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    The Most Distant Course

    Chapter 44 Last Card


    Tina has laid in the hospital bed for months, due to her poor health, it requires her to spend extra time for the full recovery. Though she said nothing, everyone could see that the blonde’s impatient to get out, go back to her house and be with her family. She’s tired of the hospital meals and the smell, she missed the sunlight, she eagerly wants to be free.

    However, Doctor Wilson wouldn’t let her leave the hospital unless the blonde was a hundred percent better. And since Tina was still sick when she was being tortured, Dr. Wilson was also afraid that her wounds would be affected if Tina didn’t receive very good care, any small cause would lead her to get back into danger. 

    And she was right, once she let Tina sits in the wheelchair and go out just for a few hours, it must be the cold weather, the blonde got a fever right after she got back to her room. With that, the doctor refused to let the weak blonde going out without her permission.

    Thanks to Bette and that the gang has come and visited her almost every day, and even Kit brought Noah. Though he’s a smart kid, the young boy still cried so hard when he saw what happened to his mama, the gang had to comfort him so hard to calm him down. As a mother, seeing her son crying sadly made the blonde feel like her heart was torn apart. 

    Thank god, Dr. Wilson was reasonable, allowing her family came to visit whenever they wanted, she said Tina is a patient, not a prisoner, though she refuses to let Tina get out, she still agreed for visitors, as long as it does no harm to the blonde’s health.

    Minding the blonde would be boring staying in the hospital when she’s alone, Bette bought the cable TV for her lover, in order for Tina to watch some news when she’s at work, the Detective knew the blonde’s smart brain won’t stop operating when she collected all the information she’s missed all these months.

    Yes, the detective was back to work again, even though she insisted to stay in the hospital to take care of her fiance, but since Tina was getting better and better, the blonde reckon Bette no need to stay with her all the time, especially during these time, when the case of the escape of Shane McCutcheon and the corruption of the Senator and the FBI were all over the news. 

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    1. So the bad guys get their just reward – prison and a long time. In the end Marina is free and Faye is in jail. Ben is free and his sister Candace is in jail. A life time of pursuit by Randy/Tina/Justine has been completed and Bette is still by her side. Nice chapter…. thanks for this.

    2. Hi CJ:

      Great chapter, now, we know who was behind the Dean’s drug dealer and the Cooper empire.

      Buckey will live a hell after she met these two persons, if a little bit of decency still remains in her heart, she will be moved by this encounter, and she will realize that what Candace has done and the condemn her daughter will face is all her own fault as egoistic mother, she pushed her daughter to the limit.

      What happens with Aaron and Phillips? Is Tina going to visit Aaron too, where is Shane, will she be able to live in the USA or would she need to go back to Mexico?

      Very nice story, now we want to know what awaits in the future for Bette and Tina.

      Thank you for the wonderful chapter, please post soon, my friend.


    3. Thank you so much for a great Chapter dotting so many i’s and crossing many t’s!

      Look forward to your next post really soon please to know how Bette and Tina continue to find love and happiness and give us a wonderful conclusion.


    4. Hi CJ,

      The last card has been played and all of the bad guys are in prison.

      How can someone turn from loving and kind to such a heartless and cruel person? I am almost feeling sorry for Faye, almost, she lost and have to pay for the crimes she committed and how she dragged her daughter along with it. Yes i feel a little bit sorry for Candace, but in her hunger for her mothers love she made grave mistakes and is now punished for the crimes she admitted. I do understand why Bette felt a little twinge in her heart at what has become Candace’s fate. Candace was really in love with her and Bette couldn’t give her heart because it always belonged to Tina.

      Goold old James, the assistent who had Tina’s back since she was young. I could have known he was the one to help and protect Tina.
      I loved the interaction between him and Bette.

      It makes me feel sad to know this story is almost finished. It was quite a journey you took us this last year.
      But i am looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      Thank for this incredible good story CJ!!!!

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