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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 37

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 37

    The ride out to the party was fun for Carmen. She and Bette drank sparkling water and shared a small platter of hors d’oeuvres. It was easy to laugh together, and Bette had a way of making Carmen feel relaxed. They were having an animated discussion regarding the longevity of lesbian relationships when the car came to a stop outside of a beachside residence in Malibu.

    The driver lowered the privacy partition and quietly said, “We’ve arrived, Ms. Morales.”

    “Thanks, David.”

    David raised the partition before climbing out of the vehicle.

    “Are you ready?” asked Carmen.

    Bette smiled. “Of course, I am. Though I have no idea why I’m doing this. It’s fun though. Notice I didn’t even ask who wanted to meet me.”

    “I did notice.”

    “I didn’t want to know. I wanted it to be a surprise. Surprises can be fun. This whole day with you and the iPad has been fun. I needed to have a little lightness in my life.”

    Carmen winked. “Good. I’m glad I could help.”

    David opened the rear door and extended a hand to help Carmen. It was Carmen who reached in to help Bette. There were cars parked all around and Carmen told David she’d ping him when they were ready. Other guests were making their way to the house and Bette and Carmen joined them, once again, arm in arm.

    Bette studied the home as they drew nearer. It was four stories high and modern in design with a face of white stucco and dark wood. Even from the distance, she could see a platform, patio area that was tiled in dark gray slate and looked out over the ocean. The area was spacious, decorated for the Christmas holiday and studded with tables that held platters of food and desserts. A pool was in the center, it’s lights changed to green and red for the holiday. The entire area was secured by a thick, glass, chest-high barrier wall that wrapped around the patio.

    They entered the house on the ground level, the sound of a piano playing “Jingle Bells” met their ears. Well-dressed guests milled around the party, their glasses filled with red or white wine, hands stuffed with crab puffs, prosciutto crostinis, and mango shrimp canapes.

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    1. So the cat is out of the bag. Wow. Will Bette confront Tina? I really hope so. Confronting but not shutting down please. Bette needs to hear everything, Tina needs to tell everything. They have to have an honest conversation about their relationship and the roadblocks in their way.
      But I’m worried that they stopped in front of Tina’s house and Henry or worse Dad Emperor Kennard might be near. This conversation needs to happen somewhere safe.

      Carmen proves to be a good friend. She saved Bette from falling back deep into drugs and alcohol. This was clearly Mrs. Bette Hyde rearing its ugly head.

      Great that you introduced Peggy to your story. Gotta love her. Interesting that a sophisticated, gay-friendly hasbian as Peggy would have some business with Mr. K..

      Thanks for these gut-wrenching ten pages. Stopping now feels like my ebook shutting down due to low battery when the protagonists are about to kiss for the first time ;-)
      Well, I’m off now, maybe if I’m lucky you’ll have another treat i. e. chapter for us when I wake up in the morning. Okay, I’m greedy, sorry.


    2. In long term i’m think Tina obviously needs to divorce with Henry – she’s not happy with him. But about Bette – i don’t think that this Tina needs this Bette in long term. After first lust and impression will go, what they have common? Tina – 35 years old powerful movie mogul, and Bette – well she still 19 old student.

      This Bette to immature, too weak too be with Cris Anderson, or with Cris Kennard. This Bette can’t do anything alone, she always needs someone support – Dana, Tina, Alice and now Carmen. And i really don’t think that this Bette now needs girlfriend, she more needs nanny now. Nanny and therapy not only from rape, but also from alcohol and drugs.

    3. Well in honesty I can’t say I enjoyed the post can I? :-(
      However, thanks for the post and please post again soon.

      I think it’s time for a stronger Bette, can I hope?
      Also Tina needs to come clean and explain to Bette any plan she has, any chance?
      Definitely need a Tibette force going forward please.

      Love your writing, as ever:-)

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