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    The Real Tibette Watch Gen Q – Episode 1



    ‘It’s starting . . .’

    ‘I know, I know,’ Tina said, a little breathless as she scurried barefoot across the hardwood floor towards where Bette was sitting.

    ‘Everyone okay?’ Bette asked, making room by gently pushing Solly, a cute, very sleepy Cocker Spaniel, along onto the end of the sofa.

    ‘Mhmm.’ Tina reached for the massive bowl of popcorn sitting on the coffee table in front of them. ‘I still can’t believe this thing got renewed,’ she chuckled.

    ‘It’s so bad,’ Bette shook her head. ‘You know I’ll divorce you if you tell anyone we still watch this?’

    Tina giggled. Bette smiled, pouring them both some tea, and then picked up the remote and settled back. Immediately, Tina inched closer so that their bodies were touching. Bette turned and kissed her wife’s hair, then unmuted the TV . . .


    ‘Oh my God, she chose Dani!’ Tina said, grabbing the remote to pause the show.

    ‘“Oh my God”?’ Bette repeated. ‘What do you mean, “Oh my God”? That’s not an “Oh my God”, that’s an “Of course”!’ Of course she chose Dani.’

    ‘Oh, I know you like her but—’

    ‘I don’t like her.’

    ‘Yes, you do.’

    ‘No, I don’t. She’s just better than Finley.’

    ‘Better as in hotter.’

    Bette opened her mouth to argue but the twinkle in Tina’s eyes melted her and she assumed a playful, pompous tone. ‘I admire her integrity,’ she said.

    Tina raised an eyebrow.

    ‘And her professionalism,’ Bette continued.

    Tina cocked her head.

    ‘And her shoulders,’ Bette muttered, taking back the remote and quickly pressing play again.

    ‘Ha!’ Tina laughed. ‘Busted!’

    Bette just grinned. Tina cuddled closer.


    A minute later they both erupted and yelled, ‘Liquor in the front, poker in the rear!’

    Solly joined in with a little wuff as his mistresses raised their cups and clinked them together, remembering a poker scene from the OG show.

    ‘Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane . . .’ Bette said softly.

    ‘Fake Shane has got to find someone,’ Tina said.

    ‘Yes, Fake Shane does.’


    ‘So icky,’ Tina said, when Fake Alice, Nat and Gigi were all in the car together.

    ‘The threesome?’


    ‘Idiotic neologism.’

    ‘I don’t think Alice is into it, do you?’

    ‘Real Alice or this one?’

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      • Hello, my friend! Thank you so much for popping this story in your inbox, haha

        Hope you enjoy it. (I know you’re not watching Gen Q so bits of it might not make sense!) It’s really just an excuse to bathe in Tibette happy family life. :-)

    1. Thank you for the story!

      It was funny and light story. But i wish we will see true Bette reaction on episode 202, especially after her words about fake Bette

      “Bette glanced at her. ‘She’s not looking for just a casual hook-up, Tee.’

      Tina’s eyes widened. ‘You mean . . .?’

      ‘Yes, Tina.’ Bette nodded solemnly. ‘Growth. Actual growth.’” :)

      • Hi Zhenya! Hope you are well and thank you for reading this new story. :-)

        I’m wondering whether to write one of these for each of the Gen Q S2 episodes, so if I do that then you will see Real Bette’s reaction to the Gigi love scene, lol

        Thanks again. Great to hear from you.

    2. Delightful story Largo…. nice to see that Bette and Tina have more children. Its what they both wanted. Bette being the caregiver and Tina being the bread winner seems natural enough… I actually would like to see them connecting the Tina of Season 1 to the Tina of Season 2… Tina’s desire to remain a family when she has been absent for the most part for two years… does this include Carrie? How well does Fake Bette even know Carrie? What exactly do they see the backstory is on why Fake Bette and Fake Tina are divorced. And most importantly, how do they think the story will go for this season. Will Fake Bette and Fake Tina go their separate ways or will there be a potential reunion?

      What I love is the “What we fixed, stayed fixed…” Thanks for writing…..look forward to more.

      • Hi Martha! Thank you very much for reading this and for commenting. You are always such a great analyst. :-)

        I was really delighted to be able to grant Tibette more children with just the wave of a pen. It’s how I’d love to have seen them. I’m glad it how you see them too.

        It’s interesting to me that you detect a disconnect between the S1 and S2 versions of Tina. I hadn’t thought of it, but I can see it now. And yes, I can only imagine that Carrie is who she envisages having this family she says she wants. Of course it’s all somewhat moot, with Angie all but away to college, but Gen Q doesn’t bother with so many things that don’t add up.

        As to your last question…… That’s the only reason we’re watching, isn’t it? Personally, I’m keeping the faith.

        Thanks again & take care

    3. Agree with the other comments. I love this story so very much. You made me smile. You have made a lot of readers smile. From now on those characters are all Fake to me. Well done!!!!! I hope there is more. To keep everyone sane? Pretty please?? I agree with Martha – so great that they have more children. THIS is the way it should be.

      • Hiya Billy! Thanks very much for reading this story and for commenting. It means a lot to me. :-)

        I’m so, so pleased I made you smile. It’s why I wrote this – to make myself happy and hopefully one or two other folk as well. Gen Q is not fun to watch or, (in my case, read about) as long as Tibette aren’t together, so this is helping me.

        Thank you for requesting more as well. It’s my pleasure to write for this site and to be among such talented writers and supportive readers. I am reading your story as well and will comment on the latest chapter very soon.

        Thanks again & take care

    4. Largo ,

      Excellent start & YES, please continue with a chapter for each GQ episode!!! That would be marvelous. We so need this.

      Agree with the other folks that commented in that the GQ characters are all fake & not real for us. We all want the happy Tibette ending!!

      Loved the little bits of convo between the ‘real life’ Bette & Tina & how they have been able to manager their lives since moving to NYC. This is definitely how it should have been. If only someone with half a brain would have been in charge with GQ.

      So please continue & grace us with your talent!!!

      Thanks so much.

      • Hey Collins, my good pal! Thank you so much for reading this and commenting. :-)

        I’m enjoying Doctor of Hope a lot and I hope (no pun intended) to read more on that soon?

        It will be my pleasure to write a story for each of these Gen Q episodes. Thank you for saying you’d like that. It’s so easy and a lot of fun to imagine what Tibette’s successful, loving life would be like in NYC. I only wish we could have seen something like it on the show. But fanfic to the rescue, lol

        Thanks again, for all your support and friendship. It means a lot.
        Take care

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