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    The Secret Santa—Chapter 5


    Ohhhh wow! You can see everything from up here. I lean forward which rocks the seat thingy we are in and I hear Mama let out a scream. I look over and see that her eyes are closed and she is holding on to the rail tightly.

    ”Sorry Mama” I say and she opens one eye.

    ”It’s ok baby. Mama is just a little afraid of heights” Mama answers and I’m like duh no kidding.

    ”Look Mama. You can see everything from up here.” I say and look over at her and she closes her eyes again.

    ”Uh huh. I’ll take your word for it Angie” Mama says and I giggle.

    ”I wish Mama B was here. I could have gone with her on this Ferris wheel thing and you could have stayed on the ground. But why are we just sitting here at the top?” I ask

    ”I would like to know the same thing but I too wish your Mama B was here. She will come with us next time ok? ” Mama says and finally we started moving.

    ”Ok..Oh we are moving Mama! Yay!” I clap and look over at Mama who still has her eyes closed.

    I shake my head and lean back in the seat looking out at the mountains as we move back up to the top. I know Mama is scared so I grab her hand and squeeze it. She squeezes back but doesn’t say anything. I try not to move the seat so Mama won’t be more scared than she is now.

    Then I feel Mama release my hand and put her arm around me pulling me close to her. That feels nice. Ever since I can remember it’s always been Mama and me. I always knew I looked different than Mama but she was my Mama and it didn’t matter until some kids were picking on me at pre-school saying I must be adopted because Mama was white and I was black.

    It made me sad so when Mama picked me up that day she saw I had been crying and asked me what was wrong. I told her what the kids had said and she hugged me and promised she would tell me when we got home. She kept her promise. Mama always keeps her promises.

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    1. Great to see you continue to posting this story!

      So, we find out who’s the Santa. And good to see how is relationship between B&T continue to develop.
      But it’s not finish, and you continue to write and this story too, right?

      • This story isn’t finished…I mean it’s completed but I’m not done posting..There are a few more chapters left..I also have the next chapter of The Diary coming…Thanks for reading

    2. Words cannot explain how much I love a feel good story. Thank you so very much for this one and getting it updated. I appreciate your literary contributions. Perhaps you are my Secret Santa?

    3. Thanks for continuing to post this story, it is loving, delightful, and well thought out. However, it is almost impossible to hide the witticisms from Alices’ mouth. I knew she was the secret santa because only she could come up with some of the things she said and did. Over the years she has said some of the zaniest things and some of them have been used in this story. Happy to know you will continue the story and the Diary as well. Thank you again.

    4. When in the beginning of the story Santa generously threw money right and left, I seriously thought it was Peggy peabody. But yes, I agree with the comments above, only Alice could go on and on about her talnets. I love this story, it’s so kind and positive and humorous. And promising a better future. Thank you!

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