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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 36

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 36

    Bette was at work on Friday morning when Maxwell Chambers knocked on her door and delivered a white Apple box to her office.

    She looked up at him, her brow furrowed in confusion. “I didn’t order anything from the Apple store.”

    Maxwell grinned at her and shrugged his shoulders. “It just arrived. There’s a note on the box. It says, ‘Bette Porter, please open me, Yours, C.’”

    Bette laughed out loud. “What?” she asked. “Why do women keep sending me things? Food, clothing, glam brigades.”

    Maxwell sat the box down on her desk, laughing along with her. “Girl, I don’t know. If you figure it out, let me know.”

    Bette’s dark eyes studied the white box before looking back up to meet Maxwell’s gaze. “How are you doing?” she asked.

    “I’m doing well, Bette. Looking forward to the holiday,” he replied.

    “You traveling back home?” she asked. Maxwell was from Louisiana.

    He smiled. “Sure am. I cannot wait. Nothing like my Mama’s home cooking.”

    His mention of his mother made Bette think of her own mother. Connecting with Janice Porter was another item on her task list. She gestured for Maxwell to sit down in her guest chair.

    “What’s up?” he asked.

    Bette sighed. “I want to ask you something personal. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want.”

    Maxwell nodded.

    Bette continued. “Does your Mom know that you’re gay?”

    He smiled. “My Mama knew before I knew.”

    “Well, I mean…does she accept it? Like…as an adult. Not as a concept. But if you were to bring home a boyfriend or a husband, would she accept him? Or does she know that you’re gay as long as you act like a eunuch?”

    Maxwell’s smile faded. “Now that’s another matter, entirely. She knows. She’s always known. And she always encouraged me to be honest with myself. To never hide who I was. But I’ve never brought anyone home. I guess I’m afraid.”

    “What are you afraid of?” asked Bette.

    “I guess….I’m afraid of being rejected. It’s one thing for people to know. But it’s different for them to see you with someone you care about. I don’t want there to be any awkwardness.”

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    1. Sigh, this Bette is really 19-old in 40-old body, isn’t she? How she planning to be in serious relationship with 40-yers old Tina – i sometimes don’t understand. Age difference is very big, but it’s not just age difference, it’s even more difference stage of life. 19-years – it’s time for fun, 40-years – it’s time for family.
      In a few last chapters i don’t think this Bette mature enough for this Tina. How it suppose to work?

    2. “Though she still hadn’t told Tina about Carmen, it seemed less relevant now given their recent gaps in communication.”

      This right here shows that Bette is also playing with 🔥 in the same way Tina is for not letting Bette know what’s really going on with her. I fear we are headed for an emotional catastrophe.

      “As she finished the routine, she had to acknowledge that part of her wanted to look her best. It was the same part of her that wanted Tina to be jealous. She had no intention of pursuing anything romantic with Carmen, but she hated feeling like she was being held in stasis by Tina.”

      This scares me. Bette is battling PTSD as well as her addiction and co-dependency issues and this seems to be an absolute recipe for disaster. I know Bette needs to get out of her rut, and be social, but with such a tempting attraction to Carmen as it appears, I hope she is capable of not blurring the lines with her. Bette could really use a friend and just a friend right now.

    3. For an artist, Carmen sure has a lot of money. Carmen is an unusual character. She is sexually attracted to Bette but Bette has been obligated to another. And although they live on the opposite coast, she is working hard to form a friendship with Bette which appears to be a little over the top.

      Now who could this person be who wants to meet Bette? I am going to take a wild ass guess! My guess is that since Carmen lives in New York and that is where this person lives and happens to be in LA for a Christmas thing. So my guess is that this person is Janice Porter. I hope this does not cause a spoiler…

      Thank you for this chapter… this story and looking forward to more.

    4. Who might this person be? Please let it not be Jodi or Candice. I hope that Carmen proves to be a good friend and doesn’t make Bette’s life more difficult.

      Yes, Bette needs to be social, to meet people, new artists and have fun. But it’s just a silly game of manipulation if she withholds information about Carmen and their night out from Tina just to make her jealous or because she doesn’t talk to her as much as she wants.
      I guess it is about time that Tina reveals her situation. Maybe Bette can help her with parts of her plan. That way Bette will see that Tina is doing all she can to finally be with Bette without being in danger of her father destroying both of their lifes.

      Thanks for posting, can’t wait for more!

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