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    The Real Tibette Watch Gen Q – Episode 3

    Kit Porter did not like the cabin. Or no, make that ‘The Cabin’, since everyone in her family had a habit of putting it in audible capitals. The Cabin is fun . . . The Cabin is magical . . . The Cabin speaks to nature, Bette actually said once . . . The Cabin was also, in Kit’s view, a spider-infested nightmare her sister had bought solely in order to make people play Scrabble. Confoundingly, however, right now it also contained her adored nieces and nephew. And her husband. And a maple cream pie so good it was making her toes curl.

    ‘Auntie Kit?’

    Kit moaned as a gush of buttery, toasty burnt-wood flavour flooded her mouth.

    ‘Auntie Kit?’

    Kit’s eyes fluttered open. Sasha was sitting at the breakfast bar, in a vest and underwear, fuzzy octopus clamped under her arm.

    ‘Baby girl,’ Kit murmured, trying to shove the remnants of the pie back into the refrigerator unseen.

    ‘Can you sing Pat the song about octopuseses?’

    Kit made the same mental note she always did when Sasha asked this – to look up the real damn plural of ‘octopus’ – but before she could sing anything the front door opened and Tina came in, carrying two bags of groceries.

    ‘Hey!’ she said to her sister-in-law, a little breathless. Kit waved, her mouth still enjoying the pie. Sasha jumped down and went to help her mom. Tina looked around. ‘Where is everyone?’

    ‘Solly’s in our room, Angie’s in our room, Ben’s playing pool, Mama B’s in the bath, Uncle Sunny’s playing pool, Auntie Kit’s eating pie.’

    Tina raised an eyebrow and Kit muttered something about it being way past someone’s bedtime.

    ‘Well, that’s true,’ Tina agreed. ‘Sasha, baby, go tell Angie you’ve got lights out in ten minutes if she wants to come down.’ Sasha raced off. ‘And don’t run on the stairs!’


    Ten minutes later Sasha was tucked up in bed, Angie had gone to join the pool players and Tina was fixing a pitcher of iced tea, and some cheese and crackers, and explaining something . . .

    ‘A show that what?’ Kit asked.

    ‘It’s like a fake version of our lives. So funny.’

    Kit made a very unimpressed, very Kit-like Hmph noise and continued putting the groceries away.

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    1. Poor Kit. If she only knew. She should be fabulous and talented and successful. This story has become the only reason to look forward to Sunday nights. We know another episode of Largo’s
      righting the ship (pun intended) will follow. Keep up the normalcy. It’s just so welcome.

    2. I do like this chapter….. a few days at the cabin with Kit and Sonny….Thank goodness the show only comes on once a week…. Now they can have some time with the kids in a relaxed and out of the city place….

      Time for Tina and Bette to get a little R & R too…

      Thanks for the update….

    3. Largo,

      This chapter is a balm for me as well!!! It’s great to see how you describe the feelings and opninions of the real Tibette about the fake ones!

      Poor Kit, i hope she will never discover that they killed her off in GQ. She didn’t deserve that, but we all know this show doesn’t make sense at all.

      Till next week!

      • Hi Bibi! I think I can reveal that no, Kit will never be told what they did. I couldn’t do that, and it should never have happened. Thanks for coming along on this ride and hope you have a good week. :-)

    4. Hey Largo,

      Super chapter & I must say I was surprised yet so very happy to read that you added Kit to the story!! Just loved that!!!

      But it was soooooo heartbreaking at the end when she asked Tibette if she was in the show too!!! Stupid SL with Kit’s death.

      Wondering though if Ms Angie will make an appearance in this series??? Would like to read how you are presenting her & what the teenager looks & sounds like to you.

      And Tibette – time for some real lovin’ girl. They keep getting interrupted before either one reaches first base!!!!

      You have got to give us initimate scene since we aren’t getting one with Fake Bette or Fake Tina. I’ll beg you if you want!!! Ha. Ha.

      Seriously, thanks for this update & you did a fabulous job. They are just like so many of us envision.

      Until the next episode.

      • Hello my friend! Thank you for reading this episode and for your comment about the ending. I was pleased with how it worked out, because Bette doesn’t have to tell Kit a lie and yet she can still spare her. That pleased me. And of course Kit is in it! What’s the point of fixing the damn show if I can’t fix that??? lol And yeah, our girls will get quality bedroom time at some point. Stay tuned for that. And thanks, as always, for your comments. Have a good week! x

        • Forgot to add this line from Bette as she & Tina are watching the show – which was just brilliant & sooooo good!!!

          ‘Of course she’s not real, but come on – “Pippa Pascal”? What, was Roger fucking Rabbit unavailable?’

          I can just hear that coming out of Bette’s mouth!!!

          Just like at the party at Shane’s back in OG when Bette & Tina talk to the actress that’s playing ‘Bev’ –

          That was a great reference Largo. Well done.

          Can’t wait for ep 4 & your take on it.

          • haha, yes that was a callback to Mary fucking Poppins. I just think Pippa is kind of an insipid-sounding name and the alliteration just makes it worse, so of course Bette would have to take aim at that. Thanks for highlighting it, my friend :-)

    5. Any way you turn it Largo, this shytt has got to be therapeutic to write!!

      Oh, please,’ Tina said, swatting her wife’s shoulder. But then she gave her a sideways look. ‘Well, I wouldn’t say no to hotel sex one weekend soon.’

      ‘We can bribe the kids with Kit time.’

      Tina laughed. ‘And bribe Kit with pie!’

      Tibette’s comedic dialog is a force to be reckoned with!!! These two are gonna be scheming big time if it looks like they can slip away to jump each other’s bones!!!!

      Gosh I love Kit being “alive & well”. Look how much humor the Fake GenQ is missing out on without a “real” Kit.

      Doggone those writers & Producers. At least you got the legit goods Largo!!!

      I’m liable to wake up in the night laughing at your “And we can bribe Kit with pie”!!! I hit the floor when first reading that . . . . And it’s just in me now!!! Where are the emojis when a girl needs them

    6. Strange that “real” Tina and Bette forgot to mention about biggest problem in 203 – Bette made huge decision regard Angie without consulting with Tina first.
      Both LuH and JB so many talking about co-parenting – but it wasn’t co-parenting – it was Tina as absent parent. Again.
      GQ managed to up not only Tibette and Kit, but co-parenting also

      • Hiya Zhenya! Thanks for reading this story and for your comment. If you mean the decision to let Angie meet her half-sister, it is mentioned – it’s at the bottom of p. 5, where Bette says she feels like banging her head off something and Tina just finds it funny, because it’s so ridiculously bad.

        You are entirely right, though. Even by their own stated aims, this show keeps missing the goal. Truly shameful that anyone picks up a paycheque for this stuff. Have a good week! Largo

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