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    The Most Distant Course


    “Hey Porter, do you know who the new student is?” Alice Pieszecki excitedly says, regardless the annoying look from other teachers. Bette lazily shrugs her shoulder and bring her vision back to the novel.

    Bette Porter, one of the most famous students in Wallace High. Top ranking in every course, beautiful face, breathtaking body, the goddess for all boys and girls. She never needs to worry about being alone, a bunch of students is lining to own a chance just to be with her. Almost all the teachers see her as a perfect student.

    “Come on, aren’t you interested?”

    “Give us a break, Al, it’s the first day of school, isn’t this bad enough?” Adele Channing says in a tiring voice, without regarding teacher, again, she lights up a cigarette and spits it out in front of other classmates. But no one dares to speak a word to the most famous group of the school. As the leader of the group, Adele Channing is not only wealthy but full of power. Her father is the chief officer in the town, all the police need to follow his order, but Mr. Channing loves her daughter. So basically, Adele is like a queen in the town.

    “Kelly? Please make some sense to them.” Alice turns her head to the blonde girl sitting beside Bette.

    Kelly Wentworth, the wealthiest girl in town, throws her bag on the chair, sitting down on her spot. Her family owns half of the stores in town, bank, hotel, everything. If Adele is the queen, Kelly is the princess.

    Unlike those two, Bette doesn’t need the highest power or crazy amounts of money, she only needs her intelligence to get what she wants. Her father Melvin Porter is the most famous lawyer in the town, maybe she’s not wealthy enough compares to those two, but compared to the residents in this town, she still rich as hell. As long as Kelly still crazily infatuated with her, she will no longer need to worry about money. But Bette never shown any interest in her or any girls, since all the nutrition’s in Kelly is inside her breasts instead of her brain.

    As for Alice, she has the ability get all the test information from the teacher, and her mother is one of the famous actresses in Hollywood, obviously knows lots of celebrities and their gossips, so she’s also in the group.

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    1. Hi! Always great to see new author on the site!

      Story seems very interesting, so please continue. And don’t worry about grammar all good.
      But i must say – rating of this part not NC-17, most like PG-13

      Waiting for the next!

      • Thank you so much, Zhenya. This story will take a while to be real NC-17, the crime scene for later chapter is the real criminal cases I’ve experienced, so I rated it just in case it’s too violent. I’ll try my very best!

    2. Hi CJ:

      Welcome!!! I like very much this story, for me is in the line of “my favorite ones”. It looks very interesting, I really like it, the start is very promising.

      You put in my mind the image of “Randy” arriving at school in “The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love”, a movie that I love, and with Bette in there; though I know your story is different and original.

      Thank you so much for this promising story, I’ll be eagerly waiting for the update.


      • Wow, proteonomics! my favorite writer! I have to say I love your works “Side Effects”, can’t wait for your next chapter.

        Indeed, The Wallace High is the origin high school name in “The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love”, But compared to the movie, Tina is not the optimistic girl in this story and will suffer a lot.

        Thank you for your approval, I will try very hard to pursue a story like your great writing.

    3. Welcome! Thanks for the story!

      I love stories about young Bette and Tina, so you should definitely continue.

      So for now we have Adele and Saw from unusual character, but i hope we’ll not see Jodie – hate this character. Or you always make her evil:)
      And of course i hope you will try to finish this story – because so many great stories left unfinished – it’s pity

    4. Welcome Crystal!!!,

      It is always a pleasure to see a new author!

      The first chapter is a very good start, dislike Kelly and Adele immediateley from your introduction, but no surprise, never liked them.

      I am looking forward to read your story!

    5. It’s an interesting start for a new chapter.. :-)

      Bette seems so perfect in your exquisite…while Tina seems like she is no body ..

      can’t wait to see how the flawless Bette could fall in love with Tina in your story.

      Keep up your good work Chrystal

    6. Hi Crystal,

      Just decided to review all the previous chapters again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

      I can literally feel your passion for this story.

      Let me be a new fan here~~

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