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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 21 Four down, seven to go



    It’s already midnight when they finally arrive at their destination.

    “I’ll be waiting in the car, ma’am, please take your time.”

    “Will do, thank you, Tasha.” Tina smiles to the driver.

    Bette looks around, it’s already dark around the residential area, only a few households still have their lights on. Some buildings are changed, a few structures established on the empty area a few years ago. But even so, Bette couldn’t be more familiar with this place.

    “Welcome home, baby.” Tina silently says.

    It’s the town when Tina and Bette first met, also the town that separated them.

    “T, you do know where we are, right?” Bette looks confused.

    “Of course.” Tina slightly smiles.

    They get off the car, cold winds immediately assault them. The temperature is fine for Bette, living in this town for several years, she’s already used to the weather. But for the weak blonde, this is like standing in the fridge.

    Tina starts to shiver by the cold wind, without making second thought, Bette takes off her big coat and puts it on Tina.

    “Thank you, baby.” Tina holds Bette’s coat a bit tighter.

    “T…” Bette instantly thinks about Tina’s feeling, she holds Tina closer to her, making sure her body heat transmits to her lover’s body. “Why did you take us here? I thought you hate this place.”

    Tina smiles weakly.

    “I didn’t hate it,” Tina says. “It’s the people here caused what happened to me, not the place. I didn’t want to say but this town did carry a few nice memories that I wouldn’t want to forget.”

    “Tell me if you want to go back, okay?” Bette asks with full concern, Tina squeezes her hand to comfort her.

    “Okay.” Tina smiles.


    “I promise, baby, I will be alright,” Tina says. “I have you beside.”

    The blonde caresses her girlfriend’s cheek, Bette’s warm face is cool down a bit by Tina’s cold hand, but she doesn’t mind. Seeing Tina ready to lay her head on Bette, the brunette automatically offers her shoulder.

    “I won’t go anywhere.” Bette says, holding her lover closer.

    Tina nods, she interlocks her hand with Bette’s, they slowly walk on the street, their car slowly following behind them, keeping a short distance, feeling the too familiar scene.

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    1. SassyGran says

      Hi CJ

      Thanks for the post.

      Happy to see Tina opening up more to Bette.

      I really don’t like cliffhangers so to leave me in the middle of a faint is unkind;-)

      Four down seven to go! We really are in the midst of the ‘most distant course’ looking forward to travelling with you and to your next post.


      • Crystal J.H says

        hi SassyGran :

        Actually, that was not a cliffhanger, Tina was just tired and emotional so she collapsed, don’t worry, she will be fine.

        Yes, it’s almost in the middle (I hope), but the rest of the chapter will be a bit hard to read, please be nice and patient.

        Happy to see your comment anyway, your words always give what I really needed.

        By the way, nice new profile picture!


    2. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      Very emotional trip to hometown and Tina aunt’s grave. Second – i perfectly fine about take down Carmen, never care about her.
      But i still didn’t like Tina’s ties with Sam – for me seems like that she willing to forgive her that Sam tried to killed Bette.

      • Crystal J.H says

        Hi Zhenya:

        I thought most of you guys like Carmen? I don’t know, some of the readers prefer don’t let her die.

        And for Sam and the one who called Bette…I know it’s been quite a while but I will soon reveal it, but not a very kindly way I have to say.

        Thanks for your comment!


        • Zhenya says

          I only care about Bette and Tina (and their children, like Angelica, if they are in the stories). Any other characters – i feel or indifferent about them or dislike them (like Helena or Jenny or Jodie and etc). Plus it’ll be very interesting to see what Shane reaction might be. So my vote for take down Carmen.

    3. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      What a way to leave us hanging! But i think Tina fainted from exhausting, the fight against her drug addiction and the emotional turmoil she is in after visiting her aunts grave.

      I do understand Bette that she wants to know the whole plan, she wants to help Tina and protect her, the same that Tina is doing for her, i hope Bette will trust Tina and doesn’t do anything that will harm her of Tina.
      I loved what Bette told Tina at her aunts grave, it was beautiful and showed her love and passion for her.

      Sam, so in love and loyal to Tina, but i have mixed feelings about her.

      So Carmen is the next one on the cards to be taken out, feel sad for her and Shane.

      A fantastic story!!!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Crystal J.H says

        Hi Bibi28:

        Yes, that was not a cliffhanger, Tina was just exhausted and overloaded so she fainted, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to her…so far.

