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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 22 Queen of Heart


    Tina sits in her seat, smoking, her eyes look blankly at the wall in her study room, the TT-33 pistol is lying on the desk.

    An hour ago, Bette went to the special head’s meeting with the boss.

    Even the fireplace is on, without the brunette staying with her, the room suddenly feels cold and empty.

    Taking a sip of Bourbon Whiskey, the strong alcohol taste like water when the liquid went through her throat.


    A few weeks ago.

    “Ma’am, the pictures are on Jodi’s hand.”

    “Did she say anything?” Tina said while she played with the burning wood.

    “She did ask about the resource of the picture, but it’s all under control.”

    “What did she actually say?”

    “She first question about how the pictures came from, when did they take and who took the pictures, what was Carmen doing in those pictures, she went to verified everything, thanks for your preparation, everything is going on just like we planned.”

    Tina said nothing, red fire twinkle in her eyes.

    “And the evidence Cooper wants to see?”

    “All taking care of, we bought off several prostitutes, with their identified, how the burned down brothel will be found and how they know about the body down there is well-reasoned. It’s logical if they said that Carmen should take the blame of Marks’ death.”

    “What if he asked about the family who found the bones?”

    “They know what to say, ma’am, their son was bailed out by you. How ironic, he just accidentally spilled the beverage on a customer when he was holding the tray, if you didn’t give a helping hand he’s probably beaten to death in the casino thanks to that lousy Eric. They are unable to thank you more, they are smart enough to know what they should say, they wouldn’t dare to do anything that will cause you harm.”

    At this time, Bette walked in, her face showed confusion and worry.

    “Why did you give Jodi the evidence against Carmen?” Bette asked. “You knew who Jodi is, she will do anything to achieve her goal, there is no turning point if she gave them to the boss, Carmen will be killed by her!”

    “She can’t escape anyway,” Tina said firmly, but sad. “There is no way to kick her off the organization if she is alive, you know it already.”

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    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      But i must say i don’t like what happened in this chapter.

      First – Tina on grugs again.
      Second – like i said earlier i don’t care about Carmen death. But i have suspicion that (spoiler) But in this case obviously that Bette didn’t know anything about this, but i can feel that Sam knew. So Tina trust Sam more than Bette. And for me it death sentence for B&T realationship.

      So we will see if i right than

    2. Bibi28 says

      I think my comment got lost in space again! 😕

      Sad that Carmen had to be taken away by Tina.

      How much more can Tina endure? She is a brilliant and strong woman and i am glad that that she has the love and support from Bette. And yes Sam as well.

      You left with a cliffie again!ooking forward to the next chapter!

    3. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:
      Strong chapter, hard to imagine Tina killing Carmen, but in a former chapter, Tina said that she made modifications on her gun (?) Is there something you haven’t write here?

      You wrote here what I already suspected reading former chapters, but I wasn’t totally sure, Sebastian Cooper had sex with Tina in the brothel despite recognizing her as her own daughter; that guy is not a man, he is not an animal, he is the damn walking devil, he deserves to be burned alive and slowly; I heard of a few cases like this in real life and always made me sick and there is no excuse for the father, poor Tina.

      I like Bette very much, how she trusts, supports and protectsTina no matter what.
      Great chapter CJ, keep the good work.


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