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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 16

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 16

    Previously….Chapter 10
    “Do you regret it? Do you regret coming over?”

    Tina shook her head. “No”, she said softly. “Not at all.”

    “What happens now?” asked Bette, her brow was furrowed. Tina could practically see the wheels spinning in her mind, the steam floating through her ears.

    Tina grabbed at Bette and pulled her close. Bette lay on her back, Tina on her side. Tina placed a hand on Bette’s chest. She felt her lover’s racing heart. “Relax.”

    “I’m trying.”

    Tina sighed. “I don’t know what happens, Bette. I’ve never craved anyone like this. I had to see you tonight.”

    Bette studied her, hoping her eyes spoke words she knew she shouldn’t voice. “You know how I feel, Tina,” she said quietly.

    “How do I know that?”

    Bette covered the hand that Tina had on her chest with her own. “You feel it here, right?”

    Tina sat up, her eyes shining. “What the fuck is happening to me?”

    There was no way that Bette could tell this beautiful woman about the life and reality they once shared. She couldn’t tell her about them growing together and centering each other. Couldn’t convey the beautiful serendipity of their pairing in a freshman dorm. Tina did belong to her. They belonged together. In a universe in which Bette had switched realities and timelines, her union with Tina was the only thing she knew that must be right.

    Bette turned and sat in front of Tina. She lay Tina down on her back, never breaking eye contact. “What’s happening? You’re scared, T. I’m scared. I promise I will never, ever hurt you.”

    //———–The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 16——————-//

    Tina waited until she was in the back seat of an Uber Black before she called Henry. He had answered after a few rings, his tone even and kind.

    “You on your way home?” he asked.

    Her hazel eyes gazed out of the window, seeing a reflection of herself as LA passed by. “I’m sorry, Henry. I have to stay on a few more days.”

    He sighed. “A few more days? Thanksgiving is on Thursday.”

    “I know. I’m going to do my best to finish up early. I’ll be home for the holiday.”

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    1. Thank you for getting Tina into the house to help Bette. It appears a lot worse than I initially thought.

      I hope that Tina can provide her with the help she is going to need. At least she has some experience with battered women and can recognize the signs.

      Bette needs Tina now. I wonder how she is going to handle Henry? Sounds like he hasn’t a clue that their relationship is about to break up. Tina lies to him too easily to my way of thinking. I have always been of the opinion that when you get to the a point that you are avoiding seeing and being with your spouse or partner, then it’s past time to have a parting of the ways.

      Thanksgiving in a few days? That means another family event…what terrible timing.

      Thanks for the chapter….More please?

    2. I’m glad that Tina despite her own insecurites showed enough perseverance and be there for Bette. But i think Tina needs to do next step – take Bette to hospital and give testemony to police while (i’m sorry to say it, but in case like this it’s very important) – evidences of the violence still fresh

    3. Happy New Year, MTS! Thank you for this chapter. Heart-wrenching and sweet.

      Thanks for sharing Tina’s thoughts about her own situation and about Bette with us. I totally lost sight about the timeframe. Is it only one week since they met? Now I totally understand why Tina didn’t reveal everything about herself regarding Henry and her relationship status (btw I’m not so sure she is actually married to him hence no ring).
      The thing with Bette is still like a strange attraction to her. A very strong, beautiful, fulfilling, balm-for-the-soul attraction but for some part of her mind it still is only an affair – yes, also feels like coming home but I’m sure she’ll get there, right? ;-p
      Why would she think that it was more? I can feel with Tina when she questions Bette’s intentions and suspecting her just playing games.

      Thankfully Tina listened to her gut feeling and returned to Bette’s house. I love her for her gentle persistence while caring for Bette. Please let Bette open up to her about what happend in detail. This is so bad, hopefully Tina will know how to get some medical help for Bette.

      Please post soon, this story really gets to me.

      • kiwipit,
        agreeing with ya on maybe she’s NOT married to Henry. To our knowledge she ISN’t wearing a wedding ring NOR has taken his last name, right??? Tina introduced herself to Bette as Chris ANDERSON (from her marriage to Eric).

        My theory falls apart bc NO way Tina’ pompous Mother with her holier than thou religious church going for show would accept Tina in a relationship that wasnt like what she has with her husband. Ya know, NO child of “mine” would ever do/say/live in a way that dishonors me!!!!!

        Hmmmmmmm maybe Henry’s last name happens to be “Anderson” …..

