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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 47

    “I know. When the numbness fades, maybe I’ll be angry or sad. It took a lot for me to be in this moment with you. That’s what matters to me.”

    Tina continued. “You know what’s really horrible? They pay her directly from an account at the firm. That way, the payments can’t be traced back to Henry. That way I would never find out. No one would ever find out. They pay her to keep quiet.

    “He sees the child. It’s a boy, named Taylor. That’s how the PI found out. He was following Henry and saw him visit this woman and her kid.”

    Bette asked, “And Henry never said anything about this? That he has a child?”


    “What would you have done if you had known?” asked Bette.

    Tina didn’t feel numb when thinking about this. Now she felt sadness and hope. The combination made her eyes water.

    “I would probably have done nothing. I would have just been angry and bitter and trudged along. What would be the point in me leaving him? I was just going through the motions anyway. But then I met you. And it was like, my heart started beating again.”

    The blonde exhaled when she felt Bette kiss her tenderly on the forehead. “Bette, I just gave up. I figured it was time to settle into my life. Henry having a kid with someone else, wouldn’t have changed anything for me. Unless he would have wanted out.”

    They were quiet for a moment, absorbing the presence of one another, letting Tina’s news settle between them.

    Finally, Bette said, “I surprised you at the party.”

    “You did.”

    “When did you get to the house? This morning?” asked Bette.

    “Which house, Babe? This house?”

    “Yeah. My house. Our house.”

    Tina smiled, Bette could feel the muscles move against her skin. “Our house?”

    “If – – – If you want it to be. Someday,” Bette replied.

    “I’d like that.”

    “I just want you to be happy, Tina,” Bette whispered.

    “I know,” came the whispered reply. “Bette, I came here last night. When you left me, I came here straightaway.”

    “What? You did?”


    1. Wow….what a change a few hours make. Bette has settled down and now knows Tina’s plan. Tina is confident that Bette is on board and supporting her. They are talking…..really talking now. Really a sweet chapter.

      I can’t believe Bette is doing Tina’s texting to Henry to keep him from getting suspicious that Tina is anything but a loving wife.

      Sounds like Henry has set his own trap with a child out of wedlock since he was married to Tina. Now what kind of trap can be set for Stephen Kennard? I’m not sure child care payments for Henry will do it unless the firm is not reporting this as additional income for Henry in the tax reporting. That would cause problems with the IRS. That wouldn’t be a big enough penalty for a proper revenge. There has to be something more which will cause Stephen and Tracy problems for not accepting their daughter as an person entitled to live her life as she choses and not according to their standards. This marriage with Henry appears to be nothing but an arranged marriage and would not have happened without Tina being blackmailed.

      Tina moving her assets put them out of reach of Henry and Stephen but not out of reach of the courts. Transaction have been too recent. The existence would be easily provable by Henry’s attorney. So Tina sues for divorce claiming Henry cheated producing a child and therefore breached the marriage vows. All evidence of Tina being with Bette is not evident, therefore Henry has breached the pre-nup and Tina gets 80% of the joint assets or they settle that Henry keeps his assets, Tina keeps hers and a 50/50 split of joint assets which probably consist of the house only. Wonder why Henry didn’t leave Tina when he found out he had a baby on the way? Must have something to do with Stephen Kennard. Oh well, this saga is continuing to develop.

      I enjoyed this chapter…the anxist between Bette and Tina was getting a bit much. Glad to see them settle down and look at things as they exist and map out how to handle it. A trip for the Christmas season would be great but how are they going to handle Henry over the holidays? Since Tina has declared that she did not want to see her father ever again, missing the family Christmas events should not be a problem. Tina should send Stephen a text that he can explain to Tracy the reason for her absence. With Henry enjoying a reconciling wife, that is going to be difficult for him to tell her the truth. Seems there is always some fireworks happening around the holidays. Maybe Joyce will spring the divorce on Henry as a Christmas gift?

      Love the fact that you brought Joyce into the story. There are some things that I really like about her and other things I really did not like from the original story. But she does advocate for her clients well in the legal arena.

      Thanks for this chapter….I really feel better about this story and where its going. Nice to see Bette and Tina together and working together. Look forward to more.

    2. Thank you for this nice chapter!

      So, like i understand Tina’s father knew about Henry affair, his child and help him to pay mother of this child?
      Such a “great” father.
      In another hand – all this will gives ti Tina serious advantage in the court to annul a prenuptial agreement.

    3. Great chapter, feels like they have a moment to catch their breaths. It’s good that they finally got everything out in the open. I love that Tina leaves no doubt about her feelings for Bette. Both are very open and sweet in their descriptions of what they mean to each other.
      I like how Bette is coming to terms with her teenage personality.

      Quite the revelation about the prick Henry. Rape? And of course evil dad is helping to cover all up. Another unexpected turn in your story!
      Good choice to retain Joyce. She’ll know how to handle Tina’s divorce. I just hope that Tina finds a believable excuse to stay away from LA and Henry over Christmas. And to go on undisturbed vacation with Bette.

      Now Tina needs ideas to initiate the fall of Kennard Empire as well.

      Still love every chapter of your amazing story. Thanks for posting!

    4. Well you surely put a twist in that. Henry has a kid all this time. Tina seems to cover all her basic but Bette may have set her up to sleep with him again. You know I dont do well on rollie coasters.. lol maybe a little NC-17 would help.. well BnT NC-17 that is.. lol thank you

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