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    til later

    Angie was standing by the door with her bag over her shoulder waiting for Bette to find her keys. The teenager was uncomfortable and impatiently sighing aloud.

    Bette didn’t understand the mood since she had been okay when they went for a walk earlier in the morning.

    “Is something wrong?” Bette asked as they were about to walk out of the house.

    “No. I just…I want. Ugh. Is it ok if I invite mom today?” Angie threw her bag down and crossed her arms.

    Bette couldn’t help but smile at how much Angie looked like Tina during a bratty mood and how much she sounded just how Bette felt — desperate to see Tina. But it was Sunday and that would mean Tina would be with Carrie.

    “Can you tell me what the attitude is first?” Bette stood on their doorstep, the late-morning sun beaming through her chestnut hair falling just past her shoulders.

    “I just want to hang out with mom, and Shane and Alice. You know, all of us.” Angie picked her backpack up and fiddled with the fabric. “Without bickering or anything.”

    Bette knew the recent engagement news was taking its toll on her daughter and Angie was finding new ways to adjust without letting on to Bette that it upset her. But Bette knew. She could see it in the way Angie looked at her, an empathetic sadness in those huge brown eyes that formed a special glint when she considered that she really wasn’t losing her mother, but her B had lost her T.

    Bette brought Angie into a hug and rested her chin atop the girl’s head. She had to admit she was more confused about their recent relationship but that wouldn’t stop her from ever wanting to see Tina, or be with Tina.

    “Sure boo, I think that would be nice. But can you tell me what is bothering you first?” Bette pulled away a bit to look at her, leaving her arm around Angie. “Is everything ok?”

    “Yeah, I just sometimes miss her more when she is here instead of when she’s far away in Toronto.”

    Bette bit the inside of her mouth contemplating how she could explain that she understood exactly what Angie meant. It had always been easier to accept Tina’s absence when she was in Toronto, but now it was for much different reasons.

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