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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 15

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 15

    Alice was on her couch, leaning in, to kiss Tasha’s lips when her cell phone rang. She tried to ignore it, but it kept ringing. She glanced at the phone, checking the identity of the caller and was surprised to see Sidney smiling at her. Alice tossed Tasha a look of wonder and asked her to wait for a moment.

    “Sidney?” she answered.

    Alice could hear the distress in her friend’s voice. “I fucked up, Alice.” Sidney’s voice was weak, and Alice could hear her sobbing. She stood up from the couch, now worried and confused.

    “You did what?”

    “I fucked up. I think I really fucked up.”

    “Are you okay?”

    “No! I’m not okay. I’m the furthest fucking thing from okay, Alice.”

    Tasha could see the concern and she walked close to Alice, placing her arms on the blonde’s waist, searching the dark brown eyes with her own.

    “Tell me what’s going on.”

    Sidney sobbed again. The sounds of her vomiting and then dry heaving came next. “I can’t tell you,” she finally whispered. “You’ll hate me.”

    “I could never hate you. I love you. You’re my friend, Sidney. My family.”

    “No. I can’t.”

    “Sidney, tell me what’s wrong.”

    “I can’t. Can you please tell her I’m sorry? Tell her I love her.”

    Alice looked confused. She shrugged her shoulders at Tasha, conveying her perplexity. “Tell who? What are you talking about?”

    “Bette. Please just tell her,” said Sidney. She disconnected the phone. Alice looked down at the device in her hand, surprised that the call had ended so quickly. She tried to call back but her attempts led directly to voicemail.

    “What’s going on? Everything okay?” asked Tasha.

    Alice shook her head, struggling to put the pieces together. “I don’t know. That was Bette’s ex. She’s upset. She didn’t sound right.”

    “What did she say?”

    Alice summarized the phone call. “I think I should go check on her.”

    Tasha nodded. “You should. I’ll go with you.”

    “Are you sure? I don’t want to drag you into any drama.”

    Tasha smiled. “I’m happy to help.”
    Sidney didn’t answer the door when Alice knocked. She was growing frustrated when Tasha gently touched her shoulder and suggested that she try the knob. Alice gave her an icy glare, but when she turned the knob, it did in fact open the door. Tasha winked at her and Alice’s frown faded away. The frustration she’d felt was quickly replaced by fear and she let them both into Bette’s wife’s loft.

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    1. Absolutely not feeling sorry for Sidney and i don’t believe she’s really tried to kill herself – i think what she’s trying to do now calling emotionally blackmail.
      If Bette would go to hospital to check Sydney after what she did to her – I’ll really not understand Bette.
      Maybe best option to Sidney – really kill herself.

    2. Bette may be at the hospital getting checked out as Sidney is being transported in. That may be why she hasn’t answered her phone. I am really concerned about the whack on Bette’s head by the vodka bottle.

      This is a bad situation for all concerned…..Sidney’s addiction, Sidney raping Bette, and now Sidney’s overdose, Bette is going to be emotionally impacted by all of this. Bette’s propensity to feel guilty that she may have caused or influenced Sidney to get involved with drugs by withdrawing from their relationship and then the resulting drug induced decisions to attack Bette and now possibly a purposeful drug overdose. In this story, Bette has not matured naturally over the past fifteen years through experiences. She only has the mere memories of events and associations. Not have the experience of actual events, its will take on a more emotional impact than it would had she always been in this reality. The events of the last 12 hours or so may very well be the most traumatic of her life experiences. Bette is going to need support and assistance to heal from this. How will Tina respond?

      Look forward to the next chapter….thank you for this…


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