    4. I loved this chapter and wonder if you have had training in this area. Your description of Tina is trauma-informed, the way she responded with gentleness, distance and with Bette’s safety in mind. This will bond them for sure and I can’t imagine Tina leaving her now, even for Thanksgiving. I think Martha mentioned the potential for Sidney and Bette to both be at the hospital at the same time. Once Tina is aware of the injuries from the sexual assault she really has no choice but to get Bette medical attention. Sounds like she is taking each step slowly. Love it. Thanks

      • Agree Wonder if T will stand up to Henry & her family and spend Thanksgiving ministering to Bette.

        And wow, could Tina end up taking Bette to same hospital where Sidney is being treated????

        Will Alice be forced to take sides When she relays the “tell her i love her” message from Sidney to Bette and has to come to grips with what she sees in the terrified facial expressions and hears Bette’s side of what happened? Hmmmmm. I’ve never seen or read of Alice goin’ off on anybody, BUT the time may be upon us😬🥵

    5. Gosh what a difficult reality now for Bette 😥 sexually asaulted by someone that supposedly (still) “loves” her, she has been hurled back into a life-threatening way of handling tragedy—alcohol to “numb” her emotions. Shit! Thank God she didn’t have any other drugs available.

      Anyway, Bette didn’t answer Tina about whether she was “hurt anywhere else”. Tina had to have asked that question knowing that something else probably happened.

      Feel free, anybody, to correct my thinking because as I continued to read page 7, wondered if I misinterpreted the actions of Bette after Tina finally scooted close enough to Bette when it says that Bette stretched out her legs “on either side” of Tina.

      With the shame, self-loathing and fear Bette was feeling and now that the numbing affect of the alcohol had worn off, with a person within arms reach, seems like Bette would have remained with her legs drawn together against her body knowing that she had been sexually violated and didn’t want to reveal that horrible truth. 🤔🤔

      No matter MY thoughts, this chapter is riveting for sure 😰

      • So I noticed this too. I imagined her staying in a ball, and Tina scooping her up and into her arms in that position. This would alert Tina to something being very wrong. Plus I think there was mention of blood so Bette would be hurting down there. Either way, great story and perhaps my attention to every deatil is a result of a riveting chapter. :)

    6. I love this story. Thank you for keeping them coming. I feel so sad for Bette having to go through that experience and feeling ashamed and shutting herself away. Kudos to Tina for not giving up and finding her because she needed her. I just loved how gentle she was with her and patient and she kept scooting until Bettes wall crumbled and she held her. I loved it. I do hate however that Tina has had this secret lingering over for so long. I know this is going to hurt Bette 😞. Love it please keep going and hopefully I’ll see something tonight (crosses fingers lol) or tomorrow. Anxiously waiting.

    7. Reading chapt 16/pg 2 and thinking about Tina’s reality in 2019. The heart of the matter is …even if she HATES me….

      NO one wants rejection at the decibel level of being “hated”. That’s why she never dealt with her Mom’s attitude. She’s a full grown adult in years, but surely stunted emotional/spiritual development because of FEAR (Fake Evidence Appearing Real).

      And with “fear” comes confusion and all kinds of stuff going haywire.

      Re-read Tina’s words and her inner self-talk is doing a number on her psychy and confidence. She doesn’t trust other peoples’ motives and forever feels like the victim of their requests.

    8. Sorry to have so many comments but the plot of this delightful tale has been captivating from the jump!!

      Henry….. wonder if he was Mama’s choice or Tina’s. Gotta know that Mama was probably in Tee’s face night & day AND blowing up her phone with messages of “girrrl, U’re such a looser for having divorced Eric after only 2 years of marriage”!! You’ll be lucky if any other man ever wants to marry you!!!

      Y’all I’m fishing here so indulge my paranoia. Tina is more than a little bit willing to lie to Henry. Period. She has gotten skilled at using her job as an excuse for not coming “home”.

      Henry has got to feel the gulf between them. But he’s afraid to confront Tina.

      Anyway, if she ever comes clean, she’ll have to admit to sleeping with another person…that she’s known for a week….named Bette…A WOMAN!!! Gasp!!! Cough!!! Spitter sputter!!!

      I dont envy either one of them!! Thank goodness I’m not the Author. Leavin’ it all up to our gurl MTS!!!!

    9. I love the discussion on this story. It’s awesome to see how the characters and their actions and reactions are interpreted and viewed by the readers. I forgot to mention earlier that there is no such thing as a Saberforce Striker Carrier (LOL). I just made up that term for Dylan’s Lego set.

      @DumplinT…never feel bad for leaving comments. :)

      I am enjoying this journey right along with all of you. Definitely more of the story to come and more background to share.

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