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    The Return Chapter 4

    “Hold the door”, a striking strawberry blond woman called out as she ran towards the flight attendant.

    ”Ms. Kennard”? The young female attendant inquired.

    Tina knodded her head as she pulled out her phone to show her boarding pass.

    ”So glad you made it. We held the plane as long as we could”. The attendant said smiling.

    Tina thanked her and proceeded to board the plane. She had left so quickly that she only had time to pack a small bag. If she missed anything she would just have to buy it when she got there, she thought.

    Tina sat in her window seat in the coach section. It was a tight fit, but she wasn’t complaining. She was lucky to get on this flight at the last minute. Luckily for her, Shelly Paule, her assistant was well acquainted with short notice flight arrangements.

    Tina thought about her conversation with Angie last night. Angie knew better then to call unexpectedly unless it is an emergency. They have had a pre-arranged time to talk ever since Tina left Los Angeles to work on her current film project. Tina’s unpredictable schedule made it difficult to have spontaneous talks with her daughter, but they did text from time to time when something special occurred. Tina had been on location outside of Vancouver when Angie’s call came. It took Tina several minutes to calm Angie down to understand what had happened. Through the sobbing, Angie described the conflict that occurred in front of her school. Tina immediately became angry at Bette for pulling their daughter into the middle of her indiscretion.

    ”Mom, it wasn’t Momma B’s fault. Uncle Shane, Aunt Alice and her friends were all there when it happened. Momma B tried to get me out of the situation, but it was me who stepped in the middle. I know I shouldn’t have, but I was afraid for Momma B. I am really scarred about what is going to happen. I have never seen Momma B like this. She pushed him really hard when he knocked me down. He was just laying there.” Angie took a deep breath. ”I know you’re busy, but can you please come, we need you.” Angie asked hopefully.

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    1. Excellent background story…..your rendition of this background for the ten years is the only thing that even makes some sense as to what happened in the then years since TLW. I’m not sure about the molestation by the sister. I have never accepted that as canon for the story. That was just too bizarre for me. As for the breakup and the divorce, yes that is the way I imagine it. I don’t see them having a lot of screaming fights, just basically drifting apart until on day Tina thinks she needs to get away for a while. And then she get hung up with her job and meets Carrie and all of a sudden she’s being carried away by the stream of life and away from Bette and from Angie. Tina becomes so engaged in her life and her schedule, that she simply fails to do any real self examination as to what it is she wants in life or how to resolve her prior life with Bette. So she does what is easy – she ignores her past life or as least avoids it. So Bette is left with a failed relationship which has no closure and no real understanding as to why it broke up. That is the reason Bette is having difficulty moving on.

      As the author, you are the one who will have to explain this. And you have had a real good start with this chapter.
      Thanks for this chapter….. Keep it coming…. i think your doing great.

      • Thank you for your thoughts. I had put a lot of thought into what the writers did and without a back story it just isn’t believable. I am a social worker by profession and the molestation stuff I jus couldn’t let go of, but that is just me.

    2. Took me some time to catch up but I’m intrigued with your story line. You said, you are a Tibetter, right? So I trust that you will present a better solution/ending for the Tina and Bette situation than the LW GenQ did. Your background story already is!

      Please keep writing, I’ll keep reading and commenting ;-)

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