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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 17

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 17

    Tina had called her office and told them she’d be out for the day. Bette’s head had throbbed and she was sick to her stomach. Her belly had heaved until it was empty. Tina had held back her hair and rubbed her back. Bette stood to her feet and brushed her teeth.

    “I think you should stay home,” said Tina.

    Bette met her gaze in the bathroom mirror before looking away. She finished brushing and gargled. She was wearing a purple robe that Tina had found for her. Her eyes were watery when she turned around. “I don’t know what to do, T. I have to get everything ready for the show. But I – – -.”

    Bette stopped talking. She still hadn’t told Tina what had happened. And she didn’t want to. Talking about work meant talking about Sidney. And talking about Sidney led down paths she wanted to forget.

    “Just take this one day. Just one day. You’ll go in to work tomorrow. But take this day to recuperate.”

    “You’ll stay with me?” asked Bette.

    “All day.”

    Tina stepped closer to look at the wound on Bette’s head. The left eye was slightly swollen, the lid hanging a little lower than it should. She went to touch the side of her lover’s face, but Bette stepped back.

    “Let me help you, Bette.”

    Bette folded her arms protectively across her chest. “It’ll be okay.”

    “That doesn’t look good. I think you need stitches, Bette.”

    The brunette shook her head, her wild tresses moving as she did so. “No.”


    “No, Tina. I’m not going anywhere. No one is going to see this. It’ll heal. I’ll be fine.” Bette’s mind was racing. What would she possibly tell people about how she’d gotten the injury? No one needed to know.

    “Sweetie. I know you’re scared – – -,” Tina began.

    Bette hated to admit her fear. She frowned, her brow furrowed. “I’m not scared.”

    Tina eyed her, choosing her words carefully. “How can I help you, Bette?” Will you at least let me clean it and put some band-aids on it?”

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    1. Thanks for the update! Gotta love Tina for being so caring and calm. Good thing that Bette accepts Tina’s help and lets her near.
      Now that Alice unknowingly revealed more about what happend the day before maybe Bette will talk to Tina.

      What a mess! Being thrown into such a difficult situation after only one week of knowing each other.

      Can’t wait to read more.

    2. Nice but so true to Alice to not read what was going on and jump off the wrong deep end of the pool… glad Tina is there to help but for how long then her own secrets are going to catch up before she can tell Bette. Thank you

    3. Whew!!! intense ! Felt like Alice might end up in the middle, but thankfully, not too much. Glad that Tina kept her word and didnt reveal what Bette had asked her to hold in confidence.

      I’m not so sure that even if she had gotten Bette to speak of the rape, that she could have talked her into going to the hospital. And contacting the police, and…and…

      Gonna be hard enough to hide the swollen eyes and cuts even with a good make up artist that Tina might know.

      Way off the subject, but wonder if Tasha will end up investigating where Sid got the drugs from which will lead back to SHANE and her infamous “shampoo”!!!!

    4. How did Alice not see the bandaids on Bette’s head? Or the tears streaming down her face? Why not just a simple question of “What happened Bette?” Maybe she could not see the scratches on her neck, but her response was not taking any of the scene into account by her questions.

      Of course Sidney’s cryptic message like “Tell Bette I’m sorry” does not explain what she is sorry for.

      Now Bette’s gallery is in a big mess. A show who’s artist has not selected the works to be displayed, the artist is has overdosed and is in hospital who may go to rehab shortly, and gallery owner who has been rapped and assualted by the artist. It is looking doubtful that the show can go on. Even with access, it is doubtful Bette is in any condition to make the selections. That mean it would all fall on the shoulders of James and with 2 weeks to go, can selection, framing, and hanging occur in time. And I would make sure that Sidney would not be present under any circumstances.

      Good chapter….thank you….

    5. Agree that Sidney MUST not be allowed to show her face at the gallery nor Opening!!!

      But Bette will not have the circle of friends & family (“framily”) to step in an protect her bc she hasnt told any of them!!!

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