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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 19

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 19

    Alice stopped by the hospital to visit with Sidney before heading home to rest. Guilt had been a motivating force for all them lately and Alice wasn’t immune. She hadn’t been there for her friend. And in a way, she’d chosen Bette over Sidney.

    When she walked into Sidney’s room, the lights were off. She thought maybe Sidney was sleeping but she heard her friend’s voice. “Is that you, Al?”

    Alice flipped on one of the wall switches and walked over to the bed as the light slowly began to come alive. “Hey Sweetie. Yes, it’s me. How are you feeling?”

    Sidney swallowed thickly. Her hair was mussed and her eyes were red. She looked thin and tired. But more sad and lost than anything. “I’m alive, right?”

    Alice nodded. “Yeah. It was kind of close for a minute.”

    Sidney’s arms were down by her sides, her whole body seemed to lack the will to sit upright. “My ribs hurt from the CPR. I have burn marks from the paddles.”


    Sidney replied. “Yeah. It wasn’t even necessary.”


    Sidney looked at Alice, her red-rimmed eyes brimming with tears. “I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to live, Alice. I wanted to die. Why didn’t you just let me die?”

    Alice was stunned. Her heart dropped into her chest and she moved closer to her friend. “Why would you say that?”

    Sidney didn’t move at all and made no attempt to stem the flow of tears slipping from her eyes and down her cheeks. The salty drops fell from her face and onto her hospital gown. “Did Bette tell you what happened?”

    Alice swallowed. “No, she wouldn’t tell me. Her girlfriend told me that you two fought.”

    Sidney’s gaze flipped back to Alice, the sad eyes now blazing with fury. “Her what?”

    Shit, thought Alice.

    “Her friend, Tina. She’s just helping Bette with – – -,” Alice began.

    “She’s my wife, Alice. MY…WIFE. What is that bitch doing with MY WIFE?

    Alice sighed and sat down in a nearby chair. “Sidney, listen, I can’t get in between you two.”

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