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    the night is still young

    “Hello?” Bette called out after placing the take out bag in the kitchen.

    “Out here.”

    Bette walked out the French doors taken aback by the vision of Tina’s blonde hair cascading over the back of the chaise lounge while her hand rested above her head, her arm bent into a toned bicep.

    “Hey. Where’s Angie?” Bette asked as she approached the chair next to Tina.

    “She went to Jordi’s to work on a project.” Tina looked up at Bette, unsure if it was the wine or the breathtaking sunset that was painting her former wife in hues of amorousness.

    “Oh she didn’t text me. I brought home Thai food.”

    “Oops,” Tina shrugged. “I was supposed to do that.”

    “Oops, huh?” Bette smirked at Tina’s alleged forgetfulness.

    “Also she’s spending the night. I figured with the holiday tomorrow it was okay.”

    Realizing they could be alone for most of the night, Bette gulped with a painful breath, jumbled thoughts protruding in her throat.

    “Well, would you like some dinner?”

    “Not yet.” Tina flirtatiously gestured, “Come. I poured you a wine.” She moved her legs over so Bette could sit with her.

    Bette sat on the lounge chair at Tina’s knees as Tina passed her the wine. An inadvertent touch between hands sparked a telling current, both women letting out a heartfelt sigh when unable to look away from the other.

    They clinked glasses and watched each other sip so intently one would think they thought a glass may be poisoned. Tina ogled Bette with agonizing desire. Bette eyed Tina with profound longing and mild skepticism, swallowing a fluttering tingle with the first sip.

    “Are you surprised I’m here?” Tina inched closer to Bette.

    “Not really.” Bette took a seemingly unaffected sip of her wine as Tina’s eyebrow perked up. “I am surprised Angie is not though.”

    “Oops.” Tina shrugged with a calculated innocence. “I figured it was a perfect opportunity to pick up where we left off at brunch.”

    Tina played with the buttons of Bette’s blouse.

    “Oh you did, did you?”

    “Mmmhmmm,” Tina replied ever so softly. “But I can leave if you want…” She leaned in closer as Bette reciprocated, placing one arm over Tina’s legs. Tina circled Bette’s mouth with half-lidded eyes until she found the delicate lips, brushing them with the whispered words, “…but I won’t be back for weeks.”

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