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    the night is still young

    A heavy sigh sunk into the comforter, Tina feeling her own absence in a room once so full of her life. Bette had changed some stuff since Tina left. Her closets were now full of new clothes, new art adorned the walls, and Bette had taken down all of the photos of the two of them. Except one. Tina didn’t notice it the other day but facing her from what used to be her messy nightstand was one photo. It was taken a year or so before they split up, a counterpart to the one in Angie’s room. This time Bette’s head rested on Tina’s shoulder, with Tina’s head over hers. Their hands entwined in their laps with smiles that spelled happy and in love.

    Tina rested back against the headboard and closed her eyes with Bette’s scent of vanilla and sandalwood surrounding her. Moments from the other morning danced behind her eyelids. Taking Bette’s robe off, Bette cumming in the mirror, Bette writhing underneath her, Bette thrusting inside of her. As the visions grew more intense and she imagined Bette’s long mahogany locks wrapped in her fingers, Tina felt the dampness return between her legs. She brought her hand down the side of her body and over her hips, slipping inside her pants just before her phone’s text alert dinged.

    Carrie: Having fun?
    I was
    Tina: Yes, going to stay for dinner. Hope u don’t mind.
    Carrie: Not at all. I’m locking myself in my office for the rest of the night. Love to Angie xo

    I am a terrible person Tina thought as she went to the bathroom, removed her wet undies and displayed them where she had fucked Bette over the sink. As she left the room, she glanced back at the photo next to the bed and bit the inside of her lip.

    As hard as Tina had tried she couldn’t completely let go of Bette. Moving 2500 miles away, a separation, a divorce, dating other people, and now an engagement to a genuinely kind and attentive person could not extinguish the ember between the twin flames.


    The sun had started to set over the hills as Tina sat in a daze on the patio with a glass of wine in hand. When she heard the key turn in the front door she felt something unlock in her chest.

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