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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 11


    Chapter 7
    “I hope you don’t mind,” said Bette. “I ordered for you.”

    Tina took another sip of her perfectly made coffee and stared at the woman in front of her.

    Bette continued to babble; her eyes focused on her food. “They make really good French toast here. The chicken-salad sandwich is also very good. This place has been here for about – – -.”

    “Bette,” said Tina.

    Their eyes met once more. “How did you know I’d want this? How did you know how I like my coffee? What do you want from me?” asked Tina.

    Chapter 10:

    Bette slid her leg between Tina’s thighs. Tina began to grind against Bette’s leg. She pulled her lips from Bette’s mouth and whispered. “Do you feel that, Bette? You make me so wet. I get so turned on by you.”

    Bette pulled her body away and sat up, grabbing some of the sheet to cover her breasts. She stared down at Tina. “I know. I can’t be casual with you, T. I tried to stop this.”

    “I couldn’t let you stop it. I needed you.”

    Bette sighed, pulling her knees up to her chest. “You say that, Tina. But you also say that you don’t really know me. How can you need me?”

    Tina stared at her. “I know what I need.”

    “Do you regret it? Do you regret coming over?”

    Tina shook her head. “No”, she said softly. “Not at all.”

    “What happens now?” asked Bette, her brow was furrowed. Tina could practically see the wheels spinning in her mind, the steam floating through her ears.

    Tina grabbed at Bette and pulled her close. Bette lay on her back, Tina on her side. Tina placed a hand on Bette’s chest. She felt her lover’s racing heart. “Relax.”

    “I’m trying.”

    Tina sighed. “I don’t know what happens, Bette. I’ve never craved anyone like this. I had to see you tonight.”

    Bette studied her, hoping her eyes spoke words she knew she shouldn’t voice. “You know how I feel, Tina,” she said quietly.

    “How do I know that?”

    Bette covered the hand that Tina had on her chest with her own. “You feel it here, right?”

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    1. Thanks for this early Christmas gift :-)
      Interesting background story to Kit’s past. I’m curious about Bette’s meeting with her sister. Will she tell Kit about Tina?

      Tina flowers and gift are very thoughtful. I wonder whether Sidney saw the flowers and card in the breakroom before she left. Time to finalize their separation. I have a bad feeling about Sidney still having a key to Bette’s house.

      T + B have a lot to talk about when Tina gets back from NYC. Being exclusive with Bette is great but when will she come clean about Henry? Your AN “life rarely follows the plans…” leaves me a little worried.

      Anyway, I wish you a merry Christmas, enjoy the season!

      Looking forward to your next posting


    2. Feeling like kiwipit. Seems like our girls gonna be shocked, disappointed and full of questions by the time they finally talk about their SPOUSES!!!

      Bette seems to be agonizing about the fragility of relationship with Sid,but Tina doesn’t seem to give a hoot about ‘ol Henry! Hmmmmm did I miss a chapter about what’s been going on with them?

    3. I like this story, but I concerned about the future of these two because of Tina’s behavior. She acts then thinks about what she is doing. This is not the same character that we saw in 2005 who almost always over thought every situation. She’s definitely into doing what is easiest at the moment – go to church with the parents to keep the arguments down, have Henry escort her to all parental events to have the right appearance for the parents and friends. However, we really do not know what her relationship is with Henry. Is he just her handy dandy escort or is he or has he been romantically involved with Tina? Tina appears to be sexually experienced with women. Is it possible that Tina is a closeted player with Henry as her cover? Bette’s story is that she has been faithfully married to Sidney but Sidney’s cheating is what broke them up. Of course Bette’s relationship with Sidney did not seam like a very happy one which is why perhaps the cheating occurred.

      I believe Sidney is still in love with Bette but exhibits signs of being mentally abused by her. Alice,James and even Sidney have commented on the softening of Bette’s temperament.

      This is an extremely interesting story…I am soo hooked on it. Can’t wait to find out more about these 2019 characters.

      Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    4. Martha3128 has expressed my concerns about Tina2019! She has definitely been the aggressor! And has done it inspite of being married…to Henry.

      Just like Tina2005, the fear of dealing honestly with her parents has stunted her ability to grow with Bette!

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