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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 51

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 51

    Tuesday, December 24, 2019
    5:15 pm PST – Toronto, Ontario Canada (2:15 pm in California)
    Hotel X Toronto Ballroom


    Bette was beaming, her skin glowing. She and Tina had checked their coats and she had taken Tina’s hand, leading her into the ballroom of the Hotel X Toronto. Well-dressed guests bustled around them, the scents of cologne, perfume, and expensive food drifted by. The ballroom itself was beautifully decorated in a theme of rainbows and gay pride. The area was on the roof of the tall building, surrounded on all sides by floor to ceiling windows and a glass roof. It seemed like a large, well-decorated greenhouse with a wooden parquet floor.

    In the corner was a Christmas tree, decorated in rainbows.

    Bette’s surprise had been for them to attend the 12th Annual Rainbow Christmas Eve Ball. The event was put on by the Toronto Pride team and served as a fundraiser for the group’s annual pride month activities. Bette was proud to have Tina on her arm as they entered the ballroom, soft jazz being played by a live band on the stage.

    Tina had glanced around her at the decorations and the happy smiles of their companions, but she’d had a hard time pulling her gaze away from Bette’s hips in the form-fitting black dress she wore. It had a split up the middle and fell to her mid-calf. She’d accented her attire with silver pearls, bangles, and four-inch black pumps.

    Bette found their alphabetical seats at their numbered table. The brunette came to a stop and Tina bumped into her. She hadn’t been paying attention. Bette stared into her soft hazel eyes and smiled. “You okay?”

    Tina slipped her hands on her lover’s waist. “You look amazing. I can’t seem to focus on anything else.” Even as she spoke, her eyes were drawn to the swell of Bette’s breasts, the soft honeyed skin was peeking at her.

    “Baby, I’m up here,” said Bette.

    Tina looked up and met Bette’s gaze. “Hi,” she said, blushing.

    Bette leaned into her, whispering into her ear. “I’m not wearing any panties, Tina.” Then she licked Tina’s lobe and kissed her there.

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        • Lmao…Well glad I made a happy spot in your day… so I finished…the chapter!. Lol
          “Bette, you’re wet already?”
          Uhmm well yeah we all are Tina!… why so shocked? Lol.
          Oh and ” take she did”.. lol.. nice one liner…I love the dance and the slow burn there and hotel. And love love love the whispers during sex.. I think it turns things up a notch. Thank you for killing me at work again but I did ask for it very very sweet of Bette on the Christmas gift.
          I believe they have a few more hours of christmas touching left .;)~

    1. Thanks for this beautiful uninterrupted Christmas celebrations. I imagine they both looked stunning at the Christmas dinner dance bonding foreplay party.

      Love their bonding, their introspective thoughts on their little journey towards each other, on their deep and unconditional feelings and their future. Peacefully enjoying the little bubble they live in on their holidays.

      And this breathtaking, intense, love scene? It is so intimate and full of love vibes, I felt a little like crying like Bette, too.

      Looking forward to more.

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