        Bette sure wants to help Tina, but she forgets that there are lots of things that Tina didn’t tell her. The plan was much farther and bigger than the way she and we looked. The empire fallen will not be the end of the plan and there’s something more that Bette cannot know before it happens.

        Carmen…the next chapter will be really really hard to read. And Sam, she’s the most complicated character in this story. Someone like her someone else don’t, I myself also have a mixed feeling about her.

        Thanks for the comment every time, my friend!


    4. DumplinT says

      How many times does Tina have to remind Bette that the success f the Plan isnt about her? She cant tell Bette bc Bette will have 1001 questions. And Bettes instincts & skills leave a lot to be desired.

      She doesnt have the poker face nor ruthless to deal Sabastian!!!

      • Crystal J.H says

        Hi DumplinT:

        Wow, I don’t know you have such dislike about Bette. But I’m really sure that she’s deeply in love with Tina, and the reason she asked her about the plan was that she also hoped she can help Tina to make some decisions, Watching her girlfriend suffering through the pressure, I think I will do the same…keep asking.

        Bette no doubt was the best person that can help Tina to against Sebastian and the rest of others!

        Thank you for the comment and please don’t hesitate to tell me more about what you think!


        • DumplinT says

          I’ve too marvel at my “negative vibe” toward Bette!! Somehow I havent been able to feel the emotional & spiritual connection between the two in the leu of the life & death reality of “Justine’s life w the Bette who hasn’t suffered the unspeakable cruelties that Justine/Tina has lied and is forever trying to overcome.

    5. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:

      Wonderful, this was a very emotional chapter, Tina coming back to town to her aunt’s grave. I like very much how Bette reacts in Ms. Kennard’s tomb, she shows she really loves Tina beyond her own life.

      I understand why Bette wants to know Tina’s plan, she wants to protect her. I’m not very sure, but did she already told Tina why she infiltrated in Cooper’s organization? Does Tina know who recruited Bette for that mission? Does Tina know that Bette is still reporting to the FBI? (Is she really still reporting to the FBI?)

      I don’t feel very happy that Tina is targeting Carmen as her next step in her plan, because there are other people as Henry and Eric who should be removed first; but perhaps this is to cover for the brothel case, as Tina pointed.

      I have my doubts about Sam; she is dangerous, a despised lover or infatuated in this case, is not a trusty person most of the times, but I guess this is something Tina has evaluated or will evaluate before her next step.

      Very nice story CJ, I will be waiting eagerly for your update.



      • DumplinT says

        In paragraph 2, U mention some questions I’m still wondering about as well. I still am weak on Justines’ plans and timing concerning Carman.

        And Sam??? She caters to Justine, but also is the one that keeps wanting to give J her (heroine) “medicine even though we have been seeing Justine fighting of the addiction with everything she’s got!

      • Crystal J.H says

        Hi proteonomics:

        No, Bette didn’t tell Tina about the FBI and Aaron. But I’ve mentioned in chapter 9 and 15, Tina mentioned to Bette that she will find out her identity sooner or later. Shane, Sam and Tina knew long ago that Bette is an undercover. And yes, Bette still continues to report to the FBI, which I will mention in the next chapter. This has very much to do with Carmen, and also the cause that how Tina takes Carmen down. I know it will take a while but I will explain it how Tina knew about her identity in chapter 23. Everything happens for a reason, some times take down Carmen before the other heads might be a good thing.

        Sam…I’ve heard lots of opinions about her, most people have complicated feelings about her, I’m just an amateur rookie writer, there’s no some big idea to give. Even if I didn’t like Sam a lot, but she’s the saddest character in this story, She’s using her way to love Tina, and I’m sure Tina trust her. Of course, there’s a story behind, her past was not bright and shiny, just like she’s said, she has done something really awful. But there’s no one can deny about her love and loyalty to Tina, she was just in love, deeply in love. I think everyone makes mistake, even Tina. And Sam’s biggest mistake is that she’s not Bette Porter. She wanted to help Tina to take the med, simply was that she was still thinking Tina was still like the old time. She didn’t know that Bette Porter can have such big impacts on her.

        I hope my reply makes sense, my current situation really bombarded me.

        Thanks for your reply, my friend, sorry I forget to press the post comment button.


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