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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 18

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 18

    James was pacing in his office. The Porter Gallery was due to debut a featured showcase in 9 days and he couldn’t find either one of the gallery’s owners. The fact that the final pieces hadn’t been selected gave him heartburn. And while Sidney was sometimes artsy and fanciful, she was usually pretty even keeled. Bette was always in command, thinking three steps ahead. But lately she had been preoccupied, distant. He would never in a million years have imagined that his bosses would be MIA so close to the opening of a show.

    One of the younger artists had stopped by that morning; a sculptor with a series of 3 hanging pieces in a collection titled “Emotions”. The collection included the sculptures “Fear”, “Disgust”, and “Anger”. Each one was a sound sculpture, capable of producing a single tone. When viewed separately, each piece looked like a tin metal windchime. But when viewed together, the collection resembled the face of a person in agony. And the unified sound was reminiscent of a moan.

    The setup for the collection required wind flow and the right amount of space and lighting to pull off the desired effect. The artist had wanted to fine tune his creation, but the installation hadn’t yet been finalized. The young man had been visibly distressed and anxious, but James had done his best to quiet his concerns. It had taken over an hour to do just that.

    And now James was pacing, his right hand rubbing the back of his neck and he talked to himself, trying to figure out his next move. In all his years working with Bette, she had never just disappeared and not shown up for work.

    At last, he murmured, “fuck it”, to himself and grabbed his keys. When he got to Bette and Sidney’s place he jogged up the front steps and rang the doorbell three times. He waited a moment before a woman he didn’t know opened the door and gave him an uneasy smile.

    “James, right?” she asked.

    His brow furrowed. “Yeah, I’m James.”

    The woman extended her hand and shook his firmly. She smiled more warmly. “Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a friend of Bette’s.”

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    1. Tina a/k/a Chris still has no idea what her path she wants to forward. She can remain as she is married and having an affair with an uninformed Bette which she will lose Bette sooner or later. Or she can choose to make a life with Bette and lose her job, her husband and her family. She has a strong attraction to Bette, but it isn’t love.

      Bette is going to take several days to physically recover. How long will it take her to mentally recover?

      • Totally agree.

        As many questions Tina has asked Bette being suspicious of her motives and at how Bette seemed to know too much about her (like how she likes her coffee and pancakes), and why is she taking me to her house when I dont know her? In getting to know this new friend,why would it be so hard to tell Bette her marital status????

        Bette would not have thought it strange to girl talk about such. She may have been disappointed to learn that fact,but perhaps could still want a friendship.

        Tina doesn’t need to “delicately balance btwn her lover & her husband” she needs to come clean. Her whole life in 2019 has continued as a “lie” bc she was so afraid to live her truth. She refused to challenge her family’s beliefs back in college and now she hardly wants to be around any of them!!!!

        She continues to rationalize why the moment is not quite right to break from Henry, though she clearly doesn’t love or respect him!!!! Know way he believes she is out-of-town for her job? Is she afraid to divorce him and possibly be called a two-time “looser”?

        She’s thrusting Bette into the role of being “the other woman” and being labeled as a “home wrecker”. Bette has already suffered the indignities of being cheated on by her spouse.

        Bette doesn’t realize that this Tina is NOT the sweet/truthful Tina of 2004/2005

        I may need to leave this alone and just chill

    2. Thank you for another part.
      So Tina definitely is married. There goes my theorie ;-) It’s really difficult to find the right moment for her to come clean to Bette. I just hope that she soon finds in her heart that she has to end it with Henry, no matter what her family will think. Obviously there had been a moment in her life when she was ready to go for what she desires but chose marriage with a man.

      As always I’m very curious to see where you take this story.

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