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    The Secret Santa—Chapter 3


    Oh God. I’m not prepared for this. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. I can’t speak. I’m staring at the love of my life and she wants me to answer her. Her face is begging me to explain Angie’s calling her Mama B. God I can’t help but stare at her. She is still so beautiful but she also looks disconnected from herself. Not the look of someone who has been happy all of these years. My mouth is still open and I can’t even close it. Angie is now squeezing Bette’s hand and I’m scared if I don’t say something fast Angie will.

    And then it happened.

    Angie crawled into Bette’s lap and wrapped her little arms around Bette’s neck. My heart melted but then I see Bette looking at me still wanting an explanation as this has just hit her out of left field and it’s all my fault. I try to speak, move, anything but my body won’t let me. Angie takes over where I should step in and I can only watch.



    I can’t believe I’m seeing my Mama B. Mama told me about her and that I would see her one day and showed me a picture but I didn’t recognize her when I got in the car. I am so happy right now. If Santa didn’t get me any other presents this is the best one he could give me. I love hugging her. She feels so nice and she smells like flowers. I pull back to look at her face.

    ”You are my Mama B. And I’m Angelica” I say and she turns away from looking at Mama and looks at me.

    ”Hi Angelica. You are a pretty girl. You have your Mama’s nose and her lips” Mama B says to me and I giggle as I rub my nose against hers.

    She laughs and turns to look at Mama again who is still sitting there with her mouth open. I roll my eyes. She really needs to close it because I heard flies can get in there and if she swallows one then she will turn into a fly. I don’t want my Mama to be a fly. I may swat her accidentally not meaning to.

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    1. Great memories of Lumberjack – Jill? How could I have forgotten.

      Thank you Pie as I said before -Keep ‘um ‘ coming and I know you are not going to forget The Diary.

      Also hoping that some of your other stories will appear and reach a conclusion so it will be a good summer of 2018.

      By the way I’m a Sassy Great Gran now and have a very sassy 2 year old keeping her GG firmly on her toes and I think she could audition for your wonderful Angelica!

      Great writing, great characterisation of TiBette and Angelica – love them.


      • Wow!! I have been away for a long time haven’t I.. So you are a Great SassyGran!. Thats wonderful. I hope she eases the rough seas you are experiencing my dear friend!. I’m sure is a joy!

    2. Loved it!!!!! Angie is so cute and winning Bette over fast. Thanks for bringing them back together. More please. This is making my week very pleasant, indeed!!! Thanks again for posting.

    3. Awesome story Pie!

      I found it a wonderful story the first time you posted it and that didn’t change.

      Angelica is adorable, how can Bette not fall in love with her.

      Thank you for sharing it again.

    4. Now I’m thinking a different member of the “gang” could be the secret ????, because she said she had been saving and planning for years to pull this off. Hmmmmmm…..who loves these two and wants them reunited the most???
      Shane? Kit? Alice?

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