everything will be alright.”


    “Yes…” Bette sniffs. “You…we will be alright.”

    She kissed Tina, and pats her back until her breath matches the rhythm, the blonde soon slumbers in peacefulness.

    Bette wipes out her tears, puts on her robes, stands up and starts cleaning up the breaking glass.

    She is extremely familiar to the chemical, the liquid she has seen in the crime field over a dozen time. Even it is dilution and not as pure as the original, with only one taste, it’s clear enough for her to identify what it is.

    The fluid in the needle, no doubt, is heroin.

    And ever and again, Bette’s wandering glance reverts to the frail human body nestling by her side. The uncertain temper, the mercurial temperament, the cold and harsh words, are all making sense now.

    “Jesus Christ…”

    Bette rubs her forehead and throws the broken glass away. Looking at the damp carpet, a thought suddenly pops into her head.

    I almost let Tina inject the thing that will get her killed.

    Bette stares at the sleeping Tina, her face is much softer than before, her breath is steady, making some small stirs by rumbling something in her mouth. She must be dreaming.


    1. Hi CJ,

      I am sorry to hear you had such a stress full time the past week.

      I can’t believe i am the first one to comment?! I had to work and wait a few hours before i could read this chapter.

      I am deeply shocked that a father would drug his own daughter to try to controle her. He is a bastard, deserve to die a slow painful death for what he have Tina letting going through.

      Tina is so strong, i admire her, she will fight till the bitter end. I am happy she has Bette by her side to carry out her plan to destroy her father and the organisation, with help from Shane, Sam? And Carmen?

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Bibi28

        Thank you for being the first one o comment! It’s a great surprise to see you so soon!

        Sebastian Cooper can do anything to reach his goal, in history, plenty of parents use their children as a pawn. Especially those who are in high place. Bigger ambitious sometimes mean more desire, he knew he can use Tina to expand his company fast if he has done it all by himself.

        Tina will certainly let her father ruin her just like that, she will fight back, which I will explain it in the next chapter, I hope the story is not going too slow, after all, Sebastian Cooper is so powerful, it will take time to take him down.

        Thanks for your comment! I will post is very soon since the busy week was passed. This week some of the universities will announce the application result, wish me luck! Thanks again.


    2. Hi CJ:

      I recovered this comment.

      Great chapter as always, I’m late reading because still have a hangover from International Women’s Day, yesterday

      When I started reading I thought I was dreaming or I was reading another story (the hangover) but it was Bette’s dream, Wow, that beast the monstrous father of Tina deserve to be eaten alive by Amazonian ants, he doesn’t love anybody, using her daughter drugging her to suck her brain, that man is the most stinky garbage of the human race.

      Love Tina and Bette are together and the work and support each other I hope they could destroy the criminal organization and Tina could be exonerated of any charge.

      I’m still wondering what Sam could do, now that Tina is with Bette, and as I suspect she is involved in something murky too.

      Thanks for the chapter, this is a great one, I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next one


    3. Well, that beast the monstrous father of Tina deserves to be eaten alive by Amazonian ants. He is the most stinky garbage of the human race; drugging his daughter to suck her brain, he doesn’t love anybody he is an aberration.
      I love that Bette and Tina have a rebound, I hope they will work together to destroy that criminal organization, I hope that Tina heals soon from her addition and that she could get clean from all criminal charges.
      I’m still concerned for Sam, what is she going to do now that she knows Tina is with Bette, I suspect she is involved in something murky.
      Great chapter CJ, I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next one.

        • Indeed the Amazonian ants are one of the biggest if not the biggest one the whole planet each of them has a size between 1.2 to 1.6 inches, and they are organized in armies, they easily can eat some big animals in minutes especially if the prey is immobilized, So, tie Sebastian Cooper close to a nest of this ants and wait.

          • proteonomics

            Can you believe I actually went to Google the ants?

            The drama between Bette and Tina will be less than other stories, well, sort of, they have lots of things they need to deal with right now.

            Speaking of Sam, she will still beside Tina for a short while, I know most of the readers don’t like her a lot, but really have to admit that she is a great assistant for Tina, at least she can help her to do the chores. And since tibette’s relationship is much stable now, Tina will certainly take a good eye on her.

            Thanks for your comment my friend.


    4. Hi! Thank you for the upfate!

      So, Tina is still drug addict and it’s her father who is doing it to her. For my opinion it stupid idea, because how you not try it, you just can’t contol junkie. Yeah, you can try give them small doses, but with time all junkies needs more and more. And it always continues until their death.
      So, after all this mess would stop, Tina will need to go to the rehab center and it will be difficult strugle for her. But i hope with Bette help she can do it.

      Waiting for the next!

      • Zhenya

        Thank you for your remind, again, or else I would totally forget it.

        Yes, I agree with you that this is a bad idea to control his daughter, but it’s the most efficient way. I believe Cooper knew Tina is a worrier. He did search for her for all these years, he must know about what happened to Tina after her parents left her. Tina is a true fight and he knew he needs to do something extreme to control his daughter.

        Thanks for your comment!


    5. Hi CJ..sorry to hear about your stressed week..hope it will get better and less stress soon .. and thank you for keeping posting ur story in the middle your crazy week..
      Glad to see the connection inbetween tina n bette..happy that one by one of tina’s secret finally revealed and i hope bette could stay become the strength for tina to fight for their life and future..
      Can’t wait another saturday so i could read ur update.. :)

      • Silentreader

        Well then I think you will like about the next chapter, Tina starts her move, just like those days in school when she got rid of Adele, using her brain to fight back the enemy.

        So glad to hear that you are looking forward to the next, I’m so worried when I post this one cause I had so less time to double check what I wrote.

        Thanks for your comment, I will post as soon as possible!


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