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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 13

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 13

    Dylan’s eyes lit up, long lashes framing his eyelids. “Auntie Bette!” He ran towards her, crushing her midsection in a warm hug. His head fell right at her breast level. She inhaled him. He smelled of cocoa butter, lavender, and outdoors. She had missed this little boy. Tears she didn’t expect stood in her eyes and she hugged him tightly.

    “I’ve missed you so much,” she said, softly.

    He grinned up at her, his two front teeth bigger than those surrounding them. “I missed you too! I got all your presents.”

    She gazed down into a set of happy chocolate orbs that resembled her own. “You did?”

    He nodded briskly and stepped back. “Aunt Bette, everybody was so jealous of my laser gun. I can wear it on my hip with the holster. It’s so cool.”

    Kit chimed in. “He also thanks you for the clothes.”

    Dylan tossed his mother a smirk. “Right, Mom. The clothes, too.”

    He turned back to Bette, his eyes wide again. “Oh and my Legos! Can you help me build the Saberforce Striker Carrier? There are so many pieces. But it’s gonna be so fun!”

    Kit replied, “Boy, she hasn’t even gotten to sit down yet. Let her in the door.”

    Bette laughed and fought against the happy tears in her eyes. The pureness of Dylan’s love and affection was soothing. It warmed her from the inside out.

    Dylan clasped his hands together. “Please Aunt Bette!”

    She nodded. “I will absolutely help you build the Saberforce Striker Carrier.”

    “Yes!” he yelled. Then he ran from the room, yelling about getting one of his toys.

    “Walk!” yelled Kit, still smiling.

    “Okay, Mom!” he replied. Bette could see him on the second floor. He was now racewalking, his thin arms flexed at his sides.

    Kit smiled after him and then looked over at her sister. “That boy is crazy about his Aunt Bette.”

    Bette smiled in return. “He’s amazing, Kit.”

    “He’s definitely a blessing. I’m a lucky parent. And I bet you ten dollars he won’t be down for at least 45 minutes. He gets lost up there in the toy wonderland you and Sidney have provided for him.”

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    1. Good Chapter…. Bette is moving on with her life and her sister Kit is being supportive. Love this Bette. Love the fact that once she starts something, she wants to see it through including a Lego project!

      I hope Tina is as dedicated to her path!

      I understand Bette feeling guilty, but she needs to formulate a plan to help Sidney make her path forward. Once she is finished with the show, she should consider a way to remove Sidney as her business partner. She needs to either let Sidney buy her out or buy Sidney out. It will only make both of their lives harder if there is the potential of seeing her ex ever single day especially when one is still carrying a torch for the other. Bette also needs to get the key to her house from Sidney. If Sidney needs to get her things from the house, its should be by appointment only.

      It’s not looking good for the upcoming show if Sidney is not ready for her pieces to be selected and hung.

      Can’t wait to read another chapter…..Tina is coming home tomorrow and it time for her to let Bette in on what is going on in her life. And I want to know as well!

      Thanks for this chapter..

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Good conversation between Bette and Kit. But what is it – Saberforce Striker Carrier – it’s something from Star Wars?

      Still don’t undertsand how Bette didn’t undertood that Tina is married. How could she not notice the ring on her finger?

      • My badd if I missed it, but didnt think there has been any mention of Tina wearing a wedding ring right???

        To boot, Tina introduced herself as Chris Anderson. NOT “Chris Anderson (Henry’s last name) right??? See chptr 44.

        Later on (chpt 7/5-7) Tina explaines that she was married a cpl of years to Eric Anderson but in NO way revealed to Bette that she had re-married in this case, to Henry. Tina was talking about her life, at the end of pg6, Bette is asking her if she dates women so why not mention your husband? Afterall, they are just new friends right?

        Whenever T finally decides that honesty is important, how the heck in “whatever time dimention” is her deceit gonna be OK in Bette’s mind????

        Feel like I’m the one caught in the Twilite Zone when it comes to Tina

    3. Thanks you for posting! What better way to start the last weekend of the year than to read some good T + B fanfic.

      Nice scene for the sisters. Again another relationship that Bette 2005 started to mend within a few hours. Love it.

    4. I really like this story. I really liked Bette reconnecting with Kit and the way you portrayed how desperately they need each other. Still a lot to go down with Sidney and Tina’s marriage but that will come as this wonderful story develops. Thanks for writing….

    5. Really liked this chptr btwn Kit & Bette bc It was different in that “both”had come to understand the perils of drug/alcohol addiction. Eachhas compassion for the other

      BOTH apparently made the decision to get & stay clean; Kit bc of pregnancy and Bette bc she thought she had gone batshit crazy and admitted HERSELF to the hospital psyche ward!!!

      Wondering if Sidney will be able to free herself from that wretched death trap.

    6. Wonderful to have another Chapter of this Story!

      I have a lot of questions and am waiting for your superb storytelling to provide the answers!

      Thanks for posting, look forward to the next – this year or next? -:)


    7. I like this Bette Porter too she so cute with her nephew and Kit is beautiful.. everything happens for a reason so yeah by her getting cheated on opens door to move on with Tina. Thank you and I saw yesterday you posted another I will go read it now I’m catching up.

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