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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 12


    Bette’s eyes wrinkled. She most definitely remembered Tina’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Anderson.

    “I’m sorry your marriage didn’t work out,” she said.

    “I’m not. Things happen. It was a big relief for me. We outgrew each other. He wanted a wife to stay home and stay by his side. I needed a career and a life all my own.”

    “When did you start to go by Chris?” asked Bette.

    Tina smiled. “When I kept getting rejected for job interviews. My resume was great, but I couldn’t get my foot in the door with production companies. I’d read this article about how when you changed the name or race or gender of a person and kept everything in the resume the same, that it sometimes made a difference. So, I dropped the “Tina” and started to go by Chris.”

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 12

    Henry had called her 4 times and left 3 messages. When his face popped up on her phone the 5th time, Tina finally answered him. “Yes, Henry.”

    “What the fuck, Chris? You’re not answering my calls now?”

    Tina closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath. “I’ve been extremely busy. Don’t take it personal.”

    The sound he made conveyed that he didn’t believe her. “You’re so full of shit. Where are you?”

    “I’m in New York, Henry.”

    “What are you doing in New York?”

    Tina sighed. “I told you twice last week that I needed to be here for work. You never listen to me.”

    He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “You never told me that, Chris.”

    “I absolutely told you that.”

    “Well, why didn’t you come home last night?”

    Tina was glad theirs was a voice-only call. She rolled her eyes and tried to find the right words for this conversation. “I had things to do.”

    “And you couldn’t call? You couldn’t text me? Did you even come home before you left town?”

    Tina swallowed thickly. “I didn’t need to. I have everything I need here at the apartment. Clothes, toiletries. You know my work is always with me. It was time I couldn’t spare.”

    Henry’s voice was soft. “And you couldn’t contact me at all?”

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    1. Sounds to me like Sidney needs some help – possibly some professional mental health? Early in the story, I got the impression that Sidney had entice Bette into indulging in drugs and alcohol. Could this be Sidney’s problem? She’s indulging so much in drugs and alcohol that she cannot perform to meet her obligations to get her artwork ready for the show? She obviously feels the pressure when she is in the gallery of the time frame left to get her part of the show completed. She is also feeling the pressure of her relationship with Bette continuing on a decline. She should also notice that Bette’s appearance getting more healthy as she puts distance of time between her and her abuse of alcohol and drugs. At some point, she is going to be curious as to what has changed for Bette to bring about these changes. Alice has certainly starting to notice, but she believes that it must be the influence of Tina. Yet Bette barely knowns Tina.

      Tina is playing games…she has no courage. She of course has no idea what it is she wants except to have Bette in her life. She has a lot of soul searching to do. She really does need to decide what she wants in her life. She needs to have a heart to heart talk with Henry and let him go. She is doing him a severe disservice by pretending to care and about his feelings when she truly does not. Whether Bette is her future or not, she should not stay with Henry giving him some kind of false impression that she cares about him and lying to him to keep from confronting the truth. In almost every breakup, one of the parties walks away with hurt feelings. Its best to rip the bandaid off quickly and get on with life.

      Alice is being a really good friend by encouraging Bette to move forward with her life. The best thing Bette can do is to support Sidney where she can, but put her in a position and encourage her to move on as well. What ever Sidney’s demons are, remaining with Bette is not the answer.

      Good story…. still worried about this Tina….. I like Bette a lot.

      Happy Holidays…

    2. Thank you for another chapter this soon.

      I like Alice in your story. Another wise advice for Bette. She needs to end it with Sidney.
      Were the divorce papers already delivered to her soon-ex-wife? But it’s great that she acknowledges that finding Tina is not all she has to do to shape the life of “Bette 2019”.

      Difficult situation for Tina. It takes a lot of courage to leave behind so many thing that made her feel safe and probably in control of her life. On top of that no friends to talk to, to encourage her and to support her. I hope she soon finds the strenght to open up to Bette and tell her about Henry and her family.

      That said, I like the pace of your story. It’s not all instant love, peace and harmony, T + B have to work for it.

      I’m curious to see what you have in store for T + B.

    3. Love this story, I remember when it started. I like the pace of your story as well and the interesting twist of the time travel. Anything that brings T and B together in the end. Thanks!

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