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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 14


    Bette nodded. “Alice threw herself into her work. She hardly ever stops. Only to sleep. It helps her not to think.”

    Dana replied, “Yes. You distanced yourself from everything. Like you closed an emotional door. Whenever it would get hard to do that, you’d get high or drunk. Anything to numb the pain.”

    “And Sidney?” asked Bette.

    “She feels very deeply. She was crushed by your emotional distance. By Alice’s retreat into work. She just wanted to feel. Her work is tinged with sadness. The drugs help her feel. You and Sidney have always had a disconnect. But when I got sick – – -,” Dana began.

    “We shattered.”


    Bette looked down. “And she cheated on me.”

    “Yes. She was lonely. When I died, she was devastated. You were all devastated. No one thought I would really die. Everyone thought I’d get better.”

    Trigger Warning: SEE AUTHOR’s NOTES

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 14

    Bette had spent the night at Kit’s home. They’d awoken early, making breakfast together and chatting about old times. Dylan was happy. His mom was more relaxed when his Auntie Bette was around. Everyone was smiling. Dylan had asked about his Aunt Sidney and Bette had worked to keep her voice even and kind. She told him that his other aunt was really busy getting ready for the upcoming show. But that she loved him and would contact him soon. Dylan seemed content with that answer.

    Bette wondered how she would eventually explain things to him. She hoped Kit would do it for her. Thanksgiving was rapidly approaching, arriving in just 4 days’ time. Kit had already been planning on hosting and celebrating with her extended friends and her mother. She invited Bette, Alice, and Tina to join them. Bette had agreed and when she left her sister’s home, her spirit felt lighter than it hand in quite a long time. She called Tina as soon as she left.

    “Hi, Bette,” Tina answered.

    The brunette couldn’t see it, but she could feel her lover’s smile. “Hi Sweetie. How are you?”

    “Better, now that I hear your voice.”


    “Yes. Your voice relaxes me.”

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    1. Whoa……how horrible for Bette…. Sidney has just burned that bridge good. Violence is a hard bridge to get over. And this is nothing Bette is familiar with in either life! She may have a concussion as well. I’m surprise she maintained consciousness.

      Look forward to seeing how Bette handles this….What is she going to say to Tina. Tina is going to notice the bump on her head. And Bette is going to be sore….not a good situation.

      Thanks for the chapter…..

    2. Thank you for the chapter and Happy New Year!

      Violence. First – i think that after what happen Bette needs to give Sidney ultimatum – or she going to rehab for healing drug addiction or Bette need to go to police and Sydney going to the jail.

      Second – i’m not trying given Sidney any excuses, but this scene (of course minus drug induction mind Sidney) has some resemblance with night after Provocation in s1 TLW. There and here we saw two women who desperately don’t want to let go their wifes and trying to do all to prevent it. Lucky in the show Bette had some self restrict and not did the awful thing like rape (and Tina was willing participant in the end) , but if she been in high in that time – who know what could happen?

      So, like i said earlier Sidney has two ways – rehab with divorce or jail with divorce. I don’t think Bette would forgive her in any case and after that i don’t think how they can stay friends or even work together.

    3. Wow..yeah that would numb all feelings she once had for Sid and no questioning it I would call the police. Yes she needs help yes they need their divorce but jail is where she needs to be to get all of that. I dont care if its Male or female wife or stranger she said no.
      And the scene from the L with Bette and Tina I didnt see as rape did they hurt each other yes but to each other not one sided it was a hurt they were trying to fix with sex and it didnt work it was passion and pain it was new pain raw pain for two people who deeply loved each other but this . She hit her with a bottle then held her down forced her. So sad. In both scenes. Thank you nicely written.

    4. Horrible ….

      But I must be the devil’s advocate here, Bette had an orgasm so how will she feel when she’ll analyse the whole thing, she’ll feel guilty and it will be hard to explain it to Tina !
      and to be complete, Tina hasn’t tell Bette yet about being married … to a man, what a mess !
      As for the ring, it’s no wonder, Bette is a little self-absorbed, remember in the show she didn’t catch Tina being pregnant so …

      Thanks for your post and Happy New Year !

    5. Thanks for posting. A very unexpected and strong chapter.

      I never liked Sidney’s character much but now she also lost the little sympathy I had. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’ll try to blame the rape on the drugs, saying that Bette knows from experience what they do to her and even playing down Bette’s accusation of it being rape.

      As for Tina: I hope Bette will allow Tina to meet her. And Tina should drag Bette to a hospital and have her injuries looked at. The head wound sounds serious and the bleeding could also be more than a minor rupture. Have it all documented. That kind of abuse makes a strong case for a divorce.

      Anyhow: Thanks for your continuous supply of wonderful chapters to read in 2019!
      Happy New Year and all the best for the new decade.

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