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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 56

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 56

    As her shorter legs worked to keep up with Bette’s pace, Tina realized just how much taller her lover was. Bette had a vice grip on Tina’s left hand, and they were walking quickly through the halls of Cedars Sinai Medical Center. The gallery owner was talking to Alice through her earbuds as they stalked the quiet corridors at 6 am.

    At last, they came upon a waiting area and the hodgepodge mix of extended family members. Dylan raced to Bette and she held him tightly. She bent down to her knees and Tina stroked her unruly dark curls.

    “You came,” he said.

    “I would have been here faster if I could have. Tina got us a flight. She worked her magic and got us here,” said Bette.

    Tina bent down and Dylan hugged her, too. He was sobbing, his little eyes swollen from tears.

    “Hey Bette,” said Alice, her eyes red and puffy too.

    Bette stood up and hugged her. They cried together. It was like déjà vu. Cedars Sinai Hospital yet again. Another loved one flirting between life and death. This time two.

    “What’s going on? How are they?” asked Bette.

    Tina grabbed Dylan’s hand and walked with him to a chair. He refused to let go of her, holding on to her, sitting in her lap. Tina kissed his forehead and held him tightly. She guessed she was his Bette substitute.

    The blonde watched as the rest of the adults gathered around Bette and Alice. She saw an older brown-skinned man who she assumed was Bette’s father. He stood near Patricia. There was an older white couple that she knew must be Sidney’s parents. They all looked distraught. Tina felt her stomach flip. A tall man with curly blond hair and an ever-present 5’oclck shadow sat down next to Tina.

    He said quietly, “I’m Jack. Sidney’s my sister. You must be Tina.”

    “I am. I’m so sorry about all of this,” she said. She felt uneasy. Afterall, Jack was her competition’s brother. She wasn’t sure how she would be received.

    Jack wiped at his tears. “Thanks.”

    Tina wanted to ask what was going on, but she didn’t want to do that while holding on to Dylan. She didn’t want to upset him anymore. As it was, his head was against her neck, his tears slipping down her shirt.

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    1. Sidney’s and Kits injuries are horribly horrific 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😫🤬. Kit having several broken vetebrae implies that she could easily be paralyzed😩😫😩😩. And Sidney possibly brain-dead 😫😩🙁😭😭😭???? My God.

      And that “mofo” Kennard has the audacity to call his daughter???? He wasn’t just trying to kill Bette, he clearly was trying to kill Tina!!! Didn’t his death squad report that there was two individuals who got into Bette’s car or couldn’t they see that from their surveillance perch at Bette’s house??

      Wonder why he didn’t go ahead and pile misery upon misery an tell Tina that he had murdered Henry??

      Yhis shit is toooo 💔!!!

    2. Now he showed his true evil face. Time to take the gloves off, bring in the big guns. Security team first, talk to Joyce and police (maybe through Tasha). Everyone of Team Tina should have proof of Tina’s innocence in all of this.

      Sidney probably won’t make it but I really hope that Kit will be fine. For Dylan, for Bette, for Tina. She will want to blame herself for the accident. But it’s time to pull out the Wonder Woman in yourself, Tina! Gather your team with all of your new framily and fight.

      Time for the Porter protective streak. Bette is thrown by everything that happend but seeing the horror in Tina’s eyes with her last statement should trigger a lot of strenghth and determination to fight to for her love and her family. Melvin could show some change and have some ideas as well.

      Fantastic chapter, MTS. Sad and horrific details but it already feels like the final showdown is about to begin.

    3. Now Tina knows… call your security team and call the police immediately. Oh and dear ole Daddy Kennard forgot to inform his daughter that her husband was dead as well. Oh and since there was blond in the car, why didn’t he think that could be his daughter? He didn’t know KIt, and he surely didn’t know Sidney. But with all the facial and head injuries, its could have been Tina. Of course now that she answered the phone, he knows she’s well.

      How on earth does he possibly think he can get away with this? He all but confessed to Tina that he did it!!! Does he really think that she would just let Bette go and return to the family. What an idiot!!! A vile nasty idiot…

      Kit is seriously injured. With facial cuts and head injuries and several broken vertebra, that is not a good sign. Depending on where these vertebra are located will determine how much paralysis she has. She could be paralyzed from the neck down and would have to be on a respirator for the rest of her life. Her life would be extremely shorten and would live very much like Christopher Reeves did. Back injuries are extremely debilitating and if there are several, they are almost non-recoverable.

      I just hope that all these people who are here in support of Kit and Sidney do not blame Tina for this tragedy. She did nothing to cause the actions of her dear father. He acted out of his own motivations and reasons.

      Christmas Day is going to be a very hard day for this family. If Sidney has no brain waves, then the family will have to make a decision on whether to disconnect her from life support or not. Then they will all be on life watch for Kit. And Tina will have to handle the death of Henry….. Merry Christmas from Darth Kennard….

      Thanks for this chapter. Post as soon as you can….

    4. Darth Kennard too arrogant for his good. It was real;y dumb to tell Tina that it was him who responsible for this car’s crash.
      And he really think that after this Tina return to home – how dumb this too?

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