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    The Secret Santa–Chapter 4


    I finish my last carrot and I’m ready to go build a snowman now. It’s boring sitting here with Mama and Mama B. They don’t talk. They just look at each other. I roll my eyes as Mama B plays with her green beans. I will never get to build a snowman now that Mama B won’t hurry up and finish eating. I look across at Mama who is looking at Mama B and because she is looking at Mama B she hasn’t eaten her green beans either. Great! The snow will melt before I will ever get to build a snowman.

    I don’t understand adults but I’m a kid so I’m not supposed to. I sigh and rest my head in my hand with my elbow on the table waiting for them to hurry up. I guess it’s up to me to get them talking because they sure can’t do it themselves.

    ”Can we go build the snowman now?” I ask as Mama and Mama B turn to look at me.

    ”We aren’t finished eating yet but since you are go put your plate in the sink and go get your warm coat out of the closet. I’ll be there to help you put it on in a few minutes” Mama said and I look at Mama B

    ”Mama B? Will you come build a snowman with me and Mama. Please?” I say giving my puppy dog face again.

    She smiles and pinches my cheek. Geez. I thought maybe Mama B would be different but she is just like all the rest—A cheek pincher.

    ”Of course I will sweetie. I have built a few snowmen in my day when I lived in Philadelphia” She answers and Mama starts laughing.

    ”Bette? You did not just say you used to build snowmen. I’m sorry but I can’t picture Bette Porter out in the snow building a snowman. That would be too much fun. You wouldn’t even build a sand castle with me when I asked you to on our second date at the beach” Mama said laughing at Mama B. I start laughing at Mama B giving Mama a look like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard Of Oz.

    Now that they are going to talk, I smile and get up putting my dish in the sink and run through the door leading into the bedroom to get my coat out of the bedroom closet.

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    1. Thank you Pie for another chapter!

      Angelica is such a cute kid. And the story about sand castle and crabs just hilarious!

      Nice to see B&T start talking about their past mistakes.

    2. It’s like meeting up with old friends Pie.

      I love this story and these characterisations.

      Yes my GGD Elsie does a lot to make sailing my stormy seas easier but so do you..

      Great to have you back.


    3. Thank you for getting this chapter done so quickly. I just want them to get back together very soon. I like your writing style and your sense of humor which adds so much to the story. Am still trying to guess on Secret Santa’s identity.

    4. Oh god, that picture is hilarious ????

      Angelica is such a lovely girl, how can not everyone love her.

      They talked a little and want to try again, wonderful news, but they need more talking to make sure that they won’t fall back in the same behaviours as before.

      I have so much fun reading this story again, thank you Pie!

    5. A little late to say how incredibly happy I am that you are posting again! And how much you rock for working towards getting these stories finished. Truly appreciated and can’t wait for your next posts!

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